The Best Cock Cages I’ve Used (Permanent & Short Time Use)

Finding the right cock cage can be a real ordeal and so I have created a guide filled with the best advice on finding your perfect cock cage and chastity device. Learn from my own experience and expertise to your and discover everything there is to know about your next chastity device.

The Pocket Pussy My Boyfriend Can’t Stop Using

woman in dressing gown holding pineapple

I like using masturbators on my boyfriend, seeing him cum hard while f@#king a toy is a massive turn on for me. So, we’ve tested many different masturbators and we’ve finally found the best pocket pussy ever made. It’s now my boyfriends go-to sex toy. He can’t get enough of it.

I tried the Womanizer and I Had A Squirting Orgasm

woman in fishnet stockings in pink lingerie

I had a rest from releasing articles and I’ve been spending my days living out my deepest fantasies and after a few crazy weekends I’m back with loads to tell and one thing that I tried in my break was the Womanizer! WOW, to say I came would be an understatement, let’s say squirting has never been so easy for me and I need to change my sheets.

The Biggest and Best Anal Sex Toys

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If I’m a large queen then my friend Greg is the LARGE king, so I’ve handed this over to him and he’s going to show you the set of giant anal sex toys he swears by. This set of sex toys is a must see for anyone who loves large play and wants to see just how big toys and pleasure can get.

The double ended dildo that will actually make you cum

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My bestie Lindsay is helping me out by writing about one of the best double ended dildos she’s ever used, it’s so good in fact she made our whole friend group buy one to try it. After seeing how amazing it is I had to have her on here to explain this amazing double ended pleasure stick.

I tried my first fisting sex toy

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I’m a massive fan of large pleasure, it’s the feeling of being filled, the sensation as I control my breathing as it enters me, the whole thing I’m in love with. So, I decided to share my love for one of the greatest fisting sex toys I’ve ever used and share my full experience.

The Only Lesbian Sex Toys You’ll Ever Need – Best Lesbian Sex Toys

lesbian couple

I’m not a lesbian, I’ve had sex with a few women, but my friend Lindsay is and she’s probably the hottest, most sexually active girl I know, so I’ve handed this over to her and she’s going to show you the exact sex toys all her and her lesbian/bi friends use, this is seriously one of the best lists of toys you’ll ever see.

A small beginner dildo that every girl should own

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This beginner dildo was the reason I learned how to orgasm and truly enjoy penetrative sex, I used this dildo to learn my body, my g-spot and it got me comfortable during penetration, so I decided to show it off and tell you how to use it and learn your body.