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  • man and woman cuddling

    My Boyfriend And I Found The Best Penis Pump (RESULTS)

    My boyfriend doesn’t have a small *cock* we just thought it would be extra fun if he tried a penis pump, added a few inches and a little extra girth to his penis and we could test the results! Finding something that actually works online was an arduous task and one I almost gave up […] More

  • girl wearing bdsm lingerie

    Best Bondage Gear I’ve Ever Used (My BDSM Collection)

    Vanilla sex can be fantastic. Seriously, even a sex-crazed girl in her 20’s can admit it. However, even the best vanilla sex and sex toys can get a little boring if it’s all you’re getting week after week. You need to add some spice and for me that was restraints, domination, teasing and pretty much […] More

  • sexy girl laying on floor

    How I Make My Vagina Tighter With Ben Wa Balls

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with my blog, let it be known that I am in my very late 20’s and despite having a long-term boyfriend, I have had my fair share of sexual experiences with an array of other people. The reason I am telling you this is because I want it […] More