My Boyfriend Tried Using A Penis Extender During Sex With Me – How to Choose the Best Penis Sleeve

Updated: 14/08/2023

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I had been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and our anniversary was quickly approaching, the night comes and I’m expecting the usual, a home-cooked meal, a nice glass of wine, exchanging corny anniversary cards, and a late night of watching horror movies all whilst getting a little hot and heavy under the blankets.

What did I get? 

The hardest, fastest, and by far the deepest sex of my life. A penis Enhancer that sparked my sex life all over again!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had threesomes and tried my deepest sexual fantasies but I never thought my boyfriend wearing a plastic penis would be the thing that had me squirting and got me so wet I had to change the sheets and dry the bed with a hairdryer.

Okay, so now you have the image of what my tight body has gone through, let me take you back and explain what happened and what penis enhancer he used.

The Best Penis Extender He Could Find:

Best Penis Sleeve / Best Cock Sleeve

Side note: I never thought I’d be showing off a cock sleeve extender that my boyfriend purchased online, but if it helps some women climax and squirt like I did, then I suppose that’s just how life goes?

 So, anyway here’s the penis enlarger he used (best penis extender)

best cock sleeve extender
Penis extender in box
Lovehoney penis extender taken out of box
Scale of penis extender

Price Check: I found the cheapest price for this penis extender on 22/07/2024.

Why do I think that this is the best penis sleeve? For those of you who don’t know a penis extender is a sleeve that goes over a penis and adds 2-3 inches in length and some extra girth and increases the overall penis size. Girth and Length will help you achieve better orgasms :).

Now I had always assumed this kind of sex toy was for the ‘smaller male’ member and never thought about using it on my boyfriend who has a pretty nice penis, around 6 – 7 inches long with a nice amount of girth.

So, I was truly shocked when he got it out, and dare I say I was dubious about using it, but after a glass of wine and him going down on me, I couldn’t resist the new toy. It is definitely one of the best penis sleeves!

How This Penis Enhancer Made Me Cum All Over My Bed 

Let me take you back to last Friday (our anniversary night), he had been working all day and I decided to make us a romantic dinner and get our nightly celebrations ready by doing the following.

Step one: Put on some hot underwear, got to stay sexy

Step Two: Make some food, I made us a nice homemade pizza.

Step Three: Wait… While having a glass of red wine.

Finally, he comes home and we enjoy the next few hours of chatting, eating, and watching crap on Netflix.

Things start getting a little sexual and I tell him about a new sex toy I want us to try (I have updated this article and wanted to share the sex toy I was talking about: my favorite luxury vibrator, that’s when he awkwardly brings up that he had purchased a toy for us to try.

This is normal, we both work in the adult industry and think nothing of buying new sex toys a few times per month.

However I must admit I was shocked when I saw this penis sleeve as I was expecting a vibrator or a masturbator, but I was secretly happy as I’ve never tried anything like it before.

Anyway, things started heating up and long story short, underwear off, on a bed with my legs spread and his mouth eating me out.

I’m wet, horny and I give him the signal to get the new toy.

He runs to the kitchen which is where it was and puts it on while he’s out of the room, he then turns the light off and commands me to put a blindfold on.

I feel him get on top and open my legs wider and start teasing me, then finally he starts slowly thrusting inside, and at this point, I’m dripping wet and ready to be f**ked, hard, but he’s going in slow which is building up more tension and driving me crazy (in a good way).

So, what’s running through my head?

First I couldn’t believe how much pleasure the extra girth adds, but then my thoughts changed to how deep he was getting, literally when I thought it was at the deepest point, bam, he would thrust a little deeper.

I just remember holding onto his back, spreading my legs as wide as possible and cumming all over his dick, the sleeve, and the bed multiple times.

I was a mess at this point and it only got worse.

The extender meant my boyfriend could maintain the quick, deep thrusts that make me cum without accidentally finishing inside me, this brought on orgasm, after orgasm, until I squirted.

Now, I’ve only ever squirted with a G-spot vibrator, I mean if I’m honest I very rarely orgasm through penetration alone, so to orgasm multiple times and then SQUIRT, this was groundbreaking for me!

However, after squirting I had to stop my boyfriend, as I was about to collapse from all the pleasure.

We cuddled and then I let him cum inside me without the extender as his treat.

