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    The best butt plug I have ever used

    So many butt plugs are meh in how they make me feel. The go inside me, I have sex and they feel the same, but as someone who enjoys my ass being played with I decided to keep searching and I found this vibrating butt plug, that is by far the best butt plug I’ve used. More

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    My boyfriend used the best prostate massager

    This is exciting, my boyfriend finally had a prostate orgasm, he told me it’s the best orgasm of his entire life and it was all thanks to this beautiful prostate massager. I was shocked at how quick it all happened once we found the right prostate massager. More

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    I Found The Best Anal Lube (Results)

    Finally I found an anal lube that actually works, I’m talking it doesn’t just dry up, it makes anal sex easy and simple and is easy to clean. Seriously anyone who enjoys anal sex knows how important them things are and after testing a dozen of these lubes I’ve finally found the one. More

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    How I have threesomes with just my boyfriend

    I’ve had my fair share of threesomes and crazy sex experiences, but with my current boyfriend we didn’t want to ruin anything with a messy threesome, so we decided to try simulating a threesome and it was amazing, all you need is a few special sex toys and a little roleplay. More

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    The Best Egg Vibrator In The World

    I’ve been searching long and hard for the best love egg vibrator that I can use both alone and in public, I needed something discreet and powerful and after a lot of testing I found this amazing love egg, this is my story and review of it. More

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    I found the best sex swing (mind blowing orgasms)

    My boyfriend and I have always wanted to try a sex swing, there’s just something kinky about it, so we went looking and after a lot of searching got the highest rated sex swing we could find and here’s exactly what happened, did I cum? Let’s just say I did more than just cum over my boyfriends c**k… Lot’s more. More

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    The Most Realistic Sex Dolls Ever Made

    My boyfriend goes crazy for realistic sex dolls and he has built a big collection of them and he’s decided to show you which sex dolls he recommends for beginners, all the way to experts. More

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