Do You Have A Foot Fetish? My Boyfriend Does

Today I am handing my blog over into the capable hands of my good friend Gee, she is here to tell you all about her boyfriend’s foot fetish. I can’t wait to read it.

Hi guys, my name is Gee and I want to talk to you about the taboo subject of foot fetishes. So many people disregard our kink, they think it’s all about sweaty toes and dirty soles, when in reality, yes some people like them things, it isn’t just that, there’s so much more to it and it’s really fun and interesting kink that I feel more people should experiment with.

My Feet Were Virgins

woman laying on bed showing off her feet

A few years ago I am slightly shy to admit that I had never ever used my feet on a cock, they had never been cum on, they had never been used for anything sexual. My feet had been massaged by partners before but never in the sexual way as they are by people with foot fetishes.

In truth my feet were total virgins and having a foot fetish or dating someone with a foot fetish had not even ever crossed my mind, it was just something other people did, not me. It was never even considered by me.

Then My Boyfriend Got A Thing For My Feet

woman putting on stockings over her feet

He never cared about my feet before, at least he never seemed like he cared. I never once assumed he was hiding something. However, after a few years, he completely opened up to me and told me all about his love for feet and how he had a foot fetish he had never told me about.

He told me how my barefoot was just as arousing to me as a naked body was, he said seeing the soles of my feet were such an intimate thing and he always got turned on by it. He told me how we never see people’s feet, they are such a private and intimate area and that really is what made him realize he had a foot fetish.

He was nervous to tell me like it was a bad thing haha. Cute, but he knows me and he knows the first thing I’d want to do is please him and try something new with him. I did tell him I may not enjoy it but I was open to trying anything he was looking for and if playing with my feet made him crazy happy then I wanted to please him and satisfy him in any way I could.

Letting Him Take My Feet Virginity

The first time he took my feet virginity was a wild night. I cleaned my feet thoroughly, pained my toenails and basically just lay back and let him do what he wanted.

I lay on our bed, my feet in the air and he took my toes into his mouth, sucking on them, which made me giggle but when I saw how much it was actually turning him on, my mood changed, I moaned a little, wiggled my toes and pushed them deeper into his mouth, his tongue was swirling around my toes, tasting them and caressing them with his tongue.

He then began licking the soles of my feet, up and down the length of my foot with his tongue, it felt great for me. He then began massaging my feet, softly and sweetly, I was loving this and he was really getting off to it, his boner was rock hard visible through his pants.

He then moved up to kiss me and I moved my feet to his cock and began playing with it with my feet, he moaned softly and then sat back on his heels, I arched the soles of my feet around his cock and began moving up and down, squishing my toes down hard so that they too caressed his cock.

He was enjoying it so much, I had never seen him so turned on. He then grabbed my foot and began sucking my toes again, his hands squeezing my foot, rubbing the sole of my foot with his thumb. He then grabbed my foot and put it back on his cock, I arched my feet together again, moving my feet up and down simultaneously and before I know it he was cumming, hot loads of cum all over my feet. And that is how I broke my foot virginity.

I’m Now The Queen Of Foot Fetishes

woman showing her bare feet

I love to please my man, so I learned how to do it properly. Since the first time I gave him a footjob, I have learned all of the tips and tricks, foot worship, feet after a long day fetish, the sore and painful feet, the feet fresh out of the tub. Everything.

I learned that my boyfriend loves cumming on my feet, and loves it. It gets him off knowing he is going to drop his load on my cum, sometimes we f*ck, and then he will pull out and blow his load all over the soles of my feet.

I pride myself on getting my boyfriend off, he loves it when I try new things with my feet and even send him sultry pictures of my feet. I am so glad he told me about it because this has been as much of an experience for me as it has been for him.

My Feet have always been immaculate

I love keeping them soft and clean and always paint my toenails, so that part was easy for me. I think that’s why he started to develop this fetish for my feet, they always looked great and I was never shy about having them out.

