The best sex toy kits that come with every sex toy you need

Updated: 21/08/2023

I LOVE sex toy kits, they give you the chance to discover and explore new sex toys that you probably never would have thought about buying before.

Sex toy kits are incredible value for money as they are usually overflowing with sex toys that amount to much more money than you are paying for the kit.

Investing in sex toy kits is one of the easiest ways to build your sex toy collection as there is a kit for everyone and every niche and these kits usually come with no less than 4 sex toys, which means you get to add at least 4 new sex toys to your collection for a fraction of the cost of buying them all individually.

Saving money is awesome and if you want to grow your sex toy collection or even just want to discover new sex toys, for example, for couples then a kit is a great way to save money and get things you probably wouldn’t have bought before and grow your sex toy collection.

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The Greatest Sex Toy Kit I’ve Ever Purchased

loads of sex toys inside a sex toy kit

This is my mega couples sex toy kit that comes with 11 different sex toys for you to play around with. The value of this kit is incredible, I have never come across such a great value-for-money kit since and that’s why I am sharing it with you.

I have gotten so much use out of the sex toys in this kit, it is just perfect for couples looking for something a little wild and experienced couples who just want to add a few new bits and pieces to their collections.

We have used EVERYTHING in this kit and still do use everything, it hasn’t got boring for us yet because there is so much to discover and so many things to use.

I have bought sex toy kits before (not naming names) that have been utterly terrible, I have found I have used maybe one thing from these bad kits and they have cost me more than my favorite sex toy kit above. Luckily, my bad experiences didn’t put me off from buying them and when I came across this little gem I was ecstatic.

The day it arrived, my boyfriend and I wanted to just try everything but we soon learned that it was better to take our time and try out one or two sex toys every night. I came so hard the first night when using the wired rabbit vibrator, I had never ever used anything like it before and it just felt so incredible on my clit. My boyfriend also slipped on one of the ribbed cock rings and his rock-hard co*k inside of me was throbbing.

That first night just set the tone for this kit for us and every time we use the sex toys included we discover new things and cum hard.

Why is this the best sex toy kit?

I chose to show you this kit because of how much fun and sex my boyfriend and I have had out of it. It’s ideal for couples who are looking for something a little kinky but are on a budget, it offers so many possibilities and allows you to really explore one another.

The amazing value for money is another reason why this is the best sex toy kit, 11 sex toys at such an inexpensive price is outstanding. The sex toys are also made with really high-quality materials and although I have had my kit for quite some time now I haven’t noticed any wear and tear on any of the sex toys included.

This kit includes everything for penises, butts, clits, and G-spots.

I want other people to have the kind of sex we had with this kit and that is the short and simple answer as to why this is the best sex toy kit.

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Comes with everything you could ever need (11 sex toys)

sex toy kit

This sex toy kit comes with 11 sex toys so let me just quickly briefly explain what they are, what they do, and how your pussy/cock will thoroughly enjoy them:

G-spot Vibrator: This vibrator is angled so that it perfectly pushes against your G-spot, the bulbous head feels amazing as it vibrates inside of you. It’s so easy to control the vibrations thanks to the twist base, using this sex toy and achieving a G-spot orgasm makes it worth every single penny.

Cock ring set: These cock rings come in three different sizes and each allows you to maintain a stronger erection by limiting blood flow in the penis.

Vibrating rabbit ears: The vibrating rabbit ears are the sex toy that made me cum hard the very first day we got this sex kit. The vibrations are controlled via the remote and with each vibration, the rabbit ears caress your clitoris sending you into orgasm overload.

Rabbit cock ring: One of the ultimate couple sex toys, slip on this stretchy cock ring and enjoy vibrations against the clitoris and mutual orgasms. This cock ring is one of our favorite sex toys as it allows us to cum at the same time and my boyfriend loves being able to feel the vibrations on his cock.

