The Time I Got Caught Masturbating (Awkward)

woman in sheer night dress with red stockings

I masturbate a lot, every day and it’s been that way since my teens. This lead to me getting caught masturbating, probably one of the most awkward moments in my life. This is the story of exactly how it happened.

The Pocket Pussy My Boyfriend Can’t Stop Using

woman in dressing gown holding pineapple

I like using masturbators on my boyfriend, seeing him cum hard while [email protected]#king a toy is a massive turn on for me. So, we’ve tested many different masturbators and we’ve finally found the best pocket pussy ever made. It’s now my boyfriends go-to sex toy. He can’t get enough of it.

A Pussy Pump Changed The Way I ORGASM – What are the Best Pussy Pumps

woman laying on bed in blue night wear

A lot of my friends and bloggers I follow always talk about pussy pumps, so I went on a journey to find what all the hype was about. It took me a while, but then I found this amazing pussy pump and everything clicked into place. The orgasm, the way my clit felt, holy crap it’s completely game-changing.

The Sexiest Stockings I’ve Ever Worn

woman in red stockings"and night dress

I love the way stockings make my butt, pussy and legs look. My boyfriend goes crazy when I wear anything on this list and I feel powerful, hot and sexy when I go anywhere in these stockings. Some are bedroom only, some I wear everywhere, even flash my boyfriend by lifting up my skirt to show my NAUGHTY stockings

I tried the Womanizer and I Had A Squirting Orgasm

woman in fishnet stockings in pink lingerie

I had a rest from releasing articles and I’ve been spending my days living out my deepest fantasies and after a few crazy weekends I’m back with loads to tell and one thing that I tried in my break was the Womanizer! WOW, to say I came would be an understatement, let’s say squirting has never been so easy for me and I need to change my sheets.

I had my first anal orgasm (it rocked my world)

girl laying on bed

This is a story/guide on the first time I had an anal orgasm, now I have a tight butt hole, so it took me and my boyfriend sometime before I could fit his penis and in this I go into complete detail about how it felt, how my boyfriend gave me it and how I’ve worked anal orgasms into my sex life. This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys anal sex and wants to experience full body pleasure.