I know some people like their feet to be a little unkempt, and in need of some TLC, and some people like their feet to be immaculate and I fall into the immaculate category. I love having nice feet and lucky for me my boyfriend loves it when I get a new pedicure and some new nail polish.

My shoe collection changed

He likes to see my feet, so I wear nice heels and sandals, I try never to wear boots or anything that hides my feet as he loves seeing them. In public, he can admire my feet without anyone being aware of what he is doing and when we come home he can rub them better after being in sore shoes all day long. He also enjoys the smell of my feet, especially after a long day, it gets him off.

Teasing him with my stockings

My boyfriend is a sucker for stockings, he loves when my feet are all wrapped inside of that nylon material. Having my feet encased inside stockings, rubbing his cock, and then soaking them in his cum is his favorite thing. I love to put on a pair of stockings and have him suck my toes through the material, he has been known to rip my stockings in desperation to get to my feet. It’s a turn-on for him so I always make sure to have a pair of stockings at hand.

Nightly foot massages (yes please)

Luckily for me, he loves giving my feet a massage, pleasuring them with his hands, it gets him off to care for my feet and ensure they are not aching. Every night he takes my feet and massages them for as long as he wants. I love it, my feet have never felt so pampered or cared for.

Can you lick them clean for me?

Haha, it still tickles, but he loves it. He loves cleaning my toes individually with his tongue, making sure they are all clean and wet from his tongue. Do you enjoy cleaning toes? I know a lot of foot fetish enthusiasts do.

Resting my little feet on his crotch while watching tv

I have size 4.5 feet and when watching TV I like to rest my feet on his crotch, gently rubbing his bulge, and feeling it grow beneath my feet. He loves it when I tease him like this, letting him feel my feet on his cock, applying gentle pressure to his cock, and then patting it was my feet. It often ends in him grabbing them and placing them around his cock, but that’s another story.


Footjobs are so sensual, way more sensual than people even know. I love pouring warm massage oil on his cock and sitting for hours teasing him and rubbing his cock, stroking and teasing it with my feet.

Sometimes I start with a massage, massaging his entire body, moving down slowly to his crotch before taking his cock and massaging that too. Once I am there I take my time, introducing my feet slowly, letting him f**k my pussy, and then back to my feet, using my feet as I lay naked in front of him. It’s such a great thrill and he always cums so hard when I do this, although it takes a while to really tease him right and push him to his limits it’s always so worth it.

The quick footjob

Sometimes if we don’t have a lot of time to do the teasing and dragging out as we do in the footjob above then I love a quick footjob too. It’s just fun to work my feet in while I’m giving a handjob, it usually pushes him over the edge. Using my hands combined with my soft feet and toes, makes him blow his load really quickly and he loves it, as do I.

My Guide To Pleasing A Man With A Foot Fetish

footjob satistics

I wanted to give you a guide on how you can please your partner with a foot fetish, aside from doing the things I have mentioned in the article, these next tips will help you to really embrace and perfect your kink. If you have any questions let me know in the comments down below and I will be sure to get back to you.

Embrace your partner’s kinks

The quickest way to great sex and having great foot fetish results is if you accept and embrace your partner’s kinks. As long as you are willing, consenting, and happy there is nothing wrong with embracing what they like and them embracing what you like.

If you both pleasure one another in the best way you know how it’s a win-win, my boyfriend loves my feet so I am sure to please him to the best of my abilities and he always makes me cum whenever I ask him to, he always returns the favor. This keeps things fresh and it stops any selfishness.

The Aesthetic Look

My boyfriend loves feet to look perfect, so I ensure to keep everything clean, soft, and pretty. However, your partner may enjoy more sore, tired, or even slightly smelly feet. Everyone has something different that turns them on so make sure you talk about that and take that into consideration.

My boyfriend likes pretty, soft, perfect feet and so I ensure to keep them always in tip-top condition by getting pedicures and making sure they are always looking clean and plump. I wear stockings, pantyhose, shoes that show a few of my toes, and even knee-high socks because my boyfriend goes nuts for them.

