The Lube Shooter Guide You Need To Read

lube applicators

Using a lube shooter has changed everything. We have all been applying lube so wrong for too long and although it sounds intimidating, it’s anything but. This applicator will revolutionise the way you operate between the legs.

A Pussy Pump Changed The Way I ORGASM – What are the Best Pussy Pumps

woman laying on bed in blue night wear

A lot of my friends and bloggers I follow always talk about pussy pumps, so I went on a journey to find what all the hype was about. It took me a while, but then I found this amazing pussy pump and everything clicked into place. The orgasm, the way my clit felt, holy crap it’s completely game-changing.

The Sexiest Stockings I’ve Ever Worn

woman in red stockings"and night dress

I love the way stockings make my butt, pussy and legs look. My boyfriend goes crazy when I wear anything on this list and I feel powerful, hot and sexy when I go anywhere in these stockings. Some are bedroom only, some I wear everywhere, even flash my boyfriend by lifting up my skirt to show my NAUGHTY stockings

These Are The Best Vibrating Anal Beads I’ve Used

lady in black thong and black tights

I love anal sex, however, I find it hard to orgasm anally, it’s just something that has taken me a whole bunch of time to figure out, but after trying these vibrating anal beads I’m a changed woman who can now officially say she can cum from anal pleasure alone. This is my journey and experience using these crazy anal beads for the first time.

The Best Bondage Kit I’ve Ever Bought

woman in corset

I spent hundreds of dollars on BDSM sex toys, only to find this BDSM kit that has everything you need to start BDSM for less than $45, it hurt to see, but I’m happy I found this amazing kit and replaced some of my over-priced rubbish.

This BDSM collar changed my sex life

woman trying bdsm restraints on a bed

I’ve been building a collection of BDSM and fetish wear over the past year and I recently found a high-quality BDSM collar and it’s become one of my all-time favorite BDSM toys. I love being my mans pleasure slave and having him control me using my little BDSM collar.

This collection of BDSM lingerie will turn anyone on

girl in fetishwear

I love feeling sexy and nothing makes me feel hotter than BDSM lingerie, so I’ve created a collection of the finest and hottest BDSM lingerie that highlights all of your naked body and makes anyone who lays eyes on you horny. Trust me, you can’t fail with this lingerie.