My Boyfriend And I Found The Best Penis Pump (RESULTS)

My boyfriend doesn’t have a small *cock* we just thought it would be extra fun if he tried a penis pump, added a few inches and a little extra girth to his penis and we could test the results!

Finding something that actually works online was an arduous task and one I almost gave up on multiple times.

However, I came across ‘penis pumps’ and it was only a matter of time before I decided on the one we wanted and purchased it from LoveHoney.

The one I chose promised us extra length, extra girth, stronger orgasms, and a more erect penis. I was excited and a little apprehensive to test out this new *cock* and my boyfriend was more than excited to try it out.

As I mentioned before my boyfriend doesn’t have a small penis but it’s always nice to try something new and a few more inches or even just some more girth was a welcome change and something me and my *pussy* were gagging to try out.

Before we begin I just wanted to mention my own sex story book, it is filled with my own real sex stories and I thought you might like to check it out, I also thought it was worth mentioning that you can get it for free when you sign up to my membership.

The penis pump we tried was this one:

bathmate penis pump

*Quick PSA Before you read on I did want to mention that this penis pump does have limited stock and it can be hard to get your hands on.

My boyfriend set off using this penis pump the day it arrived. He sat in the bath, filled it with water, and began using it as per its instructions. The water suctions and draws blood into the penis which engorges the penis beyond its usual size.

I was worried that it would actually be quite uncomfortable as it did look like something I had never seen before. However, He did mention that it wasn’t uncomfortable to use despite its appearance and that actually it was so simple to use.

Something else he mentioned was that he said after a few days of using it three times a day, he did notice a difference in the girth of his penis, and actually so did I. As his cock entered me I noticed it was more of a strain and he had to readjust a few times to actually get in there. But he wanted to wait the full-time period before he really showed off the results (if there were any!).

It’s not that I don’t love my boyfriend or his penis it is that fantasizing about sexual experiences and fantasies is one of my favorite pass times and being able to imagine someone completely new is fu*****g me and fulfilling any of my fantasies is a huge turn-on. It’s also a confidence and ego boost for him, which is something I wanted him to experience.

My boyfriend tried a penis extender and that was amazing but changing the actual size and girth of his penis was something we had both wanted to desperately try. One because I didn’t quite believe that was possible and two, because it’s always fun to change things up in the bedroom, and roleplay, is awesome.

What Was His Daily Penis Pump Routine

comic of how to use a bathmate penis pump

Did His Penis Increase In Size (Results)

I am going to have to take you back to the day that he had finally finished his ‘trial’, he wanted to wait 90 days before showing me the real results. This time period is the recommended time so I would suggest everyone sticks to this to see results.

We had sex during this time (thankfully!) but for the last few weeks of his trial, I wasn’t allowed to look at his cock as he wanted to make a big deal out of the reveal on the final day.

On the results day, he gave me a blindfold, made me lay back on the bed, and made the room all romantic by lighting candles, turning off the lights, and playing some romantic music.

My pussy was excited, she was practically dripping at the thought of all of this and I knew he was excited, as he was wandering around getting ready I could see his cock was ready and in waiting, and from what I could see through his boxers, he was certainly going to show me something new.

As I lay there I couldn’t help but run through my favorite fantasies and scenarios through my head and it turned me on more and more in anticipation. Laying there naked and blindfolded felt like a ‘swapping partners’ fantasy and I could convince myself that it actually wasn’t him I was that horny.

He finally entered the bedroom and performed oral sex on me, I don’t know if it was pure excitement from the anticipation or if he found some new skills online but the way he made my clit feel was like nothing I had felt in a while and I came hard.

When I was trying to recover from my surprise orgasm he slid himself inside of me, this once again excited me, and my pussy clenched around his hard cock.

It took my breath away.

It felt like he was wearing a penis extender, his whole penis filled me up and I found my mouth was hanging wide open.

He thrust in and out of me and with each thrust he touched my G-spot which made me moan in utter ecstasy. He came hard and fast inside of me and we both fell into each other’s arms.

So, did the penis pump work?

Yes, it did. It gave my boyfriend a much harder erection, he lasted longer, his orgasm was more powerful and he grew over half an inch in length and in girth and the results definitely did not go unnoticed by my vagina.

The size and girth also don’t go away, this isn’t a one-time thing. He likes to use the penis pump a few times a week but that isn’t really needed. Now, every time we have sex he pushes against my G-spot and it feels so incredible.

Who Should Try A Penis Pump

A penis pump is for any man looking to increase his penis size, whether that be girth, length, or erection, or even any man looking for a more erect penis and a stronger orgasm.

You can’t expect miracles but it is a safe, inexpensive, and healthy alternative to anything I have ever seen for men in order to increase penis size.

It’s also for men looking to increase their self-confidence and couples who want to experience something new without having to actually go out and get it.

There are so many dangerous things out there for men looking to increase their penis sizes, from pills to injections to dangerous illegal surgeries and this has been the first thing I have come across that is safe, natural and all depends on how much work you put into it. I really feel like men of the world ought to know about it and stop harming themselves with drugs that aren’t safe.

The results depend on how much work you put in and it’s all down to you and this sex toy, no nasty chemicals, drugs, or injections. Just YOU.

Who Is Not For?

Any man looking for his penis to grow inches and inches because results vary for everyone. You can’t expect to get a ginormous penis from using this penis pump, it will just help to increase the length and girth by a few centimeters or a few inches, results vary for everyone.

You can read all about my boyfriend’s results further on in this article or by scrolling back up to the header titled ‘Did his penis increase in size (results)’ but he is not the only one, just google it or read the reviews by clicking the sex toy to see other men and their results.

