How I Make My Vagina Tighter With Ben Wa Balls

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my blog, let it be known that I am in my very late 20’s and despite having a long-term boyfriend, I have had my fair share of sexual experiences with an array of other people.

The reason I am telling you this is because I want it known that my vagina isn’t a virgin like it sometimes wishes it was. I mean, I love my vagina and so have all of my past lovers (nothing like a bit of self-love) but it’s nice to sometimes give her a little makeover and make her feel even better than new again.

You may wonder how using Ben Wa balls came about, it really was very simple. I found I wasn’t getting as much pleasure as I once did from penetration and I began researching ways I could tighten everything up again down there.

Before we begin I just wanted to let you all know that I have my own sex storybook, I wrote down some of my most crazy sex stories for you to enjoy away from my blog, I also have my private membership where you get my book free along with access to even more erotic stories, videos, and pictures.

The Highest Rated Ben Wa Balls (The Ones I Bought)

woman holding ben wa balls

Price Check: I found the best price for these Ben wa balls on the 20/06/2024.

These magnetic love balls are everything I needed. You slip them in (granted at first this can prove to be a little difficult but after a few goes it’s like second nature), once you are comfortable you just let them sit inside of you for as long as you want. 

The magnetic balls dilate your blood vessels making you more lubricated and stimulated and making you use your kegel muscles, thus tightening everything up for a more powerful orgasm

Ben Wa Balls couldn’t be more simple to use, you even forget they are in there working away at your vaginal muscles. 

I also spoke to some of my gal friends and they had a go using the Ben Wa balls, one of my friends has had kids and she mentioned that things had always been different down there since having them and these balls made her feel a lot more confident after using them for a few weeks. I can’t comment as I have never had children but I do notice that she has more of a glow about her nowadays!

The other girl that I met with that had started using them mentioned her partner having quite a small penis and that they are constantly looking at ways to make them both more comfortable during sex and she found these love balls helped her tremendously.

Something else I loved about these love balls is that they help different women in different ways, some want to work on their kegel muscles, some want to have a vagina workout, others are looking for more control over their orgasms and others are just looking to making everything feel as tight as it once did, and they seem to help most women in these situations.

My Process Of Buying And Inserting These Balls

Not many women know about love balls and are told there is nothing they can do to make sure everything is tight and on its A-game down there but that is simply not the truth, these magnetic Ben Wa balls speed up the process of doing Kegel exercises alone and allow you to see a notable difference a lot sooner than just practicing kegel workouts.

When I stumbled across these balls it was like a lightbulb had gone off in my mind, I could envision my new vagina, tightening around any grip, making any man cum within seconds, and all of this for a couple of hours of work.

I bought my love balls and waited for them to arrive, I found the best store for me is LoveHoney, shipping is discreet and the sex toys are always great.

I read some other reviews and comments online that it was best to use lubrication when first inserting the love balls as they can be a bit tricky without.

Once they were in, I went about my daily life, they did feel a little foreign at first and I was aware they were there but after a few minutes, I completely forgot about them and let them get on with their job of tightening my vagina.

Did The Pleasure Balls Tighten My Vagina?

Retrieval was easy, just squat and push and you will find the pleasure balls are waiting to be retrieved. I found I noticed a HUGE difference after my first go of using them, I put that all down to the fact that my vaginal muscles had just had the best workout of their life and were shouting with glee.

When my boyfriend entered me his facial expression changed, he looked at me all sort of quizzically and asked if I was doing anything different down there.

He noticed a massive difference in my vagina and the grip it had on his penis, even to the point of making him climax within a few thrusts because he just wasn’t used to it.

Seeing the difference it made really encouraged me to keep on using these Ben Wa balls and I found myself picking them up most days to have a mini vagina workout.

I have always been confident about my sexual abilities and my boyfriend has never had a problem with my vagina but seeing him so entranced and besotted with my newfound vagina tightness, really gave me a confidence boost, I felt like I now had a hidden superpower and I was in charge of it.

Aside from the vaginal tightness, I also noticed a BIG difference in the way I came.

Without getting into too much detail, I have always had a ‘strong’ orgasm, orgasms usually leave me in a ball of complete bliss and I never thought they could get much better than they already were. However, using the magnetic love balls did make them better.

I can’t put into words what they did to my orgasm but they made me cum so hard. It’s like I had a new ‘pushing power’, it was as if there was brand new leverage inside my vagina that made my orgasms tight until bursting point. I didn’t think love balls would do anything apart from tightening me up down there but little did I know that my orgasms would improve as much as they did.

