My boyfriend chokes me during sex

Updated: 17/08/2023

It’s no secret that I enjoy rough sex, I find it thrilling and it really gets me off. BDSM, bondage, and rough sex hold a sweet spot in my heart so when my boyfriend started choking me during sex, my world was plunged into pleasure.

It all started a few years ago when we were experimenting with some new bondage experiences and he brought up choking, he asked me if I would enjoy it, and although I had never tried it before that point, I knew it was something I was going to enjoy.

We were mid-way through some incredibly rough sex the first time my boyfriend choked me. We were in missionary position and his hard cock was pounding into my tight, wet pussy, and in the heat of the moment, he wrapped his firm hands around my neck.

He made sure to push in an upwards motion and not to squeeze my actual windpipe and the sensation was thrilling, the thought of it being a bit dangerous, the domination aspect, and the control he had over me were enough to make me cum.

He fu**ed me so hard that day and I was just begging for it, I was like a submissive virgin asking for him to do anything he wanted to me.

Once we had both cum we got my BDSM collar out of our toy box and he used it to control me and my movements as he leads me around the bedroom and wherever he wanted me to be.

Once we were ready to f**k again, he restrained me and used me as a sex object for his own pleasure. I was climaxing like never before and I was pushed over the edge once more when I saw him slip out of character for a brief second to give me a sly smile.

The thrill and danger of being choked were incredible and something I tend to always ask my boyfriend to do to me now. We do like to switch up dom and sub roles in the bedroom but when he is using me as a sex object and controlling my every move and orgasm whilst choking me, it makes me wet just thinking about it.

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How To Choke During Sex (Like A Pro)

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There are things to do and not to do when learning how to choke during sex, it can get a little risky if you choke your partner wrong so I am here to help you learn what I do and to prevent any injuries.

Don’t Squeeze The Windpipe

It’s really important that you push up more than you push down and squeeze the sides of the neck rather than the front where the windpipe is.

If are really unsure just push up underneath the jaw as it gives the same thrill without you restricting any air.

Try it out on yourself before doing it to your partner so you can learn what feels good and what restricts the airflow too much.

Have a safe word

Having a safe word or movement is very important during choking. It is possible for your partner to get extremely lightheaded if you are restricting the airflow so make sure you have a word or a movement that means ‘stop’.

Put your hair up!

Nothing worse than getting hair caught in the grip. I hate it when my boyfriend gets my hair caught in his watch or when it starts tugging when he’s choking me so I always make sure to tie my hair up. If I am choking my boyfriend I still make sure to put my hair up because there is nothing worse than pulling on your own hair by mistake.

Be firm, not forceful

My boyfriend was showing his control (that’s what makes me wet), he wasn’t actually trying to choke me. There’s a big difference between the two so make sure you learn what you like and your partner knows the difference.

Know what to say

Some people don’t like dirty talk but some love it so if you or your partner is one of those people that love it make sure to have some phrases and things to say ready in your mind so that you come across as a professional dirty talker.

Here are some examples of things you can say during sex and when choking your partner:

-‘You make me so wet/hard’

-‘You’re a dirty ….’

-‘You do as I say’

These are really tame, just experiment with things you would feel comfortable saying and let yourself loose and just say them to your partner when you are choking them.

Tease her so much she begs you to f**k her/him

It drives me wild when my boyfriend teases me, it usually results in me begging him to fu** me. He teases me by not allowing me to cum, getting me right to the point of orgasm and then stopping, stimulating my nipples, and just about everything else.

Get a BDSM collar

My boyfriend controls me with my collar and lead, he uses it in doggy style and dominates me (it’s the biggest turn-on).

A BDSM collar is an amazing way to get dominated and acquainted with the world of BDSM, they aren’t very intimidating and they allow you to have complete power over your partner.


I’ve had some of the biggest orgasms of my life during rough sex, sex with choking, but I only got there with good communication, me and my boyfriend try choking without sex first, test what I like, and what hurts, and that way when it comes to it he knows what to do.

The right sex position

You need to find the position that is going to work for you when trying to choke during sex. I prefer missionary as it gives us both an element of control and it’s easier to access the neck, however, doggy style is pretty popular as you can really grab the neck from back there.

With your clothes on, test what position you like, only you two can decide on where is best. Remember you want good access to the throat and wiggle room so that you’re both comfortable.

Why Do People Like Being Choked?

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People like being choked for all sorts of different reasons. I enjoy being choked by my boyfriend because I enjoy the dominance aspect, the thrill, and the sensation it gives me.

However, others like it because their necks are sensitive, and as it’s an erogenous zone the stimulation of choking makes them go crazy. Others enjoy it as it makes their orgasms more intense, other people like it because of the danger, and some are just kinky.

It’s not unusual to enjoy choking, you just have to run with it and ensure you are doing it correctly to get the maximum pleasure from it.

If You Like Being Choked You’ll Love

These bdsm ideas are some of the things I enjoy aside from being choked is being tied up with rope, being restrained, double penetration, and submission.

There are lots of ideas to explore and if you enjoy the thrill of being choked you will love some of my BDSM ideas which are sure to get you going.

You will also love my favorite BDSM sex toy kit, it gives you so many sex toys and accessories to play with that are kinky and playful.

Warning: Always Practice Safety

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Choking is dangerous, Communicate, understand your partner, don’t rush, be firm, not forceful (he wasn’t trying to choke me, he was trying to control me), and make sure your partner likes it.

Set rules, have safe words, and always respect them, one mess up and you can do permanent damage to your relationship and your body.

Never tie anything around the neck and always make sure you have a safe word.

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