I’d like to say we then fell asleep in each other’s arms, but my side of the bed was soaked through, I had to change the sheets and use my hairdryer to dry it out, all part of the fun;).

This penis extender is one of the biggest surprises of this year.

I did want to quickly mention that the penile extender is currently on offer and is low on stock so if you are interested I would grab it quickly as I know it won’t be available for too long.

girlfriend in red lingerie suit laying on sofa seductively

Did We Use cock sleeves Again?

It’s now Wednesday (5 days since we got it) and we have already used the penis sleeve another two times.

I basically beg my boyfriend to get the cock sleeves on for the first ten minutes of sex, it just opens me up, gets me cumming, and then once he takes it off I find it easier to cum with just his penis.

Update: It’s been a month since we got this toy and I’ve been exploring it to the max, here are some sex tips that we’ve found work a treat with penis sleeves extenders.

The Sex Positions That Make Me Orgasm

image of cartoons doing sex positions

Missionary: I always start here, it helps me loosen up, as I can be quite tight at the beginning especially when my boyfriend first goes it.

Doggy Style: I then move to doggy style, this toy will rub, up and down your g-spot till you have a shaking orgasm, remember to go slow and take it easy especially at the start.

Laying down flat on my belly: I then go from doggy to this position and if I’m going to squirt it’s going to be at this point.

Cover Your Penis In Lube

adding lube to a penis sleeve

I get really wet when I use this penis sleeve, but we still use lots of water-based lube as it helps us go that extra mile, also the chances are you’ll be the biggest thing to have entered your partner’s vagina, so she’s going to be grateful for the extra lube.

Grab A Blindfold

cartoon blindfold

Sounds boring?

Well, we tried foreplay using this toy and a blindfold and it honestly felt like I was having sex with another man, some won’t like the idea of this, but if you’re trying to get your girlfriend on board this could be the fantasy that she’s looking for.

Add A Massage Vibrator

cartoon stickmen using vibrator

Want to be the best lay your girlfriend/partner has ever had? Get a penis sleeve and a massage vibrator and slowly thrust inside her while the massager is on her clit.

My boyfriend did this to me the last time we used it and my legs were jelly for at least 2 hours after.

girlfriend in red lingerie suit laying on sofa

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Let You Try A Penis Sleeve?

After writing this I had a few men ask me how they should bring it up with their girlfriend/partner, so I decided to write a few tips for bringing it up.

Ask Her An Amazing Question

Do you have any sex toys you that would like to try?

Once she answers, tell her a few you would like to try and then show her an extender, maybe even this article and ask her if she would be down to try it.

At first, she may be against it but just explain to her that it’ll add a few inches of penis size, make you last longer in bed, and is something that might be fun to try.

 Surprise Her With It

This is risky… however, it could work If you have an open-minded relationship where sex toys are used.

All you do is go to a sex shop online (the best I’ve used is LoveHoney) and buy a few sex toys, get a massage vibrator, maybe a bullet vibrator, some lubrication, even some condoms, and on top of that add a penis extender.

Tell your partner you have a weird sexy surprise coming in the mail and then open it together, explain the toys, and try a different one every day, the chances are she’ll give it ago.

This is basically what happened to me and I’m over the moon with it.

Tip: If you’re worried this will work you could always mention the idea before buying anything.

Go Online Sex Toy Shopping With Her

Tell her you have an idea, get your computer out and both go sex toy shopping online, do it together, be open about what you would like to try, and encourage her to do the same.

Everyone wants to try sex toys, it’s just most of us haven’t had the opportunity too.

Sex Toys That Complement Penis Sleeves

collection of different sex toys

Over the past month, we’ve tried a lot of different sex toys with this penis extender and we’ve even purchased a second penis extender, so here are a few must-haves and other options I recommend.

Fantasy X-Tensions Penis Extender

 Fantasy X-tension penis sleeve

This silicone penis extender is the one my boyfriend got and is the highest rated online and is by far the best I’ve seen, but I’ve got a taste for this kind of loving so I’m saving up for the Fantasy X-tension as I’ve heard the realism of it feels fantastic and I’ve fallen in love with the way it looks and I’ll keep you updated once I’ve had it inside me.

Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based (My Sex Life Saver)

lulu water based lube

It usually looks like I’ve wet the bed after sex,  but that doesn’t mean I don’t love applying extra lube on top of my natural wetness. So when it comes to lube I’m a big fan of Lulu lubrication and it’s the exact one I used with my boyfriend on this extender.

On top of this, I use this lube for everything except anal sex, on my vibrators, during normal penetration, and even during oral to get things started.

If you haven’t already got lube, make sure you get some.

The Best Female Sex Toy

massage wand

Want your girlfriend to cum all over your penis multiple times? Get this massage wand!

My boyfriend places this on my clit while we have sex and he gets to enjoy me cumming all over his d**k again and again, till I can’t move anymore.

Mix this with the penis extender and you’ll give her the best sex of her life. Your girlfriend will thank you and probably never experience anything like it again without you.

That was my experience over the past few weeks and I can’t recommend it enough.

I even wrote a true erotic story about my experience with this magic wand.

Will The Penis Sleeve Replace My Real Penis?

The answer is no, this will not replace you, it will just make what you already have a little more exciting, fun, and orgasmic.

Girls are emotional and even though I want to be made love to with this wonderful toy, I also enjoy sex just as much with my partner’s normal d**k.

Don’t get me wrong, this month we’ve gone a little crazy with this cock sleeve toy and we’ve had some fantastic sex, but we’ve also had some fantastic sex without this toy.

Also, this toy is still you, it’s attached to your penis and follows your movements and is there so you can experience pleasuring your partner in a different way.

You only get one life, try the stuff you’re curious about.

penis extender infographic

45 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Tried Using A Penis Extender During Sex With Me – How to Choose the Best Penis Sleeve”

  1. I have purchased a different extender.
    While using it, the open space between end of my penis and end of extender collapses, from having the air sucked out of the “free space”.
    I have experienced Peyronies Disease, and since then, had a 3 piece penile implant inserted.
    As a result, I have lost 2” length, which took me down to just 3”.
    The extender I bought is flimsy and does not maintain it’s own “Hard-On”.
    I am only 3”, as noted above, fully pumped up from implant.
    The extender adds 3” to my penis. But, doesn’t hold “up”.
    Do other extenders have their own “hardness” in top 1/3 or so, that is not filled with a penis?

    • Hi! I just went to get our favorite (the one at the top of this article) and it is squishy but doesn’t collapse it holds its shape and as its 8.5 inches not many men will reach the end, however, I am not sure if there is a minimum or maximum size for it to work and not collapse. I would hate for you to buy something that doesn’t work for you so if I was you I would click on the link on my toy, it will take you to the sex toy website and there you can talk to a customer service rep (live chat) who hopefully will able to tell you the specifics and/or guide you in the right direction.
      I hope it works for you, good luck and thanks you so much for your comment xx

    • i believe some people put a golf ball( or maybe two ) in first to prevent the collapse. good luck

  2. Wow!! I’m glad I read this, I wish my boyfriend would try it on me. I’m gonna have to convince him somehow, I think he would be upset if I brought this idea up..

    • Have you gotten the fuck you’ve been craving?

    • So what…my cock is 5 inches and my gf loves the idea cus I cum rather quickly and she loves my tongue “as you can guess why” so she needs a good pounding and I love being her cuckold.

  3. Melissa B just ask him if he has ever used a sex toy and if not would be he willing to try it?

  4. Would love to read your stories. I just read the one with having sex with a cock extender and Just bought one.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed my story, it really helps me to improve and of course, share more of my experiences. I do actually have an erotic book: My erotic book. Thank you so much for your comment xx

  5. Found your approach 2 having sex very refreshing & gives an attitude there r some females with a positive concept about having playsex. Wish this would be more prevailing among females.

  6. I found that I don’t need an extender to make a female cum. Length wise I’m 10 inches and girth I’m 8 inches. I’ve made a female come 3 times back to back in the first hour and I could still have gone on if she was tired.

    • I think you are reading the tape wrong. CM stands for centimeters.

    • What r u some kinda horse? 8” Girth? …… I say boolsheet!!

  7. Well, I’d been on the fence with this idea for quite some time. Your write-up has convinced me to go for the gusto and get one of these to enhance my wife’s and my love-life. Thanks!

  8. I had no problems with length or girth but wanted to try one. Over all we totally understand buoyed the strength of the orgasms and this is well worth the money.

