My True Erotic Story Book

Hi, It’s Jess! I’m the creator of and, I have been very busy and I have created my very own erotic storybook filled with 5 real sex stories that actually happened to me.

If you want to just shut me up and buy my book, skip all of the little bits of information and dive into my sex life you can Buy My Book Here and I really hope you love it.

It’s no secret to anyone that I love writing about my sex life so I thought why not dive into much more detail about some of the most erotic times of my life and put them all together into one book.

What Real Stories Do I Share Inside My Book?

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I have 5 erotic stories to share in this book, these 5 stories are some of the most memorable in my life and are stories that get me off and stories that I lovingly look back on.

Erotica is so fascinating to me, I love reading other people’s experiences and these are mine. I can’t release these stories on my blog because they are very NSFW, intimate, go into lots of detail and are private so by making a book I can share incredible moments with you without making my blog a porn blog.

The five stories that I share in my book are all from different times in my life, inside the book you will find a teenage threesome story, the time I cheated on my boyfriend on holiday, my experience with fantastic cybersex, the time I was spanked in an office and finally the story about the time I fucked my best friends dad. They are all very different but all wonderful times that I look back on.

Are All Of The Stories Real?

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The simple answer is, yes. I have not mentioned any names and have changed some details in the stories to protect my anonymity and the anonymity of the people I fucked.

The stories are real and come to me from memory, I have lived these stories so I really hope you enjoy them and much as I enjoyed writing them and living them.

How Much Does The Book Cost?


I understand people wanting the book to be free but by purchasing my book you are really helping me to create more content for my blogs, buy more sex toys and even make more erotic books in the future.

My erotic book is $12,99 and all payments are made through PayPal so you are totally safe.

All the money goes on buying sex toys and trying sexual experiences for this blog.

Your support really helps me so thank you in advance!

Where Can I Buy This Erotic Book?

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You can buy my erotic book by clicking the link below or the picture above this text. It will take you directly to the payment page where you can enter your PayPal details and the book will be directly sent to your email.

The book is an ebook in PDF format and it can be read on phones, Ipads, tablets and computers.

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I really hope you love my book as much as I do!

Jess xoxoxo