The sexiest jeweled butt plug I own

I love ass play, I love all kinds of butt stimulation, and also it’s worth mentioning that my boyfriend really gets off on it too. He loves seeing me getting pleasure from playing with my butt, it’s enough to make him rock hard and want to ravage me instantly.

Wearing a plug during sex is a normal thing for me, mainly because it feels so good for me but secondly because my boyfriend just loves seeing me with a butt plug inserted inside of myself. He gets off on the visuals of it, seeing my little ass stretched momentarily for a sex toy, it looks really cute and he just loves it, I also love the visual aspect of it and of course the pleasure that I get from it too. I recently wrote this article about my favorite butt tail plugs (inspired by furry anal plugs) and how wild they drive my boyfriend but today I am going to be showing you something else.

I wanted to share with you the ass plug that I stumbled across, it’s different from a tail plug, and after seeing it, and seeing how cute it looked I just knew I had to have it as I knew it was going to drive my boyfriend crazy and it was going to make me feel sexy and confident with it in. I have used all sorts of different rectal dilators but a pretty jeweled one that was going to plug me up with its gorgeous crystal was something that was new and to my boyfriend and it was too sexy to go unnoticed and not be bought by me.

As soon as it arrived (quickly and discreetly might I add!) I could feel the quality of this adult toy. Just holding it in my hands made me feel like a sex princess. It looked like a piece of luxury jewelry and I couldn’t wait to just slip it inside of myself and see the look on my boyfriend’s face.

The Best Jeweled Butt Plug ?

jeweled butt plug

Let me introduce you to this beautiful 2.5-inch pretty jewel butt plug. It’s a perfect shape and size for most ass-play lovers and looks incredible when it’s in.

The tapered tip allows for easy insertion, the flared base ensures it won’t ride up inside of you and get stuck and the smooth metal material (nickel-free and zinc-alloy make it safe even for sensitive skin types) isn’t just for smooth insertion it is also ideal to use for those of you interested in temperature play which is well known in the BDSM community. You can indulge in this practice by submerging the plug into cold or warm water for a few minutes and then exploring the exciting sensations that await you by stimulating the body’s neuroreceptors that are awoken by the heat or the cold.

The jewel itself is so visually pleasing, it looks and feels just like a high-quality stone, and when it catches the light it sparkles away making it even more eye-catching. Once it is inserted seeing just the bright jewel peeking out from my ass makes me feel amazing and I constantly flash myself when I wear it in the bedroom and around the house. If you’re more of wearing it out in the public type of person, let me tell you when that sunlight catches it, it twinkles and sparkles like a rare gem.

My boyfriend also LOVES it, I knew he would but you will understand when I say there’s always some doubt there, especially with new sex toys. He kept remarking on how gorgeous it was and how classy it looked, telling me it looked just like a princess plug (something only someone of the highest caliber would wear). He loves seeing me wearing it and I love teasing him with it in, it’s always a nice surprise for him when I pull down my panties and reveal their sparkling embers to him.

No matter how you wear it or how you play with it just make sure to use plenty of water-based arse lube to ensure maximum comfort and to stop any friction from occurring during insertion and wear. I wrote a whole article about testing out my favorite anal lube, so if you’re looking for a recommendation make sure to check that out when you’re done here.

Why is this ass plug the best?

  • The weight (quality) – The quality and feel of this anal plug is incredible, it feels expensive despite its small price tag. It doesn’t feel cheap or made from plastic, it’s durable and ready for action.
  • The way it feels inside me is outstanding, the insertable length is just enough to give me a satisfying ‘full’ feeling. It’s also easy to insert thanks to the smooth metal material and when you apply just a small amount of lube that transition inside is easy and a pleasure.
  • The jewel makes my butt look AMAZING (My boyfriend loves it). Seeing me bent over or with my legs spread about and noticing the glistening jewel plug inside of me makes me feel so sexy and it makes my boyfriend stop whatever he is doing.
  • I love metal sex toys, they are really easy to clean, body-safe, they feel incredible, temperature play is a real bonus with these types of sex toys and they are durable.

The reviews (people love it):

I wanted to include just a few reviews that you can find on my favorite classy anal toy, there are so many more where these came from, you just need to click on the product above to find them and you can read through the plethora of people explaining their adventures with this thing.

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The First Night I Used This Anal Plug

woman in black stockings and red thong

I wanted to surprise my boyfriend when using this anal plug, I wanted him to not know anything about it and then get a sexy surprise when I flash him my ass and he sees it sparkling against the flickering in our candlelit room. I mentioned before at the very start of this article how much butt play turns him and myself on so this was going to be the perfect little surprise to give him.

I applied a small amount of lube to my adult toy, slipped it in before he came into the bedroom, I went down on him for a while, and then bent down on all fours and just let him look at me. He noticed it instantly, remarking on how incredible it looked and how much it was turning him on.

Having the jeweled plug inside my ass made me feel like a kinky princess and I knew it looked good because I felt good and because my boyfriend became incredibly horny and couldn’t keep his hands off me but made sure to keep me on all fours so he could keep looking at my ass and my new sex toy.

It sounds silly to say now when we are talking about butts but it actually made me feel quite classy wearing it, it’s such a high-quality product that it feels like you’re wearing something you have just bought in an expensive boutique.