  9. Hi! My boyfriend and I were thinking about trying a penis extender. During research I came across your page & I LOVE IT!
    Anyways, i was thinking of purchasing the same one you did but the boyfriend is worried about the way it holds on.
    Does that little loop (that im assuming hangs on to the balls) hold this in place well enough? Does it hurt your mans balls? Was it hard to get them through the hole?

    Thanks in advance, girlfriend

    • Hey!! Yes, my boyfriend has found it holds in place really well (he really worried about the ball loop too!) but it literally loops around your balls and everything stays in place and it doesn’t move around when it’s inside of you. He also doesn’t find any discomfort when using it at all, just take things slow at first so that you know it’s on properly and get used to it and it’s absolutely fine. xxx

    • I got it not long ago (except I got the black version instead of clear) and I can tell you it fits great the loop holds it in place extremely well no slipping or anything (it does feel pretty heavy but that’s not a bad thing) it’s not hard to het the loop around but you will want to the loop on carefully so it is nice and comfortable (and do it gently as I have seen people say they may snap although I have not experienced this despite not being that gentle with it) it does tug a little bit feels kind of good not painful. The wife loves it. She can’t take it all the tome but when she does she has a wild time and orgasms a few times till she is shaking and taps out and wants me to finish off normally. Highly reccomend!

  10. My fiance has suggested we try things to make me a little bigger. I’m 7″ long and around 3″ in diameter. I’m worried that she may enjoy the extension better than she enjoys me. I’m a tad insecure and this is something I’m on the fence about…how can I ensure myself that she wont want the extension every time, because that would just ruin my opinion of myself…i know I’m a little ridiculous when it comes to my self confidence here but…I still wanna hear your thoughts.

    • I have been using it for a while. For me it’s addictive to use (I’m a similar size at least I’m length and not super thick) this thing turns me onto a monster. While she loves it she can’t take it all the time or for too long before it’s to intense I have her screaming like never before. She loves big toys and LOVES this sleeve when I use it, but she prefers my normal size most of the time and even when we use it after a good thrashing she asks me to take it off to she can enjoy me to finish off. I would say don’t worry about it and if she wants to try it go for it. She will most likely love it but it won’t take over your sex life. But I love using it as my confidence in my size is decent but not amazing but this makes me feel powerful like a weapon.

  11. Love this list of extender. I really love my husband using extender.

  12. i love the realness and by choice my wife and i are replacing our normal everyday sex with a sleeve. so hot to see her really get a fulfilling orgasm. ill be allowed once a month to go in without the sleeve but preffer the sleeve seeing her cum like that is worth it. im about average 6 inch 1.5 thick our sleeve is 10 in 2 inch thick. she loves it i love it.

  13. Hi , I have a peculiar problem I need some help with. I was born with both testicles ascended and ended up with a 4″ penis (erect) though my girth is at least 4″ in circumference. I was married 13 years before divorcing and my wife never had any complaints, but I was limited to few positions and because of inadequacy issues I rarely was able to stay erect long enough for a second or third goaround. I am beginning to develop a relationship with a new woman and am concerned about being able to please her, plus I want to be able to experience different positions with her and be able to satisfy her. Do you have any recommendations? Shopping for sex toys can be a hit and miss situation for me. Don’t have a lot of money to throw away. If you can help me you would save my life!

  14. I have a few sleeves now. I’d like to address one thing I don’t hear much about when I see reviews about sleeves: when I put one on I *feel* like a different man. It’s as if my sense of masculinity has had a boost. I’m probably textbook normal in the size department, and I oscillate FROM having low/moderate size hangups (I assume we all do somewhat?) TO feeling decent about my endowment. But, when I put a sleeve on, regardless of whether I’m about to use it, I get a rush of a kind of confidence I’ve rarely felt otherwise. That alone is worth the price of admission. I would go as far as saying that half the thrill of using it with a partner comes from the added confidence. I’ve even worn a sleeve out and about…

  15. Hi 🙂
    I loved your article. We’ve been looking into these as well, but never really made the plunge. What concerns me the most is safety: I’m guessing a condom shouldn’t be worn at the same time as the extention, but does that mean that the extention could be used as a condom replacement?
    I just can’t seem to find the answer to this

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! OK, so most people wear a condom under the extension, this ensures minimal sensitivity for him and it means when he does cum there’s no messy cleanup, just make sure to use lube when inserting the penis to make things nice and slippery in there. I personally wouldn’t use it as a condom replacement. Jess xx<3

  16. Will it make my wife squirt she has never squirt before I am only 5 inches and 2 inch girth plz help

    • My wife squirts on my 4.5×4.5. So there’s that.

