The Best Tongue Simulating Oral Sex Toys (you need to try)

I am a MASSIVE fan of oral sex, I always have been. There’s something so intimate about it for me and the pleasure it gives me is wonderful.

Luckily for me, my boyfriend loves performing oral sex on me and loves oral sex in general so I am never far away from a good oral sex session. I also love giving him oral and trying out all of my different techniques so we are a pretty good fit in that regard.

My boyfriend is pretty well endowed so if you want to read about some of my best dick sucking techniques you can there.

We use our oral sex toys when the other is not feeling up to it, during foreplay and when the other is away. People use oral sex toys for a number of reasons, in fact, they are so great that there doesn’t even have to be a reason! However, in this article, I will be outlining some of the best things you can do with your oral sex toy, just read on!

There are so many different oral techniques to try out and perfect but one of the techniques that often goes unnoticed is the use of oral sex toys. You may have never even heard of them but they exist and they feel incredible. Oral sex toys exist for both men and women and although they are both different they both deliver realistic oral sex pleasure.

My Top Oral Sex Toys For Men And Women

I wanted to include both men and women on this list because there are sex toys that exist for both partners and simulating oral sex is something everyone needs to try at least once. I have included all of my favorite female oral sex simulating sex toys and my boyfriend has given me his list of the best male oral simulating sex toys, so let the list begin!

Oral Sex Toys For Men

hand holding realistic blog jobs

This is the realistic blow job stroker made for men who want to experience some seriously realistic oral sex simulation. This is my boyfriend’s favorite oral sex simulator, he loves the sensations it gives and the realism of it.

Once you plunge past the realistic lips you will immediately feel the teeth, realistic tongue, dangling uvula, and tight throat all of which are crafted with lifelike ridges and bumps, giving you some of the most realistic blowjob sensations.

Something that really struck my boyfriend was the realism of this toy before you even get yourself inside, the realistic soft nose and plump lips give this blow job sex toy simulator added realism. Something else is the teeth, you don’t often get teeth with oral sex simulators but these give you a whole new lease of realism.

My boyfriend cums hard with this oral sex simulator, it feels so realistic and feels incredible when he thrusts in and out of it.

oral sex simulator for men

Take a look at the vibrating oral sex simulator for men. If you enjoy stimulation to the head of your penis and frenulum you will love this oral sex simulator. Slip it over the head of your erect penis and cycle through the 7 different vibrations modes to give you the best oral sex simulation experience ever.

The vibrations ripple around the head of your penis and frenulum delivering outstanding pleasure to the penis and stimulating the sensations of oral sex.

You can also slip your balls into the simulator for an amazing simulation of your ballsack, it feels great and is awesome if you have someone also sucking your dick.

It has a wired controller so you (or your partner) can easily make your way through the vibration modes and it even comes with a free blindfold so you can really add that element of realism to your oral sex simulator.

my blowjob machine

Enjoy the sex in a can oral sex mouth simulation. Made from SuperSkin technology this pouting mouth is realistic to touch and once you thrust yourself inside (with lots of water-based lube) you will find textures and ripples like no other. It even features a swallow feature, that so I am told, feels out of this world when you cum.

It has a discreet outer casing making this mouth masturbator ideal for those who need to be a little bit more discreet with their sex toys.

The textures and swallow features of this mouth fleshlight are incredible and really do an amazing job of simulating realistic oral sex. It is easy to use, all you need to do is apply some water-based lube and then enjoy the realistic mouth opening, thrust yourself slowly inside, and feel your eyes roll back as you feel the realistic sensations of oral sex with this sex toy.

The textured blowjob stroker, and the textures inside of this sex toy imitate the realistic sensations of a blowjob. The blowjob stroker engulfs your penis and creates a sucking sensation thanks to its texture.

Make sure to use lots of water-based lube to really heighten the realistic sensations of this blowjob simulator.

Whenever you want a tighter sensation you just gently twist this sex toy and put your head back as the lifelike sensations of a blowjob come to life.

This oral sex simulator is inexpensive and very affordable if you’re on a budget and looking for something you can add to the bedroom for either solo play or with a partner this sex toy is awesome.

We like to use this sex toy along with my mouth to really take pleasure to the next level.

Oral Sex Toys For Women

woman holding womanizer starlet

The Womanizer is a clitoral stimulator that mimics the sensations of ‘sucking’ on your clit. It features 8 different modes of intensity, all of which feel sensational on the clitoris. This is definitely my favorite oral sex simulator, the sensations are out of this world and always leave me soaking wet and climaxing time and time again.

At first, it is hard to know what to expect but once you apply some water-based lube to your clitoris and set this clitoral stimulator to work, you will experience sensations that only this type of sex toy and real oral sex can bring.