Butt Plug: This slimline butt plug is an ideal way to introduce yourself to anal play, it’s slim, comfortable, easy to insert, and ideal for most couples.

Jiggle Balls: These free-roaming balls are easily slipped into your pu**y and as you walk around the house you can enjoy gentle stimulation before sex and foreplay.

Rabbit Vibrator: Enjoy the internal and clitoral pleasure with this rabbit vibrator, you can use it solo or have your partner use it on you.

Anal Beads: For introductory anal play and for more intermediate anal lovers these anal beads graduate in size for ultimate pleasure. Pull them out when you have reached an orgasm and enjoy the even bigger thrill.

Male Stroker: Something like a male stroker is rarely included in sex toy kits so when we saw this male stroker was included it really swayed our opinion in buying it. It’s made from TPE material, has a detailed opening, and brings solo pleasure to a thrilling climax.

The price is $100 cheaper than other places for the same toys

discounted sex toys

All of the sex toys added up are so much more expensive than just buying the sex toys inside the kit. Buying these sex toys and ones that are almost identical amounts to almost double the price.

The value for money is outstanding, I have never found anything that’s just as high-quality, that includes 11 sex toys that are as cheap as this kit.

Have you seen the 100 reviews?

It’s no shock that this couple’s sex toy kit is incredibly popular, there are so many reviews and so many interesting insights into other people’s sex lives and what they enjoy when reading through the reviews that I have left them below for you to take a look at.

sex toy review

review of a product

review lovehoney

This is the perfect sex toy starter kit for couples and singles

couples and singles sex toys

Couples and people on their own can enjoy this sex toy kit, it has everything for you to have a good time and explore your body.  I would recommend it to absolutely anyone looking to expand their collection and try something new.

My Experience With This Sex Toy Kit (My Favorite Toys)

lady laying on bed in stockings and high heels

I recommend reading about my sex toy collection so you can get a feel for the kinds of sex toys I like to use daily and if you’re not familiar with my blog it will give you an idea of what I like and look for in a sex toy.

When we received this box I was floored at just how good the sex toys were that were included, it looked so high-quality and the sex toys all sat proudly waiting to be used.

We were so excited that I put batteries in everything right away and just wanted to use everything but I know this really isn’t a good thing to do as it can often lead you to not using particular sex toys again if you didn’t have the best experience, so we took two sex toys from the box and just tested out with them.

I mentioned earlier in this article that I used the wired vibrator and my boyfriend used one of the cock rings.

We had so much fun, I came so hard and wasn’t expecting to and my boyfriend loved wearing the cock ring during sex as it made his erection harder and made him last a little bit longer too.

Since then we have used every single sex toy in the box but every day we would take two sex toys and try and test them out. It was so much fun to just explore new things and see what would happen.

I love this sex toy kit because I can look at it and remember all of the incredible orgasms we had and how much fun it is using all of the sex toys.

We couldn’t get over how great value for money the kit actually was and now whenever I see a sex toy kit that grabs my interest I make sure to buy it, we love them.

What sex toys my boyfriend enjoyed the most

My boyfriend loved the vibrating rabbit cock ring and the male masturbator the best. The rabbit cock ring feels amazing for us both and allows us to cum together, which is always a bonus. The male masturbator is also something he always reaches for, it feels amazing to slip into and the inner detailing stimulates his penis. He likes to use it on his own when I am away or I like to use it on him during foreplay.

What sex toys didn’t enjoy/use?

There’s nothing I didn’t use, we are open to virtually everything and nothing is off-limits but if I had to pick my least favorite sex toy it would have to be the jiggle balls. I really did like them but because they don’t actually make me cum and just give me gentle stimulation I would have to say they were my least favorite addition to the box.

Make Sure You Buy Sexual Lubrication and…

  • Clean your sex toys.
  • This is my favorite sexual lube.
  • Store your sex toys correctly (hide them).
  • Stock up on batteries.
  • Don’t leave batteries in your sex toys for a long time.
  • Take it Slow.
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