I had my first real full body orgasm (guide + Story)

girl in underwear on bed

I couldn’t believe this much pleasure was possible when I had my first full body orgasm, it lasted minutes, took my breath away and left me laying in a puddle of my own wetness. I’m going to tell you how it happened and how you can experience the same type of orgasm.

How I dominate my boyfriends penis with my hands

hands covering breasts

I think handjobs are underrated, I love giving my boyfriend a nice handjob and I’ve found that the best type of handjobs are the ones I take full control, using hand domination, lifting my boyfriend’s penis up and stroking it like I own it.

I shared my girlfriend with another man and let them have sex

girl wearing black lingerie ontop of a man

My boyfriend has always been turned on at the idea of sharing me with another man, we didn’t want to risk it, but after setting some rules and finding a lovely man, he agreed to sharing me with another man, both of them inside me, lots of cum and one of the hottest nights of my life.

I had my first handsfree orgasm

girl in sexy lingerie

I got my first handsfree vibrator, I had to try it out, so I turned it on and went for a little walk in my garden, let me just say it ended in an awkward, loud and uncontrollable orgasm in my garden… It was a little awkward, to say the least.

The time I tried sharing my boyfriend with another woman

girl and boy in shower

I had no idea I was a cuckquean till I shared my boyfriend for the first time and found myself wet, horny and addicted to the feeling of him making other women reach orgasm. Here’s the story with explicit detail and pictures.

I tried pegging my boyfriend for the first time

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It took a lot of trust for me to try pegging my boyfriend. I was scared, he was nervous and it made us vulnerable, but once we tried it we were converted. Seeing my boyfriend cum from my thrusts, feeling his moans and his masculine body against mine and having the control over his pleasure was the single hottest thing I’ve experienced.

I found the best large vibrator in the world

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I’m a size queen, I love big pleasure and that’s why I love testing larger than life vibrators. It took me some time, but I finally found my favorite large sex toy. Come see which toy one and hear about the first time I used it.