This sex toy gently ‘sucks and releases‘ your clitoris without leaving it sensitive so you can climax time and time again. I have never come across another sex toy that does the same suck and releases technique, it’s certainly unique and very innovative.

I must say the orgasms are incredibly intense with this oral sex simulator, it feels like nothing else I have ever tried and if I find something that does this similar sensation then I will let you know, or if you know any let me know in the comments below!

tongue vibrator

This is the oral sex flickering tongue, enjoy 6 vibrations and 6 patterns from this soft silicone sex toy. Easy to use and versatile this oral sex tongue simulator is ideal for both men and women looking for a sex toy that can please them both.

Place this sex toy on your clitoris and revel in the wonderful sensations of a lifelike flickering tongue on your clitoris, you can then also do the same across your entire body and across the penis to mimic lifelike sensations.

I use this flickering tongue on my clit as it feels fantastic and really lifelike and my boyfriend has me use it on him when I am giving him a blowjob as it feels like two tongues down there. It’s a fantastic way to simulate a threesome.

This oral sex simulator is also waterproof so you can enjoy it anywhere at any time.

oral sex simulator

Feast your eyes upon this clitoral oral sex simulator for women and men. Its main feature is the 10 silicone tongues that lick and caress your clitoris, powered by the 3 speeds and 3 patterns for you to choose from.

The flexible tongues give you an oral sex simulation at the flick of a button, as they speed up they mimic the sensations of real oral sex and send you over the edge with pleasure.

You can also use this oral sex simulator on your nipples, anus, and even along his shaft and perineum. It feels great for both partners and it’s small enough to fit into most small handbags so you can take it anywhere with you.

It’s also USB rechargeable so have fun with your unisex oral sex, sex toy anywhere in the world.

How To Use Your Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy

Each sex toy is going to be different and so is each and every person that uses an oral sex, sex toy I am just going to give you some of my best tips on how to use your oral sex simulator.

text saying "taking your time" next to oral sex toy
  • Take your time, especially with the female and unisex oral sex toys. These sex toys can go pretty quick and if you’re not used to their sensations, you may end up not liking your sex toy. Take your time, learn the vibrations, sensations, and speeds and when you feel comfortable that is when I recommend turning up the settings and trying out the quickest and most intense setting.
cartoon saying keep things wet
  • Because blowjobs are usually VERY wet and sloppy, keep in mind that the way to make this the most realistic simulation of your life you are going to need to make it wet. Apply lots of water-based lube and apply when necessary, this goes for both men and women.
communicate with your partner
  • If you aren’t solo and are using your sex toy with your partner, have them use it on you and tell them what feels good, don’t just let them guess. If you’re using the sex toy on a penis it’s also awesome to get your own mouth involved to really take the sensations to a new level.
  • Use a blindfold when you are comfortable with your sex toy, especially for men. It will take your fantasy and make it so much more realistic, give it a try and you will see how awesome doing this is.
edging your orgasm
  • Relax before using your new sex toy, you may be excited as soon as it comes through the door but try making an evening of it. Have a hot bath, and a glass of wine and really enjoy these new sensations, it makes all the difference, especially if you are a little bit apprehensive.

What You Can Do With Your Oral Sex Simulator

girl laying on bed in red underwear

This is a little NSFW but I thought I would include it for those still on the edge about oral sex toys and those who have chosen their oral sex toy but want a few different scenarios that they can practice when they get their oral sex toy.

Advice for men:

– Live out your wildest fantasies with one of these sex toys, If you have a fantasy about a celebrity, a situation, or even your partner sucking you off, use your oral sex toy to live out these fantasies by lying back, shutting your eyes, using lots of lube and letting your imagination run wild.

– Try out new techniques (this works especially well on the first sex toy I mentioned). Learn new things that you like so that you can put them into practice at a later date.

Advice for women:

– Just like for men, lay back and enjoy your favorite fantasies with the help of an oral sex simulator. That hunky celebrity you think is drop-dead gorgeous is now your oral sex toy, do with that what you will. You could also try reading some erotica whilst masturbating.

– Learn what you like, sex toys like this allow you to really see if you like it fast, slow, somewhere in the middle, hard, or soft, just test it out!

Advice for couples:

Use your oral sex toy together, and incorporate it into foreplay. If you’re giving your partner a blowjob, grab the oral sex toy and allow your partner to enjoy double the simulation.

– Live out threesome fantasies by using the oral sex simulator on your partner whilst they go down on you or stimulate you in other areas.

– Learn what your partner likes by watching them use their sex toy, it’s incredibly kinky and such a turn-on.

sex toys that feel like oral pinterest image

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