I had my first handsfree orgasm

Having a hands-free orgasm didn’t feel real to me, I didn’t think it was even possible. Stimulating my clitoris is one of my favorite ways to get off so when the idea of climaxing handsfree came up I wasn’t entirely sold and quite frankly I didn’t think it was possible.

That was until I actually tried it out and put my mind to it and had an intense orgasm without using my hands.

The thrill of climaxing without even touching yourself is a powerful thing and something you should try and experience. Your brain takes over and your whole body feels a wash of relief and bliss as you orgasm handsfree.

It also isn’t as hard as it sounds, it’s all a case of using the right sex toys, putting your mind to it, and just letting go and feeling the sensations stimulate you without your help.

How The Hell Did I Orgasm Without My Hands (story time)

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Before I dive into this story it has to be known that I was horny, incredibly horny before I tried this. My boyfriend had been away for a few weeks at work and I just hadn’t found the time to really masturbate.

Every touch, cool wind, sexual video, or image was making me hornier and sending shivers and pulsations to my pu**y. I was torturing myself and I knew I had to cum soon or I was going to explode.

I found that because I was so horny all of the time it would be an awesome time to try out a hands-free orgasm, I like trying new things and I thought it would be an awesome thing to master for when my boyfriend was home.

I put these vibrating panties on:

remote control vibrator

This panty vibrator comes with a pair of luxurious satin coco de Mer panties that discreetly house this powerful vibrator.

Perfectly designed to nestle your clitoris and power its vibrations around your entire pu**y and because of its perfect shape, the orgasms are fierce, intense, and perfectly positioned.

The first time I slipped on these vibrating panties I was sat in my garden. I had them on under my jeans and was just sitting, soaking up the sun. I thought it would be kinky to get a little frisky in the garden and because this vibrator works via a remote, I could be in total control.

I switched on the vibrator, sat back, and just let my body feel the vibrations. I assumed I wouldn’t cum and I would need to go back inside my house and finish myself off manually. Oh, how wrong I was.

I felt the vibrations desperately trying to make me cum and the sensations that were washing around my body were jaw-dropping. I couldn’t sit still and I was in full view of my neighbors.

I didn’t intend to orgasm but I did, I let out a little moan and then ran with it. I know this is so kinky and so NSFW but I figured if I was there I might as well enjoy it and my body was so desperate to allow me to cum. I let my body enjoy every single minute of it and before I knew it I was cumming again, this time I couldn’t hold in my moan and was definitely within earshot of my neighbors. I didn’t have to move from my sitting position, I was cumming completely hands-free and could have cum again and again if I hadn’t had to stop because I just knew my neighbors could have heard me.

It was just amazing to be sitting in my garden and have orgasm after orgasm without having to move a muscle. Everything about this sex toy screams luxury, including intense hands-free orgasms.

I have a whole article about my favorite vibrating underwear and all of my other top picks that have made me cum like this so be sure to check it out.

What I Learned From Wearing Vibrating Underwear Outside:

I learned these things so you don’t have to:

  • Be f***ing careful about your neighbors
  • Have the remote in your hand
  • Understand how amazing the vibrations feel when you haven’t orgasmed in a few weeks
  • You Don’t Have To Move A Muscle you can cum again and again without anyone knowing thanks to the direct clitoral stimulation
  • Having a handsfree orgasm is possible

It’s risky using a vibrator outside, but damn it’s hot and orgasm provoking. I think what made it really kinky for me was that I was home alone and could have cum again and again just sitting in my yard, however using this vibrator with my boyfriend has opened us up to such a wild ride.

How Else Have I Had Handsfree Orgasms

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Sitting outside and taking in the sun isn’t the only way you can achieve a hands-free orgasm so I thought I would share some of my top tips so that you can replicate them and experience what I did without your neighbors getting suspicious.

  • Gave my boyfriend the control

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I put on my vibrating panties and handed my boyfriend the remote (which works from up to 8 meters away), he then switched it on and made me cum, and not just once, he made me cum whilst I lay on the bed, walked around the house, watched TV and even when we were out for a cocktail one evening. It’s so kinky but such an amazing feeling to be completely hands-free and still be climaxing with such intensity.

  • Used it while giving my boyfriend a blowjob

cartoon stick figure giving oral sex

I slipped on my satin vibrating panties and gave my boyfriend a blowjob, he would turn up the vibrations with the remote control, which felt so intense and made me really go in hard on the blowjob, and my enthusiasm mixed with the amazing head I was giving him, we did end up by climaxing together which was so much fun and also quite easy to do if your partner can control his orgasms.