One Month After Using The Vagina Tightening Balls

woman with amazing butt in pink sexy outfit

Did I think my vagina muscles were just excited and tricking me? yes. Were they? no.

A whole month after using the pleasure balls a few times a week for a few hours at a time and my vagina feels tighter than ever, my orgasms are more powerful than ever and my vagina grips my boyfriend’s penis mercilessly.

Sex feels better for me, orgasms feel better for me and my boyfriend wanted to mention just how tight I had become and how much pleasure it gave him day in and day out.

We have always both had a high sex drive but since using the ben wa balls, we can’t seem to stop putting my vagina to the test!

All of these things do make me feel so much more confident, it wasn’t that I was worried about it in the first place but just that little ego boost makes me feel so much less self-conscious.

Are Ben Wa Balls Uncomfortable Inside You?

ben wa balls and cartoon female in white bra

The first time I slipped them in they did feel a little out of the ordinary, it’s like no sensation I could ever describe. They don’t feel bad just slightly strange. However, after a few minutes, you do forget they are there and can go about your daily life without even thinking about them. They even feel quite good when they hit certain spots inside your vagina.

Can I Leave The House With Them In?

cartoon house

Ok not only are you kinky for thinking this but you are my spirit animal. I thought the exact same thing and the answer is yes, you can.

Nobody will notice them inside of you unless they’re looking for them and they don’t make a noise so you will be perfectly safe swanning about in your grocery store with them firmly in and giving you a worthwhile workout.

The one thing I did notice is that they did actually make me more aware of them being in when I was out and about so it actually made me practice my kegel exercises more, thus giving me a tighter vagina without even realizing it. Usually, I would cry at the thought of exercising without meaning too but in this case, I had no complaints.

How To Maximize Your Vagina Tightening Results

woman in black lingerie laying on bed

The Squeeze Technique

When your pleasure balls are inside you make sure to also squeeze your kegel muscles, this helps the balls to draw closer to each other and it helps you work on your muscles with a little added weight. You can do this by gently squeezing in the same muscle you use to hold in a wee. This will strengthen your pelvic floor muscle and make your pleasure balls to work even better. Just squeeze your Kegels a few times whenever you remember throughout the day and when your balls are in. This is one of the best things you can do to help tighten your vagina and the pleasure balls help to maximize that act of squeezing.

Getting Them Inside

If you struggle to get your pleasure balls inside your vagina, squat down, apply some water-based lube to your fingers and the pleasure balls, and gently push them inside. To retrieve them later on just do the same thing, squat, push, and retrieve!

It’s so simple and any woman can do it and don’t worry they won’t get lost inside of you.

Ben Wa Ball Routine (Must Do)

Use the pleasure balls frequently to get the most out of them. I use mine a few days per week, giving my muscles a rest the rest of the time. I keep mine in for a few hours at a time and make sure to wash them straight after to avoid any sort of build-up.

My friend that I mentioned earlier has had kids and she used the pleasure balls to tighten everything up down there and gain some more control of her kegel muscles she used the pleasure balls every day for a few weeks and she noticed a massive difference by doing this. She mentioned that she sometimes forgot they were even there and the seconds it took her to pop them in did wonders to her self-confidence.

Products That Go Great With Pleasure Balls

I’ve decided to add a few of the sex toys/essentials I’ve used with the ben wa balls to make my vagina tighter and extend pleasure in the bedroom (I look to the penis extender for that).

My Favorite Lube of All Time

lulu water based lube

This water-based lube is my first suggestion, not only is it important to always have it on you but using it with any kind of sex toy or accessory makes for much easier insertion.

How My Boyfriend Added 3 Inches To His Penis Size

penis extender

A penis extender may sound out of the ordinary but if you and your partner want maximum tightness, roleplay, and fantasies galore then try a penis extender. You can read all about what happened when I made my boyfriend tried a penis extender on me for the first time but if you want to skip out on that, just try me when I say it changes sex.

The Best Vibrating Love Egg

woman holding remote control vibrating love egg

Using this love egg after using pleasure balls is like eating chocolate and drinking wine at the same time, absolutely great. This love egg nestles inside of your vagina and plays with your G-spot like nothing you have ever felt before. Squirming your newly tightened muscles around this thing also feels fantastic and allows you to take advantage of your new powerful orgasm and tighter, more lubricated vagina.

infographic about getting a tighter vagina

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