Sometimes I just get naked, with just my cute little socks on, that usually does the trick for him. He loves peeling them off and seeing my naked foot, sometimes he even keeps my socks or stockings on, it all depends on what we are feeling that day.

Socks that I love wearing for my boyfriend.

The stockings I wear to tease him.

The knee-high socks that drive him wild.

The Build-Up

Some men just want to play with, kiss, caress, suck and massage your feet and toes.

This is where I always start.

I love my feet being played with, so I’ll watch some Netflix and let my man get to work. Sometimes I even forget he is doing it but that’s fine because he just enjoys doing it, I get off on his pleasure.

Building him up by letting him play with my feet and teasing him with my feet is all part of the build-up when I really want to make him cum I approach his cock more directly and tease that with my feet.

Playing Footsie

I like to play footsie with his cock while on the couch.

I’ll just rest my feet or slowly massage his cock with them while we watch something. Gently patting and rubbing it through his pants, eventually, he will unzip his pants and I will get to work on his cock slowly. It’s very often we don’t get to the end of the show watch we are watching on Netflix before things move in a far more intense and sexually motivated direction.

The Quick Footjob

I’ll be completely naked and just cup my feet together and rub them up and down his lubed cock. He cums super quickly, he loves it and it’s over pretty fast. Ideal if we are in a rush or don’t have a lot of time for teasing that day.

The Slow Footjob

If we have time, I use massage oils, I slowly build him up, I massage his body and his cock, let him massage my feet with oils, tease him with my toes and we f**k as well as introducing my feet into play. When we have lots of time I spend more time on the teasing aspect and the worshipping of my feet.

Foot Worship

My boyfriend is more of a dominant but now and again he likes to be submissive where my feet are concerned.

I make him clean my feet without me washing them first when I first take my shoes off and if they are sore and slightly sweaty. I give him orders and make him wash and dry my feet, I make him worship my foot by massaging it and treating it like a precious item.

A lot of people are into foot worship and sometimes foot worship doesn’t even have to involve any sexual touching, it purely is a pair of feet being absolutely adored.

How I Learned To Have Sex With My Feet

cartoon woman in stockings

When my boyfriend first brought it up to me I was really confused about how to do any of it, I didn’t know what was a turn-on and what was a turn off so I made sure to watch loads of sweet cocoa foot worship videos.

Sweet cocoa is pretty much the queen at giving foot jobs, cock massages, and pleasing men with her feet. She gave me SO much advice, I would recommend her to anyone who doesn’t know where to get started.

I also browsed the internet looking for advice, tips, and recommendations from other people, and then when it came to it I used the tips I had learned and put them into practice. I learned what my boyfriend liked and we just developed on that. Everyone is different so communication is an absolute key with any fetish.

Would You Worship My Feet?

woman in sexy stockings sitting on floor

Maybe my boyfriend will share them with you? Let me know in the comments below if that’s something you would be interested in.

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    • Hi! Oh, that’s interesting. No, I have never thought of that before, perhaps I will put it onto my list! Thank you for your comment xx

  3. I do have a foot fetish also! I do the same things to my girl’s feet as your boyfriend does to you. And she gives the best foot jobs and foot massage ever!!!

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  5. I love how open you were to the whole thing. Do you have any advice on how to open up about a foot fetish to a girl who has no experience with it?

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  7. Hello my girlfriend enjoys all the foot things I love but I want her 2 talk dirty to me while im smelling her feet and she’s giving me a handjob maybe you could tell her how to talk dirty to me while im smelling her feet and she’s jerkin me off she just needs help with what 2 say I think she is kinda shy but she just doesn’t know what to say or how 2 say it

  8. It’s literally the most common fetish on this planet. Almost every guy that I know have it to a certain point.
    Believe me, it gets more fun for you as well. Enjoy!

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