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    This is the best ball gag I’ve ever owned

    I love to submit to my boyfriend and have him take control of my body, doing as he pleases and using me to pleasure himself. However, I never knew how effective using a ball gag would be, till I tried it and ever since I’ve been hooked and addicted to being gaged and restrained, here’s my review of my favorite ball gag, along with a story of how I used it. More

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    This luxury vibrator just gave me the best orgasm of my life

    I’ve never enjoyed paying much for sex toys, anything over $90 and I’m going to take some time to think about it. After starting this blog I decided to try a few overpriced toys and see if the money equaled more orgasms, it didn’t, but then I tried this luxury vibrator and it all made sense. More

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    I Just Came Hard Using This Sex Machine

    I love threesomes, I like penetration and I love sex machines. My boyfriend and I have been on the lookout for the best sex machine that we can use to simulate threesomes and we’ve finally found it. This is the story of how we used it and a review of the machine I recommend. More

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    I tried pegging my boyfriend for the first time

    It took a lot of trust for me to try pegging my boyfriend. I was scared, he was nervous and it made us vulnerable, but once we tried it we were converted. Seeing my boyfriend cum from my thrusts, feeling his moans and his masculine body against mine and having the control over his pleasure was the single hottest thing I’ve experienced. More

  • woman pulling of mans pants

    Best Sex Toys For Couples

    Once we added couples sex toys into our relationship my libido and how much I wanted my boyfriend inside me went up, I’m talking a lot. Using these sex toys I know cum and squirt multiple times each time we have sex, it’s wonderful. More

  • womans lips

    How To Suck A Small Dick

    Just like with sucking a big dick, (you can read my article on how to suck a big dick here) there are tips and tricks and things you can do to enhance your blowjob techniques on someone with a lesser than average dick. It’s all about how you take advice and how you perform with […] More

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    I Tried The Greatest Glass Sex Toys

    If you like glass sex toys then I have something so special for you. These are the only glass toys I use and they rock my world. Trust me, you need to try them. More

  • woman laying ontop of a man

    Best Male Sex Toys My Boyfriend Owns

    My boyfriend has tested just about every single male sex toy and so we decided to put them together and do a full list of all the best male sex toys he has tried. More

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