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Updated: 21/08/2023

It’s Jess here and I am going to pass you over to my friend Lindsay (the girl who broke my girl virginity) who helps with all of my best lesbian sex toy articles.

Lindsay is a bisexual woman but she has been with a lot more women, she knows how to work her way around a clit and the woman who ends up with her is going to have brilliant orgasms for the rest of her life.

I was casually browsing through the best lesbian sex toy articles online and found that the majority were BS, and nobody had any real advice, I looked back on the night I spent with Lindsay, and nothing we did or any sex toys we used was in an article I found online so I decided to create my own, with the help of Lindsay who is a clit/G-spot master.

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I’m Lindsay & This Is My Real Lesbian Sex Toy Collection

My name is Lindsay and I am not a newbie on this blog, I have written a few articles and helped out Jess in areas she just isn’t as experienced in, and in this article, I am going to introduce all of you to my lesbian sex toy collection.

I am bisexual but I do have more of a sexual attraction to women and for most of my adult life, I have been perfecting my moves on women and myself.

Finding the best lesbian sex toys for you is important but you can’t go wrong with mine, it’s fail-safe. When I hooked up with Jess, I used some of these lesbian sex toys and she was arching her back and shouting out in pleasure and Jess is straight.

The female form fascinates me and everything about it turns me on, I have been with lots of women and no two are exactly the same but when I use my sex toys they all end in orgasm and I have never had one complaint.

First You Must Own A Strap-On 

I knew I always wanted a strap-on before I had even used one, there’s so much you can do with one that they are a must. It is one of the best lesbian sex toys that someone can get! Below is one of my favorite strap-ons.

lesbian strap on

This is the unisex strap-on harness kit, the dildo is completely detachable and it comes with spare O-rings so you can put in a variety of different dildos which is always fun for your partner.

It’s easy to fasten the harness around your waist, secure the dildo in place, and use your sleek silicone dildo. The dildo itself is curved for ultimate pleasure, the curved shaft pushes directly against your G-spot, and with a bit of practice, you can make your thrusts into something legendary.

You need to trust me on this next bit, there’s a space in the harness where you can slip in a bullet vibrator, and doing this changes everything. The sensations are amazing and both of you can enjoy stimulation completely hands-free.

I think Jess, actually got this one to peg her boyfriend in this article. The dildo that comes with this strap-on harness kit is ideal for both men and women as it is perfectly curved for G-spot and P-spot stimulation so if you’re a straight couple, bisexual, gay, lesbian, or anything else, it will be ideal.

I also recommend getting some underwear with an o-ring already built-in, it means you can use an array of different dildos and not have to worry about a harness. There’s also a hidden support strap so you can go about your daily business without having to remove your dildo.

Get A Few Strap-On Dildos (My Favorite)

suction dildo in womans hands

This is my favorite silicone realistic dildo that is compatible with harnesses and can be used hands-free without a harness with the use of the suction cup base.

Not Every girl is a size queen, some are and some aren’t and that’s why you need variety. Jess loves larger sex toys whilst I like something that is just comfortable if a little bit on the smaller side.

Try and build a little collection, so you can try, test, and enjoy something new. The dildo above is my favorite, I like the versatility of it and the size (6 inches) is ideal for me. It is definitely one of the best sex toys for lesbians!

The Perfect Double-Ended Dildos

double ended dildo in womans hand

I wrote an article with Jess about how awesome this double-ended dildo is. You can read it here Best double ended dildo.

It measures 16 inches of insertable length, it has wonderful textures and because of the shape, you are sure to hit your G-spot or in fact your P-spot. It is also great for lesbian couples.

Both men and women can enjoy double dildos. I love to use it with other women and blow their minds by using it in both their ass and pussy (it’s flexible) or we share it and both stimulate ourselves. You can really enjoy it if you are into anal play as well and it can take your relationship to a new level!

The Go-To Vibrator All Women Need

woman holding a magic wand vibrator

I cannot boast about this wand vibrator enough, it’s my absolute go-to and I try and get everyone I know to buy one.

It’s amazingly powerful, the entire head of the wand vibrator vibrates and you are given a huge selection of different power variations. The vibrations take your clit and send it into orgasmic clitoral heaven, orgasms are so easy to come by with this wand vibrator.

You also don’t need to use batteries, you just plug it into the wall. It’s such a staple in my lesbian sex toy collection, I even use it with males as the stimulation on their penis feels amazing for them. I actually told Jess to do this and I know her boyfriend loves this wand vibrator.

Make sure to also read my article on my wand vibrator and why I love it.

My Secret Vibrating Weapon

bullet vibrator

The Tracey Cox bullet vibrator is my secret weapon. If you want to cum fast and hard or you want your partner to cum fast and hard then this bullet vibrator will see you right.

I love to use this vibrator on my girlfriend, especially when I go down on her. Pairing this will G-spot stimulation sends her into ecstasy.

