I Tried Being A Hotwife For The First Time (Story and Pictures)

I have been busy these past few months and not just with life in general but in the bedroom. I have been busy with my sex life, things have moved up onto the next level. A level I never thought it would reach.

As you may know from reading my blog, my boyfriend and I like to share each other, swinging, sex parties, threesomes, roleplay, sex dungeons, etc are all on the cards for us. We have our own set of rules that we both follow, making sure we are both happy is our priority however recently my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to try out being a ‘hotwife’.

I was up for trying it, I didn’t have any inhibitions I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page (this is absolutely key if you’re looking into becoming a hotwife), we made our set of rules that I have mentioned at the end of this article and then I set about researching being a hotwife and how we were going to do this.

The real difference between being a hotwife and anything we have done before is that he doesn’t want to join in, he wants to watch me with another man and even let me go to another room with someone without him there, this goes against all of our rules and so it was important to us to make sure we both agreed and put new rules in place.

Becoming a Hotwife for my boyfriend

woman taking sexy bathroom mirror selfie showing of her underwear

I did lots of research into being a hotwife, I wanted to make it perfect for my boyfriend and I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly.

If you aren’t really sure what a hotwife is then let me explain, a hotwife is somebody who has a compliant partner with their infidelity and being an adulterer. Sometimes the husband/boyfriend watches, sometimes they enjoy receiving texts/pictures, sometimes they are in a different room whilst it’s going on. It’s a modern way of being a cuckold I suppose.

We lay down our rules, we picked what we wanted to do and my boyfriend wanted me to have sex with another man without him being there, he wanted to be downstairs whilst it was going on. He wanted me to send him texts and snapchats of myself having sex and telling him what I was doing with this other man. He told me it turned him on so much even thinking about it so we set the date.

The First Time I Had Sex With Another Man Without Him There

woman taking sexy mirror selfie in lingerie and shirt

We decided it was best to do it in a hotel for our first time, our home would have been a little too intimate so an anonymous hotel was perfect. My boyfriend never came to the room, he was in the hotel bar the whole time that had a nice view of the hotel pool.

I was up in the room getting ready, I wore my favorite sexy lingerie and although I looked good I was still really nervous and a little self-conscious. I was texting my boyfriend the whole time telling him what I was doing and making him hard thinking about me getting ready for another man.

Once my date arrived all of the nerves had gone, we talked for a little bit and then we headed to the large queen size bed. My date knew I was a hotwife, he knew my boyfriend was downstairs and he was getting off on it too.

He undressed me and I was all of a sudden nervous again, it was strange for my boyfriend not to be in the room with me, it felt like I was cheating on him at first but once my clothes were off and my date’s tongue was deep in my pussy my nerves went away and I was inflamed with desire and I wanted my boyfriend to hear me from the hotel bar below.

I was having so much fun, my date fucked me hard and he made me cum with his tongue, which felt amazing. He kept telling me what a naughty hotwife I was and how he was going to teach my pussy a lesson. When he left I felt a little dirty, I showered and headed back to the hotel bar where my boyfriend wanted to hear all about it. I told him every detail and I could see he was so turned which made me feel a lot better and instantly made me want to do it again.

Sending My Boyfriend Snapchats & Texts Of What I’m Doing

sending sexy selfie in phone message to new boyfriend

We both agreed that sending and receiving texts and pictures was a big turn on and really added to the hotwife experience for us both. When my boyfriend waits in another hotel room or in the hotel lobby he loves hearing his phone beep and knowing it’s me updating him on what’s happening and what this man is doing to me. He loves getting pictures of me covered in another man’s cum, that’s his favorite picture to receive.

I can’t show you our texts or pictures from my being hotwife experiences here, they’re just too explicit. If you want to see uncensored pictures and explicit stories from my adventures you can sign up to become a member of my private membership here.

Examples of what you can see inside of my membership (uncensored of course):

cuckold caption
hotwife caption

We Took A Risk (Creampie Story)

I love having sex without wearing condoms, I think it’s the risk factor more than anything because I don’t think it feels too different to having sex with a condom. My boyfriend also loves it but it was one of our rules, to never fuck someone without a condom.

