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  • girl in sexy lingerie

    I had my first handsfree orgasm

    Having a handsfree orgasm didn’t feel real to me, I didn’t think it was even possible. Stimulating my clitoris is one of my favorite ways to get off so when the idea of climaxing handsfree came up I wasn’t entirely sold and quite frankly I didn’t think it was possible. That was until I actually […] More

  • girl laying on bed in stockings

    Do-It-Yourself BDSM Ideas & Fantasies

    When we hear of BDSM we often think of sex dungeons, dominatrix, whips, leather and crazy sex scenarios that seem like a lifetime away for a lot of us. That was until now. If you read my blog you may know that I am a fan of anything kinky and BDSM DIY is one of […] More

  • girl and boy in shower

    The time I tried sharing my boyfriend with another woman

    If you read my blog you know that my boyfriend and I don’t ever have a third person in the bedroom…anymore. There was a time that we did frequently share partners and lately, I have been pondering on this thought and I wanted to share it with my readers. It isn’t for everyone, some people couldn’t […] More

  • sexy picture of girl laying on bed

    I tried pegging my boyfriend for the first time

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for a good few years now and despite being open to most things sexually and enjoying every inch of each others body, we still had reservations and places that were unexplored (especially on my boyfriend). One of those places was us exploring my boyfriend anally. I had always […] More

  • womans lips

    How To Suck A Small Dick

    Just like with sucking a big dick, (you can read my article on how to suck a big dick here) there are tips and tricks and things you can do to enhance your blowjob techniques on someone with a lesser than average dick. It’s all about how you take advice and how you perform with […] More

  • hot woman sitting on window seal

    I found the best large vibrator in the world

    I’ve been alone for almost two whole weeks because my boyfriend is out of town. I’m just about as horny as a girl can get and in a mid-night horny filled shopping spree, I purchased this larger than life sex toy. Maybe, because I love bigger sex toys? Or maybe, because I‘m horny and I […] More

  • woman in sexy lingerie

    I Used Vibrating Underwear For The First Time

    When my boyfriend handed me the box, I thought he had splashed out on some expensive lingerie for me. I was flattered but had also hoped it was a new sex toy for our collection. As I pulled out the underwear from the box, I noticed they weren’t just your average pair of lace panties, […] More

  • sexy girl laying on floor

    How I Make My Vagina Tighter With Ben Wa Balls

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with my blog, let it be known that I am in my very late 20’s and despite having a long-term boyfriend, I have had my fair share of sexual experiences with an array of other people. The reason I am telling you this is because I want it […] More

  • bullet vibrator

    My Boyfriend Tried Using A Penis Extender During Sex With Me

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and our anniversary was quickly approaching, the night comes and I’m expecting the usual, a home cooked meal, a nice glass of wine, exchanging corny anniversary cards and a late night of watching horror movies all whilst getting a little hot and heavy under the blankets. What […] More

  • girl with open mouth

    How To Suck A Big Dick

    We have all been there, you unzip his pants and find a ginormous dick and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it and least of all how to suck it. Having a big penis to play with can be great but it can also be a nightmare if you aren’t sure what […] More

  • girl laying on floor

    I Tried The Best Massage Wand Ever Made Last Night

    I had only ever seen these massage wands in porn films, I assumed they were a gimmick. However, they then started popping up in random sex bloggers pockets and everyone seemed to be raving about them. Naturally, I had to try and buy one of these magical vibrators, I did still think it was all […] More

  • girl with bullet vibrator

    I Don’t Go Anywhere Without This Bullet Vibrator

    Some people couldn’t leave their home without their phone, their handbag or maybe even a packet of cigarettes. But I am a little different and once you read all about how I went on holiday and found a sex toy that I now guard with my life, you will be different too. OK, so I […] More