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  • woman ontop of boyfriend on bed

    The roleplay ideas my boyfriend and I do in the bedroom

    If you’re not careful sex can quickly become a boring thing that is done for release over pleasure. When this started happening to me and my boyfriend we sat down and created this list of all the hottest roleplay ideas and started ticking them off, I found so much about myself and my own sexual desires and so did my boyfriend.

  • girl in sexy underwear

    I squirted during deep penetration sex

    I used to always be a small sex toy kind of girl, I didn’t like big objects inside me, be it a penis or a sex toy. Then I hooked up with this random guy (one of my best friends, friends) and he was, how can I say it, hung, I’m talking one of the biggest penises I’ve ever seen. I was nervous, but after some amazing foreplay he entered me and within 10 minutes gave me a squirting orgasm, a little embarrassing, but it felt so good.

  • woman in corset

    The Best Bondage Kit I’ve Ever Bought

    I spent hundreds of dollars on BDSM sex toys, only to find this BDSM kit that has everything you need to start BDSM for less than $45, it hurt to see, but I’m happy I found this amazing kit and replaced some of my over-priced rubbish.

  • girl on bed

    The discreet vibrator that got me through living in a house share

    I used to live in a house share with a few friends and the walls were so thin you could hear someone breathing in the next room. This was hard for a girl who likes to cum daily, so after searching, testing and a few awkward moments I found this amazing silent/discreet vibrator.

  • woman in sexy lingerie laying on bed

    The best sex toy kits that come with every sex toy you need

    If you’re looking to build a sex toy collection without spending lots of dollars then I’ve found one of the cheapest and best sex toy kits that comes with everything from butt plugs to anal beads, rabbit vibrator to bullet vibrator and even ben wa balls.

  • girl with underwear around her ankles next to pool

    The Most Common Kinks People Have

    This is a list of the most common kinks, fetishes and sexual fantasies, I’m not talking fake, overused fantasies, I’m talking BDSM, anal sex, foot worship, chastity, even large play. These are the fantasies that get me and my boyfriend off and loads of other people around the globe.

  • woman in stockings

    A Cheap Sex Toy Collection You Actually Want

    If you’re looking for an intense body shaking orgasm at a discount then I’ve got you covered. This is a list of my favorite cheap sex toys, that are cheap, but still luxury. This took me a lot of testing, cumming and sex to create, so I hope you enjoy.

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