I have a regular guy that I hook up with whilst my boyfriend waits in another room, it’s always a good time, he’s so handsome and he always makes my pussy so wet. We hooked up recently and in the heat of the moment we decided to fuck without protection, we actually met him through my blog which was something new for us and it turns out he wasn’t lying when he said he was super hung.

It felt so good, so naughty, the first time he came out in time and came all over me, the second time we fucked he actually came inside of me. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t even really realize that my boyfriend could have been really mad but luckily he was so cool with it he just asked for pictures and I don’t know if I should share this or not but he asked me not to clean up and once my date had left he came up and fucked me.

Warning: I knew this guy and we were both clean, don’t have sex without protection if you’re unsure, even a little bit unsure isn’t worth it.

Sometimes I Let My Boyfriend Watch

I am a bit of a voyeur as I discovered in my BDSM test, I have always known I have a bit of a thing for people watching me and hearing me masturbate, have sex or PDA. It was no surprise when I got off on the idea of my boyfriend watching me from a chair as I fucked my date.

It’s one of my favorite things being a hotwife and getting to fuck handsome men all whilst my boyfriend watches me from the corner of the room. He sometimes touches himself but he prefers to watch and then clean me up once my date has left.

Developing Feelings ???

woman in smily face panties

This is where I need to talk about being realistic problems with being a hotwife, the kind of problems people forget to talk about and share and I figured it was important for you to understand that I am a real person and sometimes there are hiccups in my sexual adventures and developing feelings is one of them.

The guy I met through my blog, the guy who came inside of me and on me and was super hung and was such good fun, him? Well, I started having feelings for him. Not ‘in love’ feelings, not feelings that I wanted to leave my boyfriend but feelings, where I was thinking about him a little too much and fucking him, did start to feel like I was cheating on my boyfriend because mentally I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons.

I decided to tell my boyfriend everything, he wasn’t mad he actually thought it was kinda hot and told me it was fine but I didn’t want to risk my feelings developing any further so I told the guy we couldn’t do it anymore and he was cool with it. We have decided to hook up with the same person just twice now, that way we avoid any relationships blossoming in the wrong way.

It’s important to remember that for us it’s not about developing feelings its about good, hard, exciting sex where my boyfriend gets off and I get off and from that point on that’s what I remembered and it’s been amazing.

What Hotwife Text Messages Look Like

Since I started hotwifing I’ve had sex with a few people that I’ve met through omgkinky, Reddit, and adult friend finder. It’s so exciting and we love meeting new people as a couple.

I wanted to show you a screenshot of the texts I get sent when I am looking for a potential ‘date’.

The BS I Get Sent as a hotwife:

messages I get as a hotwife

That just isn’t how it works, I don’t want to fuck a ‘fan’ I want to fuck someone that understands what being a hotwife entails, someone who is genuinely interested in us as a couple and wanting to please me. This person has to understand what being a hotwife is and appreciate its complexities.

Below is an ideal text message, if you’re looking into becoming a hotwife, a cuckold or even the ‘dater’, be sure to follow the same kind of guidelines as the text below.

The text messages you like being sent:

my private hotwife text messages

I like to know I’m safe, I like to hook up with people who are like me and my boyfriend, like-minded people who understand what we do.

Contrary to popular belief I am actually quite shy and it takes me a while to warm to people that I don’t know. I like to feel comfortable and getting to know that person as much as possible before hooking up is key for me.

