A small beginner dildo that every girl should own

girl with nice bra

This beginner dildo was the reason I learned how to orgasm and truly enjoy penetrative sex, I used this dildo to learn my body, my g-spot and it got me comfortable during penetration, so I decided to show it off and tell you how to use it and learn your body.

The male vibrator that gave my boyfriend the best orgasm of his life

Blonde woman laying on bed in black lingerie

Never heard of male vibrators, but after getting recommended I had to get my boyfriend one. It lead to him having some of the best orgasms of his life and he now uses this toy over all his over sex toys. This is a review/guide on how you can have the same sensation and experience.

I had a nipple orgasm during breast bondage

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I never felt like a nipple orgasm was possible, honestly I thought I’d stick with my vibrator, but the past week my boyfriend decided to experiment with rope bondage and using a few classic techniques he left me like a wet mess and gave me my first nipple orgasm, it was blissful and here’s how he did it.

The Open Relationship Rules I Use

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my boyfriend and I have a semi-open relationship. We both have sex with different people but don’t date, we focus on threesomes, sex parties and sharing each other and we have strict rules that have stopped us from jealousy and other related issues that come from completely open relationships.

The sexiest jeweled butt plug I own

picture of womans butt in red thong and black stockings

My boyfriend loves my butt, so I always try my best to make it look sexy and desirable and I recently treated myself to probably my favorite jeweled butt plug. It looks and feels amazing and has been one of the best sexual accessories I’ve ever brought.

My Sex Toy Collection (the sex toys I use everyday)

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People have always wondered what sex toys I keep in my collection. I’ve tested hundreds of sex toys, most are pretty bad, some are okay and a few are absolutely incredible. This is the collection of the sex toys that I can’t live without if you were going to read an article about building a sex toy collection this is the one you need to see.

The Revolotionary Sex Pillow Everyone Needs

pillow on messy bed

I’ve only been able to orgasm during sex when my partner really knows how to use his penis or has a really big package that fills me, that was till I tried this sex pillow, paired with my boyfriends thrusts I’ve had some of the best penetration orgasms of my life.