  17. We have one just like the one first photographed in this article. It took forever to get my dick inside the extender….lots of lube and had to milk all the air out of the extender….actually hurt. Finally got it al, the way on, and could not get the ball strap
    Around my balls. Even with my wife helping couldn’t get it around my balls. Finally gave up, and just used it as a dido on her..?SHE LOVED IT. normally something that big would have hurt her, but since it was hollow inside, she too the hole thing, and SOAKED our bed. She was like a dam animal in hest, and couldn’t get enough. Needless to say it’s her favorite toy now, and I have been looking for a better extender, with an easier ball strap.

  18. We tried the extender for the 1st time last night and I am 6.5 long and thick so I practiced putting it on for a few days before telling the wife about it! When I showed her she said it’s up to you but dont hurt me go slow! My wife is extemely tight! Within a few minutes I was balls deep and she was Cumming like never before then I finished inside her without it! My question is will her pussy go back to the way she was if u only use it once in awhile? Who knows she may want the extender everytime?? Did I mess up a good thing?

    • Hey man! I am the exact length as yourself, can you tell me what sleeve you used?

  19. The sleeve is easy to wear and the loop just keeps my balls in place beautifully . Make sure to use lots of lib to put it on . I tried the sleeve the first time and I am wearing it for a few hours at home and I feel very sexy down below . I am going to try it on my wife tonight and see how it will drive her crazy ! Will tell you the results tomorrow

  20. The guy at the sex shop told me, the sleeve can’t be too much bigger then he’s penis because then the extended part will flap and not work?


    • This can be true, however, some people put a filler inside the extender like a golf ball (mentioned in comments) to reduce extra room. Good Luck 🙂

    • This can be true, however, some people put a filler inside the extender like a golf ball (mentioned in comments) to reduce extra room. Good Luck 🙂

  21. How to clean the extender after the use ? Just a wash with water is good enough ? I’m worried about hygiene as it goes inside my wife again. Any suggestions ?

    • Hi! Yes, warm water and non-scented soap are ideal, leave it to dry properly before storing it. Alternatively, you can also buy sex toy cleaner but soap and warm water works the same. Jess xoxo

  22. I have a micro penis and ed issues. Im about 1 inch long x .750 girth, and my testacles are only the size of olives. So something with a ball strap is not going to work probably. My wife really wants something big . Is there something out there that I can slip my small package into thats hollow and would be firm enough to penetrate my wife with? I know I can just use a dildo on her but I want to feel like im fucking her with a big dick. We have a mutual male friend that comes over now and then to really give it to her and he satisfies her much but I would love to fuck her well too with something that would fit over me.

  23. My girlfriend is scared that she would enjoy the toy more then my natural dick. I would like to try it on her. How should I go about doing this?, she already cums like 4-6 times when we have sex. She says I don’t need it but I’d like to try it

  24. I just purchased a sleeve for my boyfriend. I can’t wait to get it and try it out!!!

  25. How can I place my order? I think I need mega mighty.

    • Hi! Just click the product and it’ll take you to where I buy all of my sex toys and from there you can place your order. I hope you love it! Jess <3 <3

  26. Hi just bought one and get it this weekend. Can’t wait to try it out. My girlfriend says I don’t need it but I feel when we have sex she can’t feel much and when we have penetrative sex my penis falls out a lot. I just can’t quite reach much as I am smaller. I think this is great and appreciate the article.

  27. You mentioned using lube for everything -except- anal. Why not anal? Do you use something else for that? Should the lulu stuff not be used for anal?

    • You can use Lulu for anal it actually works really good, but I prefer using Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricant (mentioned in my anal lube guide: or something like K-Lube if you are okay not using water-based lube, it lasts ages and makes anal sex a lot easier. I break down my current favorite anal lubes in my anal fisting guide (, bit extreme, but if you can take a fist using it, then it will make a penis a breeze to take.

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