  • Used it while we went for dinner (that was awkward)

cartoon eating food

This is something everyone needs to try but do it at your own risk. We went out to dinner and my boyfriend had the remote, trying to get through my main course without screaming in pleasure was difficult but seeing my boyfriend get off at me grab the table, and try to suppress my moans was exquisite. It was so much fun but it can get awkward if you arouse suspicion. I suggest a booth-type restaurant or a very, very busy restaurant where nobody can even hear themselves think.

  • I accidentally came while tightening my vagina

ben wa balls

I don’t know if you have ever heard of this before because I certainly hadn’t but it’s entirely possible. These tightening balls actually made me cum (hands-free!) whilst I was using them. The sensations feel so good pushing up against you and when you’re incredibly horny, I guess anything can get you off. It felt amazing and I was so shocked but so happy when I did cum.

I mixed the sensations of these being inside of me with practicing kegel exercises and these two sensations compiled together were very intense.

  • Once I had a sleeping orgasm

orgasm while sleeping

Yes, wet dreams aren’t just for men. When I am really horny I will orgasm in my sleep, it makes for some interesting dreams. This only happens when I am extremely horny and haven’t come in quite some time but it does happen to me and it feels great. My orgasms just happen without me ever having to touch myself, it’s a sensational moment.

Other Ways Girls Have Handsfree Orgasms

girl in underwear on bed

I haven’t had experiences with any of these ways, but my girlfriends have and urge me to try them out so if you have also experienced any of these, let me know as I would love to try something like this.

  • Erotic meditation

This is exactly what it sounds like, you meditate your way into an orgasm. There are so many guides and videos online that can help you if it’s something you like the sound of. You find yourself getting into the right mindset, relaxing, breathing, and focusing on that precious O.

  • Thinking yourself to orgasm

This is hard work but entirely possible if you’re committed, again, I do recommend searching on how to do this properly as there is prep that goes into this technique and it can take a few goes to get it right.

  • Riding a motorcycle

The vibrations have been known to give some women orgasms, my girlfriend had to pull over once because she was having so much fun but needed to get home safely and the rhythm and vibrations from her bike were giving her so much stimulation that she was incredibly distracted.

  • Yogasms

Yoga orgasms are also a huge possibility, there are lots of guides on YouTube for you to follow. There’s also a thing called ‘Tantric Yoga’ that I recommend you check out with your partner if you want to have orgasms without having sex, I have also heard the yoga orgasms feel amazing and you get to have a little workout at the same time.

Q & A About Handsfree Climaxing

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  • Can boys have hands-free orgasms?

Yes, they can. It might be slightly harder but it is possible through orgasm meditation, tantric sex, and by using a sex toy. This prostate massager is the one that my boyfriend uses and he doesn’t need to do anything but have it switched on so he can orgasm without touching himself, it’s so intense and leaves him shaking from how hard he always cums.

  • Did it feel better than a normal orgasm?

I would say that having a hands-free orgasm feels just as amazing as a normal orgasm, it can be more intense and it leaves you feeling incredible about yourself but on the whole, it feels just as great if not a tiny bit better. I think it all depends on circumstances and how your handsfree orgasms come around, you could be incredibly turned on and your orgasm may feel so much more intense because of the circumstances surrounding it.

  • Are these orgasms always fun?

No, they can be awkward, especially when they’re completely accidental or if you’re in the garden and your neighbors can hear you. However, depending on how kinky you are, they can always be lots of fun.

  • What toys can I use to have a hands-free orgasm?

– Vibrating underwear: (My favorite vibrating underwear) is one of the easiest ways to have a hands-free orgasm as you get the vibrations and the direct stimulation but you don’t need to do anything and you can enjoy the orgasms at any time of day in any place. The vibrating underwear that comes with remote control is the best as you can control the vibrations or you can hand the remote to your partner and enjoy a kinky outdoor session.

– Love egg vibrators: Using a love egg is another amazing way to have a hands-free orgasm, you just pop it in and allow it to vibrate inside of you and stimulate you internally. Love eggs are inexpensive and fun to use and you can find out about the first time I used one and what happened here.

Ben wa balls: Using these balls does take a lot of mental stimulation and practice but it is possible and when you’re wearing them you’re also giving your vagina a workout as these balls help to tighten everything up down there.

– Showerhead in the bath: Using the pressure from the water on your clit is a great way to have an orgasm without arousing any suspicion.

– Vibrator held between your legs: This is my favorite vibrator, it’s small but the vibrations are so powerful, and holding it on your clit or having your partner tease you with it is awesome and feels amazing. You can even slip it inside of your underwear and wear it around the house or out in public, but there is no remote control so you may be orgasming your way into the toilets to try and remove the vibrator!

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