My BDSM Body Writing Ideas

different naughty words written on a ladies body

Labelling yourself with provocative, humiliating, degrading and true phrases and words is something many people do when practicing the art of BDSM. However, these words and phrases can be hard to keep fresh and exciting and so my ideas will keep you writing for years to come and keep your body filled with colorful language.

30 Day Chastity Training Program

man on knees worshiping womans foot

Test yourself and your chastity abilities with this 30 day training programme. Follow my rules, my commands and learn how to be a better caged man and have lots of incredible fun along the way.

The Full Chastity Keyholder Guide

If you want to become a knowledgeable and informed keyholder you have come to the right place. Find out the best tips, tricks and things you need to do to become a master at holding that key and making him moan with ecstasy inside of his tiny cage prison.

How To Use A Cock Cage (Sizing, Fitting & Maintenance)

Wanting to wear and enjoy a cock cage seems easy until you research it and realise there are logistics and rules to wearing such a thing. My guide teaches you everything you need to know about wearing, using and cleaning your new cage, so fear no more and learn everything you need to know without any of the confusion.

Chastity Humiliation and Punishments Ideas

chastity punishment tools on wooden floor

Inspired by the world of chastity these cruel punishments and humiliating tasks will keep you and your sub occupied for months. Browse through and pick your favorites to use on your caged partner.