I found the best sex swing (mind blowing orgasms)

I had ALWAYS wanted to try out a sex swing, I think they are so kinky and look like so much fun. I had also heard that orgasms felt different when you were suspended in the air, which was something I was definitely looking forward to seeing. I had also heard that the penis could get much deeper into the pu**y and I was looking forward to testing that out too.

I’m a lot smaller than my boyfriend so one of the main reasons we bought a sex swing is so that some sex positions could become a reality, we were both really excited to try a sex swing, and as soon as it arrived my boyfriend put it up and we were in action.

I have watched a lot of porn and actually been to a lot of BDSM sex clubs and sitting naked, horny, and desperate in that sex swing in my own bedroom was so incredibly sexy that just that one touch to my body could have made me cum.

The sex swing we bought and made me feel like a horny sex slave was this one:

My Favorite Sex Swing

hanging sex swing

One of the best selling sex swings , this fetish sex swing hangs from any ceiling and is fully adjustable. It’s also really soft and comfy to slide yourself into (thanks to the faux velvet) and unlike with another cheaper version it doesn’t rub against your skin and irritate it.

This sex swing is also on offer at the moment so if you are thinking about buying it, it will go back up in price really soon.

I also worried that it would come flying down from the ceiling, taking me with it but you have to have faith as you climb onto it. That faith definitely paid off as when I was in it I felt like this sex swing could have held me forever, it didn’t squeak, creak, or show any signs that I was too heavy. It can hold up to 300 lbs of weight so it can accommodate most people. So long as it’s hung properly, you will be safe!

It has two body straps and two-foot stirrups that are so soft and are made of faux velvet so you can imagine how soft and nice it feels against your skin.

You feel absolutely weightless in this sex swing, a tug on your ankles is about all you feel and it feels seriously secure, I have never worried about it falling and have it used A LOT.

How This Sex Swing Gave Me Multiple Orgasms

woman in dress laying on bed

As I mentioned at the start of this article I had always wanted to try a sex swing, I had seen them in action and I knew exactly what I was doing when I slid my naked self into it.

The day we got it, my boyfriend had secured it to our ceiling and was naked, ready, and waiting in our bedroom. He had been using one of his favorite fleshlights, read all about it in this article: greatest male sex toys my boyfriend owns.

Once I was in the sex swing, on my back, He began to play with me and used my magic wand vibrator on my clitoris. This vibrator always gets me going and the feeling of being suspended just gave a whole new lease of pleasure to the sensations. I had read about this happening to other people but it was absolutely true, whether it was that I was hanging from the ground or that my body knew it was incredibly kinky, I don’t know, all I know is that the vibrations were sending waves of pleasure around my entire pu**y and body.

I came almost instantly, moaning in utter pleasure. Being suspended, with my legs open, my whole body vulnerable, and having my boyfriend using my wand vibrator on me and just watching me, sent me over the edge pretty quickly. 

It was then that my boyfriend took my favorite satin blindfold and covered my eyes with it and then thrust himself inside of me.

I have mentioned before in this article (how to suck a big dick) that my boyfriend does have an amazing-sized penis but the position we were in meant that his penis directly hit against my G-spot and it felt INCREDIBLE. He noticed how deep he was also thrusting and by the look on his face, he was trying really, really hard not to orgasm.

We then changed up positions and I got on all fours, I thought it would be way trickier than it was but it was so simple. All I did was hop off the sex swing and then insert my arms and legs into all of the corresponding places and before I knew it I was suspended on all fours! I did need my boyfriend to help me steady myself at one point but aside from that changing positions on the sex swing was easy. Then once again, thanks to the elevation, my boyfriend was able to get himself so deep into me that I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

My boyfriend couldn’t hold his orgasm in for much longer than that, we were both screaming out in ecstasy and it was enough to tip anyone over the edge, including probably our neighbors!

Other Sex Swings I Love

If my favorite sex swing doesn’t look like it’s for you or if you just want to look at a few more of my top sex swings, I have left them all below. There are some cheaper ones and some more expensive ones and all have their advantages and disadvantages so just choose the sex swing that suits you and your needs best.

All of mine are from LoveHoney, one of the only places I will buy sex toys. The quality is also amazing, the prices are inexpensive and they have utterly discreet shipping.

sportsheets adult sex swing

This is an over the door’ sex swing, it’s ideal for couples who don’t have a ceiling that’s able to carry the weight of my favorite sex swing above.