Cheapest + Highest Rated Penis Pumps

The penis pump we used above isn’t expensive in terms of the results you get and how well-built the sex toy is but there are cheaper alternatives that do have great reviews and similar results.

The first less expensive penis pump I am talking about is this one.

tracey cox penis pump

This cheaper alternative penis pump works just the same as the other but you need to manually pump and create suction to the penis.

From what I’ve researched and learned from experience it doesn’t create as much of a difference to the penis as the Bathmate penis pump but if you’re on a budget or just want to give a penis pump a try for something new in the bedroom, it’s a perfectly reasonable sex toy that will over time help you improve your erection, making it stronger and hopefully larger.

I buy all of my sex toys from LoveHoney the quality of their sex toys has never let me down yet, they have a great returns policy and all of their shipping is 100% discreet.

lovehoney vibrating penis pump

This penis pump is something a little bit different than the other two that I mentioned before. Inside this kit you get a lot more than just a penis pump, aside from the penis pump that will help maximize your erection, a detachable vibrator that makes stimulation feel incredible and doubles as a sex toy, you also get a cock ring that helps increase your erection, even more, a realistic stroker made from clear material which means you can witness and watch every single stroke AND you get a vibrating butt plug.

As you can see this penis pump is not just a penis pump but it also comes with some pretty intense sex toys and all things that will push you to your limits so you can really maximize your cock.

If you’re looking for a penis pump that can help you to get a harder erection and also comes with some great sex essentials, this penis pump kit is great.

How My Boyfriend Extended His Penis Effectively

– Whether you’re in the bath or not make sure to always use water-based lube to stop friction around the penis.

– Penis pumps can differ for each person so make sure to always follow the instructions and know where the release valve is located.

– To see the best results make sure to be consistent, use your penis pump daily. You will see the quickest results by doing this. It takes minutes each day and you will reap the benefits if you stick to it. Consistency is key with a penis pump.

– Keep your penis pump clean, after each use just have one last swish with water and leave it to dry.

– Make sure to measure your penis (shaft and girth) when it is flaccid and erect before you begin the penis pump process so you can really see your results. You could even take some photos from the side on and straight on, this will help you notice a difference.

One Month After Using This Penis Pump

My boyfriend finished using his penis pump a month ago. He tested out the results by using it every single day for 90 days (aside from the few days here and there that he missed) and was not just surprised but extremely pleased with his results.

His penis grew half an inch and his penis girth was significantly increased which for a little bit of work for a few minutes each day when he was in the bath or shower, really was a great end result for him.

His erections are stronger and he did notice his orgasms were a lot more powerful, I also noticed a difference in his penis and could feel the difference inside of me.

The results do stay put but every now and again he does take the penis pump and has a few goes on it a few times a week just to keep everything up to standard and to impress me!

Overall he was extremely pleased with the results from the penis pump, he was not just shocked but really had a confidence boost from the added size and my reaction. For the money, he couldn’t have asked for more and it’s all totally safe, unlike a lot of things that are sold for men looking to increase their penis size.

how to use a penis pump infographic

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  1. May buy one

  2. Supposedly, once you get to the desired size you want, you can start using it like 3 days a week, and then ease off to 2 days a week, over the course of like 6 months, and it’ll be permanent. I’ve been using mine for about a month now. I’m mostly happy with it. I got the same one your boyfriend got, and I think I’m going to order the softer padding for it that they sell. It kind of hurts my pubic regions sometimes.

  3. I would definitely like to increase my length and girth! I’m 6 inches erect, but just seeing my wife’s reaction when we have threesomes with a man’s penis is 8 to 10 inches. I know mine wont get that big, but hey if i can get any help will be cool with me and my wife!

  4. How many inches u gain in a month ??

  5. I’ve been using mine since March now, I’ve gained nearly a full inch in length and who knows in girth. My wife and I were both virgins when we got married almost 10 years ago and we’re monogamous, so mine is the only penis she’s ever had, and she is now saying that she loves the results but doesn’t want me to go too much further, at least for now, because it’s beginning to hurt her as she’s not used to ~7″ and whatever the girth is now, which is way way way larger.

    I’ve also been putting some hybrid lube and aloe into the pump lately as I’ve had a few incidents where it got a little sore and I got red bumps and stretch marks. Silicone is very often used for scar treatment and can often fill in gaps/etc in skin, so I’ve found the hybrid lube to be very very helpful. I’ve also sometimes added a (very) little amount of baking soda and lemon juice to it, more baking soda than lemon juice, and I’ve found that has helped lighten up the hyperpigmentation from over-pumping, but on those days (days when I’m recovering from over-use or over-pumping or both), I only pump it enough to stay on, and only leave it on for 3 minutes instead of 5. Usually with a day with no pumping in between. Otherwise I pump every day. I also find that if I’m able to get and keep an erection before and between pumps, that adding a condom with the tip cut off helps prevent any adverse effect as well.

    Also, and I think I’ve added this comment before but comments aren’t loading right now, but from what I’ve read, gains will become permanent, to a degree, but only after like a year. You have to reach your target, go a little beyond that (~1/2″ to 13mm), then slowly decreasing the frequency of pumping over like 6 months until you’re not pumping anymore. After that it will shrink a bit still, but not the full amount, which is why you should go that extra 1/2″ over.

    • Amazing advice! Thank you so much for your comment <3

  6. Would you even recommend a penis pump for someone already over 7.2 inches insertable and slightly over 8 inches sidemeasured with matching thickness? I would prefer to use it for longer in time, harder erections and am somewhat cautious about becoming bigger as painful cervix hitting/stretching is already something I have to avoid proactively with most girls. I’ve looked up the one you guys used and it says designed for up to 7 inch. Is that literally the maximum? Thank you in advance.

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