It may be a small bullet vibrator but it’s mighty powerful, it has only one vibration setting and it’s incredible. The vibrations this small sex toy lets out are almost unbelievable, everyone I have ever used this with has been shocked and then cum all over my bed. If you want to take it to the next level you can try a remote-controlled vibrator that can give you plenty of play and stimulation!

Full-Bed Restraint (Don’t Ask, Just Get)

full bed restraints

A little bit kinky but these under the bed restraints are a must. They are great when you want to give up control or even gain control. The four velcro straps secure your ankles and wrists in place allowing you or your partner to dominate the other.

Using these on my girlfriend whilst holding a vibrator to her clit is one of my favorite pass times, it drives her wild and when the roles are reversed I feel like a submissive angel just cumming again and again.

They secure under most beds and keep your partner in place for as long as you want them to be, the velcro fastening allows you to get in and out of the restraints easily but they are really strong and will hold your partner in the perfect position.

The BDSM Kit That’s Actually Good

BDSM kit

Perfect for any kind of couple, including us lesbians. This bondage kit comes with 6 different pieces for you to play with.

Including ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, a ball gag, a flogger, a blindfold, and a bondage strap.

I love having this bondage kit in hand when things start to get kinky with my girlfriend or other partners. I don’t find it too intimidating and everything in the kit can be used in one session. If you like being restrained, restraining, or playing the dom/sub roles, you will like my bondage kit.

You don’t have to be a BDSM dominatrix to use this kit, it’s simple to use and provides hours of endless pleasure for us all.

The Double Ended Strap-On

double ended dildo

Enjoy the shared pleasure with this double-ended strap-on dildo set, each of the dildos boasts 6 inches of insertable length, exciting textures, and G-spot stimulation.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with a double-ended dildo, for both men and women. Me and my girlfriend love to get kinky and use this sex toy, I once took it on holiday with us and I will never find myself not getting turned on thinking about the amount of time we spent in that hotel room.

a collection of different anal sex toys

I wanted to quickly add in my favorite anal sex toy recommendations, these are the top three anal sex toys that I use with my girlfriend. I love light butt stimulation and these three sex toys I find non-intimidating and they provide wonderful stimulation for me and my girlfriend.

What The Other Sex Bloggers Won’t Say

I love sex toys and I’d say sex toys make up around 50% of all my self-pleasure, but…

…Sex toys are only as good as you

Use sex toys on yourself a lot, learn what feels amazing, then repeat it on your lover.

Sex toys aren’t as easy to use on other people so any practice you can get, take it.

It also helps if talk to your partner about what speeds, vibrations, and movements they enjoy during sex.

Real lesbian sex involves you being a master of yourself

Basically knowing what you like, helps you learn what other women like.

So, spend time masturbating using different sex toys to see which ones stand out and help you unlock your body’s potential.

You’ve gotta be going down

I love using strap-ons, vibrators, butt plugs, and all the wonderful sex toys, but that doesn’t stop me from going down on my girlfriend, getting dirty and opening up their pussy lips, and licking, sucking, and stroking like my life depends on it.

Sex toys are amazing, but really incredible lesbian sex comes from a mix of everything, including sex toys.

Strap-ons GET one! 

Strap-ons really are awesome and if I had to recommend just one lesbian sex toy it would be a strap-on. They allow you to switch holes, simulate the G-spot, try something new, and enjoy different experiences.

But, remember…

It takes energy, rhythm, and concentration to give your girlfriend multiple G-spot orgasms. Practice makes perfect, but once you have perfected it you will love it.

Be prepared, use Google, search Reddit, and learn from your own body as that is the best teacher.

What Other Things Do I Recommend During Lesbian Sex?

I’ve mentioned a few tips and tricks, but here’s where I go wild.

I squirt lube like I drink water on a hot day

sexual lubrication being poured on dildo

I use this lube as I hate lube that messes with my vagina. It’s natural, has no nasty ingredients, and lasts for ages.

Tie, gag and Restrain your princess

restraints, bdsm rope and a ball gag

Jess did an article about her BDSM ideas and even though it’s based on her and her boyfriend, it hits the nail on the head.

I like to dominate, my girlfriend likes domination, and a lot of our best sex is down to psychological play.

Under mattress restraints!

woman using bed restraints

They will make your sex freaking amazing and something you must adopt into your sex life.

Edge that pussy

vagina warm up technique

Find out what she likes, do it, get her close to orgasm, and then stop, wait till she’s begging you with every fiber in her body, and then let her cum.

She may get angry at first, but the release is everything!

Don’t rush, go slow, go fast, and  take your time

dildo thrusting into silhouette of women

Sometimes rushed sex is amazing, but taking your time, working the body, massaging, ceasing, and touching everything as you make your way down is what the doctor ordered.

All women are different

cartoon of different women

Lots of women are different, you need to feel them out and just test out what they like.

If you’re worried about your oral sex ability watch this!

It’s an amazing video that gives you the base of great oral sex, you can then use your partner’s body as a test tool to improve your oral sex.

woman in white dress with wind blowing up revealing her underwear

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