This sex swing can support up to 325 lbs of weight, so it’s perfect for most people and is actually 25 lbs more than any other of my sex swings. It’s also fully adjustable and allows you to experiment with vertical intercourse.

It’s really sensual to look at and is really easy to set up and store away when not in use. I think it’s just so great for couples who want to try out a sex swing and see what all the fuss is about without the permanency of having one hanging from your ceiling.

Because it’s adjustable you can sit up high, sit low, or just sit somewhere in between to really get the most out of your partner’s pleasure.

I love how this sex swing looks, it’s really easy to use, and once I was suspended, at the right height and ready to go, I saw that just like with my favorite sex swing, I was able to feel a much deeper penetration than with normal sex alone.

woman on yoga sex swing with man watching her

This sex swing is slightly more expensive than the others but it allows you to get so many more positions in without much difficulty. It rotates and holds up to 150 lbs in weight. If you’re adventurous and really want to take every move out of the kama sutra and into practice, this sex swing is for you.

This sex swing also comes with a free blindfold, which I highly recommend taking advantage of as it takes sex swing sex to a whole new level.

It’s made of incredibly high-quality materials and allows you so much freedom, all you need to do is pick your positions and enjoy the thrill of being suspended and the new sensations that wash over you.

If you don’t already have one I would make sure to pick up a copy of the kama sutra or at least find an amazing sex position list online as with this sex swing you can really experiment and get your juices flowing in all sorts of comprising positions, it’s for every level of sex swing user but I would say that due to how much you can actually do with it, I would get all of your positions that you want to try out first before you put them into practice.

bow with fetish fantasy door love swing in

Finally, we have another over the door sex swing, this one is cheaper than the other and the quality isn’t as great but, if you’re just looking to test it out and see if you like sex swings, it’s a great product that does what it says on the tin. 

It easily slips over the door and secures when the door is shut. It can safely support up to 300 lbs of weight and has two-foot stirrups and two secure hand straps so that you can adjust yourself into any position you didn’t think was possible.

You can also adjust this sex swing up or down so it can suit your height and needs. You are able to get into positions you never even knew were possible and take the pressure off of your joints and even stretch a little bit while you’re there.

Why Try A Sex Swing

girl laying on bed

If not for the suspended sex, suspended masturbation, or pure ecstasy at looking at your partner in a sex swing, like me, a lot of people buy sex swings because it can take the pressure off the joints, it can be great for people who suffer from back pain, knee pain or any other pain that stops them from getting into different positions and enjoying sex comfortably.

Sex swings are also great for people who struggle to get into positions, whether that’s because they’re stiff, old, or just not very flexible.

Sex swings are also amazing for couples who suffer from great height differences. If you’re 4ft9 and your partner is 6ft5 you will have encountered problems relating to sex positions in the bedroom and a sex swing can help you get into these positions.

It’s like being in a pool or in the sea, where you feel weightless. So if you or your partner are slightly larger or for any other reason you struggle with vertical positions or standing up for too long, a sex swing is also ideal.

Positions are really easy to get into and with a little practice, you can do them with ease. I have found missionary and doggy style to be my favorites, they feel so different than to when doing them on the bed, the elevation just feels wonderful and allows your partner to get really deep.

Can Men Use Sex Swings?

can a man use a sex swing

This is actually a question I had when I first thought about getting a sex swing. I did assume they were for women but I was actually surprised when I started doing some research.

Something that feels great is when my boyfriend uses sex toys on me when I am just laying on the sex swing so it’s obviously just as fun and thrilling to do it to a man. Have them sit on the sex swing and perform oral, handjobs, and even use sex toys on them. Suspended masturbation is one of the reasons we actually bought the sex swing, I had always wanted to be suspended in the air whilst my boyfriend used sex toys on me after seeing it done in a porn film.

Men can also go on all fours and you can penetrate if you’re a man or use a pegging sex toy (See what happened when I used a pegging sex toy on my boyfriend) if you’re a woman. This is also a great position to use butt sex toys, just use your imagination.

Sex swings are for everyone, they aren’t hard to use and mine is ultra-safe and carries 300lbs of weight before it becomes unsafe so let your kinky imagination run wild.

omg I tried a sex swing Pinterest image

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