The Hotwife Rules We Have

my hotwife rules
  • Only allowed one night of each month (keeps it fresh/kinky and stops it getting in the way of our relationship).
  • He has control to stop at any moment (we have secret safe words and I create moments that give him a chance to stop throughout the night).
  • No sleepovers with hookups
  • Complete transparency
  • Let the people I’m hooking up with know that I’m using them to fulfil a fantasy.
  • Understand this isn’t for everyone
  • I share my boyfriend with different women, we have threesomes and I watch him like a cuckquean. That makes it a lot easier
  • Condoms are a must unless explicitly expressed otherwise
  • For now, anal is a no go

I hope you enjoyed this. We’re really trying to explore the world of threesomes, cuckolding, and hotwifing, so if you enjoyed this let me know and I’ll share more of our journey?

woman laying on bed in lingerie taking a selfie
Love you all, Jess

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  1. I like you and your style of writing. It’s very simple yet so much knowledgeable.
    Thank you

    • I love this, please share more stories with me

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  5. Thank you for this very informative! Been looking at this kink as a couple, abundance of info from the Cuckold/Stag/Bull side, but its hard to get information from the Hotwife/Vixen prospective. Any other websites or tips you would recommend for couples looking into this kink specifically from the vixen side.

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  8. Loved your article. I tried to get my girlfriend (many yrs. Ago) to do this, but closest I got was her going to see (fuck) her old boyfriend.
    She came home, told me all about it. I NEVER was that turned on! She made me lick her while she told me details…. but, that was many yrs. ago
    Thanks again for your story.

  9. Great story, with honesty and passion, very erotic. sensual and excitement!

  10. Thank you for expressing your sexuality in writing and sharing your sex life with the public. It greatly helps to liberate and un-stigmatize all sorts of safe, consensual sex practices. Yay!

    • YES Sharing is great, communication is great, communication during, before and after and sending intimate pictures and talking on the phone, and the anticipation is great! And the afterwards can be very rewarding too! Being so horny and doing it 5 times is fantastic and being open and haveing breakfast in lingerie and laughing about it and then the 2,3,4,5, and even sixths! Showing off the creme pies, etc and then planing the rendenvous! More ANTICIPATION! Working out the details and skipping the basics, just fucking your brains out!

  11. Your situation is exactly what I’m looking for in our relationship. It is progressing I’m trying not to push. Thanks for any insight

  12. I have been with two hotwives. I enjoy the simplicity and excitement. Your rules are simple but super important to follow. Especially the sleep over one. I broke it once and things felt different afterwards.

  13. My wife is a hot wife and we have had one really hot experience. It seems hard to meet prospects that aren’t creeps and that are handsome enough for her. She has a couple guys she met at the gym, but nothing is happening, just flirting. I’m wondering if I should be approaching these guys to explain or just leave it alone…

  14. My wife is shy and doesn’t understand why or believe me that I get turned on by the thought of her being pleased by another man. She is afraid I will be angry at her after the fact. I want to see her experience a new and elevated tipe of pleasure, nothing turns me on more. Any ideas on how to help her understand?

    • Maybe your wife understands more than you realize. Just keep assuring her that this is what you want, for you both! Make her realize this is something that YOU enjoy and want and that you’re not just doing it for her.

  15. Love your hot wife blog post. How do you find a man that’s willing to have sex with you? I think that would be my wife’s first question.

  16. My lady and I have played in the Hotwife role. Her only, I have enjoyed my role as a Stag and love her playing and her coming back home where I get to hear about everything and clean her up….such a turn on

  17. How does a single guy who thinks he would fit well into a cuckold relationship as a cuckold let any future girlfriend know he is interested in such a relationship? Is it something I should come clean with relatively soon or is it something I should hold back on and keep to myself. My way of thinking it seems like it might be something I should come out with relatively soon but I’m unsure.
    If I wait until she falls in love with me for instance and then spring it on her she may be very disappointed and feel I should have told her sooner because I basically I broke her heart AND wasted her time as she would never agree to it and now has to break up and start over looking for another boyfriend. I don’t know if that makes any sense

  18. As a lesbian, I honestly get really sweaty every time you explain having sex and what’s happening to you, and feel kind of like I wished that I could find a woman I could do that to.

  19. My bf and I are just in the fantasizing stages of “hotwifing” and we are both so turned on by it. I really like the idea you have of not hooking up with the same person more than twice so as to not develop feelings, this is something we were both a little concerned about. Our real adventures begin in about 3 weeks, I’m excited and nervous…

    • I want my wife to do this, she likes the idea as well.

