My Guide To Ruining My Boyfriends Orgasms (My New Kink)

woman in white panties

I have a new kink and it makes me feel so bad for my boyfriend. I get off on building him up for hours and then the second he cums I just stop and watch his cum drop from his cock. I’m so evil, but I love every second of it.

Trying My First Uncut Cock (Was it better?)

woman in thong in her bedroom

I just had my first uncut cock experience and I wanted to talk about it. My boyfriend is circumcised and I come from a place where circumcision is the norm, so it was like being a virgin again when I tried my first uncut cock, this is what it felt like and how it matches up to my boyfriends cut penis.

Does Group Sex Live Up To The Hype?

sexy woman on bed in underwear

I’ve been in an open relationship with my boyfriend for years and in that time we’ve tried cuckolding, hotwifing, threesomes, foursomes and sex parties and I wanted to share exactly what it feels like and what happens at these beautiful events.

Do You Have A Foot Fetish? My Boyfriend Does

woman with lovely feet

My boyfriend has a foot fetish and I’m doing what I can to please him. In his words I’ve become a footjob queen and I thought I’d share what I do to please my man with a foot fetish/worship fetish.

What Cock Size Do I Find The Best?

woman in red and black flowery bra

I’ve wanted to create something like this for a while. I decided to ask a few readers and my closest friends what their ideal penis size is and then I put all of the results on here for everyone to see and compair.

I Took A BDSM Test And These Were My Results

woman sitting in chair seductively taking a selfie in mirror

Who else loves doing tests and quizes? I love doing them, even more when they are sexual and will help improve my sex life. That’s why I created this BDSM test and a guide on how to try the fantasies you and your partner have in common.