It made me feel even classier than I was already feeling when I wore it out for dinner a few nights later. I didn’t wear any underwear under my skirt and made sure to keep flashing my ass at my boyfriend whenever I could so that he could keep getting glimpses of the pretty jewel that was peeking out from between my legs. It’s safe to say that our dinner didn’t last long and nor do either of us remember what we ate because he just wanted to take me home whenever he remembered what I was wearing under my little dress.

It’s no secret anymore that I love double stimulation so when my boyfriend first thrust inside of me whilst I was wearing my plug, the pleasure for me was incredible, it felt so amazing to have both of my holes filled. My boyfriend also remarked on being able to feel it when he was inside of my pussy, the hard material pushed against his penis as he thrust into me, giving him more pleasure and stimulation too. I just love having both holes filled and I don’t mind having two cocks in there but if you are new to double stimulation, using something small like a plug is the ideal way to get yourself started and used to being stretched in two ways.

You can also play with it, use the flared base to move it around inside of you, and pull it in and out, giving your ass a little bit of love too. My boyfriend will usually do this for me automatically but if you are playing alone or you just want to show your partner what you want, it’s really sexy and it will give you some great anal stimulation.

Having my boyfriend so thrilled by looking at my ass and enjoying every aspect of this sex toy, even though it was me that used it (don’t forget it is unisex) made me really feel good and enforced within me what I already knew – that this anal sex toy is awesome and delivers amazing stimulation and looks so cute when it’s in.

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The Most Frequent Question I Get About Anal Plugs

I thought I would answer some of the most frequent questions I see and get about arse plugs, I answered some of these in my article all about my favorite large anal sex toys.

What do butt plugs feel like?

cartoon with hot underwear

Ass dilators are really easy to insert (in general) and feel like having a satisfying filling sensation in your ass. If you are a male they feel AMAZING as they push against your P-spot, they are non-intimidating and make your ass look cute and for women, they feel wonderful too, especially if you like to simulate the sensation of double penetration or if you just enjoy butt play and butt stimulation even on a minor level.

Does it make you more comfortable during sex?

cartoon having sexual intercourse

If you’re a little shy about having your asshole on full show during sexual intercourse, a sex toy like my one can make you feel more comfortable as a sparkling jewel is always going to look cute.

It’s also really hot for the person you are having sex with and looks amazing for them but I think the answer to this question all comes down to personal preferences and what you prefer.

Can it get stuck in there?

butt plug stuck inside someone

Yes and no, ones like the one that I shared with you above have a flared base so that they can’t ride up inside of you so you don’t need to worry about them getting stuck. Most are built this way and if you’re new to ass play I recommend always opting for the toy that has a flared base as you mean you can just relax without worrying about anything riding up inside of you that shouldn’t be there.

If you do feel like your sex toy is stuck and that you can’t get it out, just squat on the floor, relax, and un-tense your butt (as if you’re pooping) and you will find any sex toy will almost instantly begin to release and you will be able to carefully retrieve it. I have never personally had a sex toy become stuck inside of me so if you have any more tips on preventing this type of thing from happening leave them in the comments below for everyone to see.

How do you keep your butt plug clean?

cleaning a butt plug with spray

Make sure you wash your new adult toy with warm water and non-scented soap after every use and dry it properly before storing it away. This goes for any sex toy as it’s important to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, it will also help to make your toys last a long time without needing to re-purchase.

What lube do you use with anal sex toys?

anal lube

You need to reapply lube to your plug if it’s in for a long time (like when I went out to dinner with it in) to stop the lube from drying out completely and stopping any friction.

This is the lube I recommended, it’s really thick and silky and goes ideally with any butt sex toys. It lasts for ages and the need to re-apply is always after a prolonged period of use and usually down to personal preference on how you like things to feel down there.

Is this plug for beginners?

beginner friendly butt plug

Yes! It’s perfect as it’s only 3 inches in length and the tapered tip makes for easy insertion. It’s also non-intimidating and is a nice comfortable and snug fit.  However, if you’re still unsure this one vibrates and it is sensational. It is also a little smaller and it doesn’t have the whole princess plug vibe going on.

Is there a plug like this for more experienced people?

large butt plug

My jeweled butt plug is fine for more experienced people but if you want something a little larger this 4-inch plug is the plug I am going to be trying next as a little more of a challenge (I love size play). Read this article and check out my other favorite large-ass sex toys.

Wait…What Is A Butt Plug?

At this point, you probably know what a butt plug is, but here’s a detailed description.

An ass plug (or rectal dilator as some old-fashioned may know it) is a sex toy that is inserted into the ass, usually, anal plugs are much shorter than dildos and other anal sex toys and are usually kept in place by a flared base to prevent it from riding up inside of you. Plugs can come decorated in a whole manner of ways, including with tails (the furry community is most well known for using these, although this isn’t always the case and they will often depict things such as foxtails or other animal tails), they can also be decorated with jewels which everyone recognizes as jeweled anal plugs, they can be plain or even include motors for even more sexual pleasure.

Anal plugs can also be inflatable, these are often used for anal training, and for those who enjoy anal stretching, they can be made from glass (an example of glass toys) as some people enjoy the sensation of it, they can be made from silicone and a whole host of other materials.

Ultimately they are used during sex or foreplay as an additional sexually gratifying toy, they are unisex and they can be a great introduction to butt play. Although my boyfriend is a big prostate massager fan – click here for more on that.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them all below!

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