  20. I am a married, pregnant woman and recently found out my husband was cheating on me. I was so hurt I didn’t know what to do but cry mostly. I have always told him to just be honest with me about his needs so that neither of us gets hurt. How selfish of him to not be okay with having an open relationship if he wants to sleep around but still be with me. So, even more recently, I discover not only is he interested in women, but men too. When I confronted him he was honest and assured me he loved me and wanted to continue to be together. He also said he had these kinky desires that he wanted to fulfill, one of which was watching another man fuck me. I was and still am pretty confused about it all. We’ve been together over 10 years and I never would have imagined any of this going on in my life right now. I use to be more free-spirited and often fantasize about being in orgies or gang banged with more men than I’d know what to do with. Now, I love him so much I don’t know if I could handle it. There’s a part of me that would be willing to do anything he wants but I’m afraid of the aftermath. What if I get turned out and turn into a complete slut? What if either of us catch feelings for and fall in love with someone else? What if one of us wants to stop having these kinds of sexual encounters but the other doesn’t and continues to do so regardless? What if, what if, what if????? Aaaggghhhh. Sounds like an interesting lifestyle to have but I just don’t know if I could handle it. I know this was long, I’m just venting.

    • It’s too bad your hubby cheated on you that was selfish, but if he’s serious about wanting to watch you with other men, then I say go for it and have fun and fulfill your fantasies. Go to orgies together, but first fulfill the fantasy of being gangbanged, this will let you know how serious he is about the swinging life. Find yourself 10 men that you know are clean and safe and let them pound you good and all of them deposit their seed in you, you will love it and o what if you enjoy being a slut, nothing wrong with that even though I don’t like the word, because women have the same needs as a man and should enjoy sex. I think hubby was the slut for cheating

    • Is everything ok now?

  21. When I was married I talked my wife into fucking our neighbor that lived upstairs from us. Our bedroom was directly below.his and I could here my wife.getting poundede..each time
    She’d come back hours later and filled with cum. Her pussy swollen.
    I’d then fuck her uncleaned and his cum made quite good lube .

  22. Nice
    Ive done the damn thing
    & fantasize alot.
    Its amazing.
    Haven’t lately, wife is taking a break for now

  23. I just found your site and I have got to say, your stories are remarkable. So much knowledge and insight. My boyfriend and I live 1100 miles apart, which is difficult, I know, but it’s given us plenty of opportunity to talk about what we like and don’t. What fantasies we have. I happen to love reading about sexual encounters and some of your stories have touched upon things we’ve discussed. Thank you for good, sexy material.

  24. I’m just recently talk to my gf about my fantasy about having few guys fucking her hard. She said she also wanted to try. I’m so turn on and it increase my sexual desire and even love her more than before. She don’t dare to try within the country we live and only wanted to try it another country. We have no idea how to get started.

  25. We commend you. You have explained the life style as it is. & both people have to agreed .We have been enjoying this life style our whole married life, which is now 40 years . We have had a few up & downs but we worked thru them .We both have a high sex drive & believe sex is one of life’s pleasure to enjoy. We have come to a point we prefer a on going friendship for us it enhances the sexual fun. Too keep from becoming a relationship we have made a on going friendship with 2 men Which have been joining us for sex now for 6 years. The nice things for us becoming friends is I’m able to text & play with all my men but what I like most of all is my husband is in touch with them as well & they all plan things together to pleasure me which make me hot & I can not wait to have my husband watch me Having a ongoing friendship fills that safety need in me

  26. Love your story. I would be interested in hearing more. The wife and I are thinking of doing this. So definitely could use a conversation about it

  27. I never understood why the thought of my gf being with another guy turned me on. From my early teenage years the fantasy always made my blood race. I’m almost 50 now and while I’ve occasionally over the years mentioned the fantasy to past partners, I never had a partner who seemed genuinely into the idea, but now I do. We have a very passionate and very loving sex life, and the way we’ve talked about it is as a “gift” we give to each other. Like we’ve talked about me holding her hand while she’s being fucked by another guy. I don’t know why its such a turn on for me, but I’m titillated by the chance to try living out the fantasy. My worry though is that it’ll somehow turn awkward in the moment with the other guy involved, or that somehow the reality just won’t live up to the anticipation and expectation. But I think I’ll find out soon(ish).

