• girl in underwear on bed

    I had my first real full body orgasm (guide + Story)

    There’s no denying that I’m kinky and an extremely openly sexual person but believe it or not, it wasn’t always that way. A few years before I met my boyfriend I had fun, fooled around with men and women and I had ‘orgasms’ but they weren’t ‘mind-blowing’. People used to tell me how good their […] More

  • girl laying on bed in red underwear

    My favorite (lesbian friendly) strap-on dildos and harnesses

    Today we have a blog takeover! One of my greatest friends (*Lindsay*) is helping me out by writing this article with me. She is a lesbian and has had plenty of practice with women and using sex toys with women. I thought she would be perfect to help me out and together we are going […] More

  • hands covering breasts

    How I dominate my boyfriends penis with my hands

    As simple as they are one of my boyfriend’s favorite things are handjobs, they are quick, easy and can be incredibly satisfying if done properly. This article is all about my guide to handjobs, how I dominate his penis (more formally known as hand domination) and how I make him lose his mind at one […] More

  • girl laying on bed

    The cum squirting dildo that made me squirt

    I don’t know about you but I love the sensation of my boyfriends c*ck being inside of me and then climaxing inside of me, being able to feel the throb of his penis as it oozes with hot liquid just turns me on so much and I am pretty sure I am not alone in […] More

  • woman in sexy lingerie laying on bed

    The best suction cup dildo (That sticks to anything)

    Having a good realistic dildo on hand is a must and having one with a suction-cup base is even more of a necessity. I love my suction cup dildo, I mention it far too much but it’s so versatile and has given me so many incredible orgasms and memories that I wanted everyone to know […] More

  • girl wearing black lingerie ontop of a man

    I shared my girlfriend with another man and let them have sex

    I had been with my boyfriend for a while when it happened, we decided we wanted to both try something new and my boyfriend sharing me with another man was something we had both talked about and something we had both fantasized about. A fantasy I am sure a lot of us have had. We […] More

  • woman trying bdsm restraints on a bed

    This BDSM collar changed my sex life

    If you have never tried a BDSM collar before, today is the day you are going to try one. They take vanilla sex to something straight out of 50 shades of grey. My boyfriend loves to lead me around our bedroom, taking me to his cock and forcing me to go wherever he does on […] More

  • woman in lace underwear

    Making DIY homemade dildos out of stuff around my house

    When you’re broke and horny you have to compromise and get creative, some things are really not advised to use as dildos but some things do work pretty well and today I wanted to share how I used to make dildos out of stuff from my home. Not all of these homemade items were things […] More

  • girl in sexy lingerie

    I had my first handsfree orgasm

    Having a handsfree orgasm didn’t feel real to me, I didn’t think it was even possible. Stimulating my clitoris is one of my favorite ways to get off so when the idea of climaxing handsfree came up I wasn’t entirely sold and quite frankly I didn’t think it was possible. That was until I actually […] More

  • girl laying on bed in stockings

    Do-It-Yourself BDSM Ideas & Fantasies

    When we hear of BDSM we often think of sex dungeons, dominatrix, whips, leather and crazy sex scenarios that seem like a lifetime away for a lot of us. That was until now. If you read my blog you may know that I am a fan of anything kinky and BDSM DIY is one of […] More

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