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I'm a Sex Blogger

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This all started as a place to share my stories about opening myself up to new sexual experiences.

In the process, my boyfriend and I have opened our relationship up (something I've talked about a lot), we have tested hundreds of sex toys and made countless amazing friends.

I have also now created a membership to help people share their sex stories, erotic pictures, and videos more privately. I'm so happy to be part of an amazing liberated community of kinksters.

If you're new to the blog, welcome! this is the place where you'll learn how this site started, who is behind it, and how it's run.

My Mission

Mission statement

I believe in 100% transparency (even if it gets me in trouble sometimes) and my mission is to continue to share my sexual experiences and journey in a way that is honest and hopefully helpful to my readers.

This blog, the comments, and the messages I receive have helped remove so much kink shame from my life, which has allowed me to explore things I've always wanted to without feeling the guilt that I used to.

I can't thank you all enough for this and I will always try my best for you.

In simple words, my mission is to remove the guilt and shame behind perfectly natural sexual experiences and keep liberating myself, pushing outside of my comfort zone and hopefully creating a place where you feel you can do the same.

My Sex Toy Review Process

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I've created a lot of sex toy reviews on my blog and made a lot of sex toy recommendations, this is the process I use to decide if a product is worthy.

Step One: We do loads of research on Reddit, Quora, forums, and sex toy shops/sites to find the best sex toys.

Step Two: I buy all the toys myself using my own money, we never get sent a free product or get paid to review something.

Step Three: I test the sex toys, usually with a 1-2 day break in-between to allow my lust to build up, this allows me to give every toy a fair chance.

The 1-2 day rule is broken when the adult toy I test doesn't work/is broken (in which case I don't review it and I won't put it near my blog), or I'm extra horny, and when that's the case, I just move onto the next one.

Step Four: I write a guide, review, or a list of recommendations.

Step Five: I keep all the content updated and take out any product that doesn't continue to meet my standards.

In total it's not uncommon for it to take over a week, sometimes two for me to complete one post (that's why I'm usually so slow at getting content out there on my public site).

Our Membership Of Sexual Liberation

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A few years ago I created a private membership for omgkinky with a few friends called topiavip.com.

It's a place for people to share their sexual stories, experiences, pictures, and videos without judgment.

You can join, just to enjoy all of the content without sharing anything or you can use it as a safe place to share your intimate stories.




Owner/Writer/Editor/Sex Toy Tester

Read more about Jessica's story here

I'm the girl behind this about page and omgkinky.com.

I do the writing, editing, testing of sex toys (lots and lots of testing) and I answer all the emails.

I do get a lot of help from my bestie Lindsay (who is my lifesaver) and my boyfriend (who I keep hidden as he has a normal job).

All the stories would mean nothing if I didn't have you to share them with!

My business email is: [email protected]

My personal email is: [email protected]

My personal Twitter: https://twitter.com/Imamjessicaa/

My personal Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.co.uk/Jessismynamee/




I'm Lindsay, I'm the first friend Jess told about this blog, we kept it a secret from everyone for a while.

We used to just sit and talk about sex, we've even had a few sexual experiences together, so we're pretty open.

I help with proofreading, testing sex toys (giving an extra opinion) and I write the lesbian side of things.

My personal email:

[email protected]

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