  28. Loved reading and appreciate your openness!
    It’s really Hot you and a boyfriend are doing this – that your relationship is that secure without marriage.
    I am playing with this lifestyle but at a much older age. I actually pursue this with my lover – I am married 30 years to a cop, retired now, have 4 children and can’t afford to leave him. So, I stay and I play. It’s very erotic actually to fuck my husband, my lover and dabble in cockold/hot wife/swinger life. I have thought of writing stories or blogging – sharing this crazy exciting life I have chosen but was unsure how readers would respond to my life. Any thoughts!!
    Keep it up gorgeous-live this life to the fullest without regret!!! We only have one!

    • Thank you ever so much for your comment, you’re the best <3

  29. We have also done the hotwife lifestyle with several guys over many years. Very hot knowing my wife is fucking other men. A real turn on for me. Stay true to the rules. She found herself unable to refuse a few of the guys wanting to meet up more often than I felt comfortable. Cant really blame her for enjoying it but it’s about both of us, not just her. Anyways we’ve taken a break for a couple years now and I’m wanting her to find some more hot guys to fuck her. She’s hesitant at this point due to her weaknesses. I say let’s do it again but it’s not just about me. If it’s not together and for each other than its wrong.

  30. My wife and I do this a lot as well. She was shy at first but is so open to it now. It’s so amazing. She had about 5-7 other guys she sleeps with depending on her mood or what she’s into on a certain night. She’s now into having sex with 2-3 of them at the same time. Hopefully when all of this Covid stuff is over, she wants to be gangbanged for her birthday. I want to make that happen for her. Hopefully this year. She wanted to get into giving strangers blowjobs but the pandemic happens. Hopefully once it’s all over she can get into that. She wants to do things like us go out and she just picks random guys to take to our Suburban and blows them and everyone is happy. She’s recently gotten into cum play a lot. Fun. Hope everyone is well.

  31. As a male I feel we are more about the visual which explains our love of porn. There is also the voyeur factor.
    Watching your wife having sex with another has got to be the most erotic sight of all!
    Especially if you are blessed like I have been with a super hot attractive and adventurous wife like mine.
    I joke about how my wife Lisa ruined porn for me but the truth is watching her with a younger fitter better endowed stud and a passion many times that she has ever displayed with me, did just that.
    Porn cannot compare!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, have fun! <3

      • I love what you are your partner are doing. I hope to experience being with someone else’s wife or gf and also mine being with another man. So hot.

  32. Wow just came across this website. So intrigued and would love to get more involved. Awesome stories keep it going!

  33. We are couple from Europe and have similar fantasies / experiences just like you. Loved to read your experiences though. Would love to hear more.


  34. Hi Jess,
    I/we discovered your site omgkinky.com a while back and have really enjoyed your guides, stories and advice.
    Proof of that is my being the proud and happy owner of the “King Cock Ultra Realistic Girthy Suction Cup Dildo”
    I do think you could have given a girl warning about the HUGE 7″ of girth but you were right, once I got accustomed to it, the pleasure was indisputable!
    Your advice on penis sleeves was also very helpful.

    There were several things that led us toward hotwifing but penis size was the major one.
    We both felt that way – My husband with his modest size had a penis size kink and his wearing large sleeves certainly fueled that.
    I had always been one to state “Penis Size Does Not Matter.”
    However my large dildos and the pleasure I received when my husband upgraded his size with sleeves had me admitting my error.

    Whilst it does not happen often, I do thoroughly enjoy my experiences with the other men.
    As does my husband who says he loves seeing the pleasure I receive and quotes that it is better than watching porn.
    Thank You Jess,
    From Danii & Joe

  35. Good for you two! 😀 (and all your friends involved)

  36. i love your writing ,

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