I Tried The Best Massage Wand Ever Made Last Night

I had only ever seen these types of massage wands in porn films, the Hitachi magic wands that we all know and could point out with our eyes closed. I assumed they were a gimmick. I really didn’t think anyone who wasn’t a porn star would have any notable experience with them, however, they then caught on and normal people started raving about them, sex bloggers would swear by them and everyone just seemed to have realized that actually these wand vibrators were, in fact, revolutionary and we all needed to try one.

Naturally, I had to see what everyone was talking about and buy one of these magical vibrators, it took me a while to find one that was in stock, it seemed as though everyone and their neighbor were buying them up and disappearing into their bedrooms for days on end with this thing. Part of me, that doubtful side of me did still think it was all a bit of hype and soon it would all die down and me and my boyfriend would end up using it as what it was intended for, a massage wand, which wouldn’t have been the worst thing because we all like a nice massage.

When it arrived I can say with utter certainty and honesty that I was NOT and I repeat NOT expecting what came out of the box. It was larger than I had originally imagined it would be but handling it was easy and it was pretty discreet to look at. We turned it on and felt the quiet vibrations from this thing rippled across our hands, we both looked at one another, our eyes wide and my boyfriend took it and held it against my clitoris through my panties and I instantly knew it was going to be a wild ride.

After having the experience I have had with it (more on that below), now if my boyfriend turns it on when I am in the other room I come running like a labrador eager for a snack, I just can’t get enough of it. It makes me cum so hard and multiple times in a row, it’s like nothing I had ever used before.

Before we dive in I just want to let you all know that I do actually have my own VIP membership where I have shared erotic stories and I get submissions from fellow readers sharing their experiences and intimate moments with us.

The Greatest Magic Wand Vibrator I’ve Used:

gif of woman holding a magic wand
wireless magic vibrator
mini massage wand unboxing

Price Check: I found the cheapest price for this magic wand on the 21/06/2024.

This classic magic wand vibrator is completely wireless so you never have to worry about annoying wires and plugging it in. It’s also made from strong materials that house that infamous powerful motor which makes it feel a lot more expensive than it actually is.

It has a forgiving flexible head that allows you to get into all of your crevices, and most intimate areas, and this head is also extremely helpful if you’re actually giving yourself or your partner a massage as it can delve into your muscles and work out those kinks flawless and effortlessly.

The Hitachi magic wand is just a very expensive version of this with no real difference at all, you are just buying a brand name when it comes down to it. This wand delivers intense vibrations to wherever you place it and talking from experience, once it hits your clit you will never want to move it off.

You can maneuver through the vibrations starting at the least intense and ending all the way up at the craziest vibration you have ever felt. It’s easy to use with a scroll wheel, making it even easier to keep on your clit and just cum again and again. I think we all know how frustrating it can be when toys require you to contort and bring yourself out of the moment in order to change a specific setting.

I have also noticed that this wand vibrator changes price and still goes out of stock every now and again but for the time being it is available at a great deal so make sure to take advantage of that if you want to save some money.

How This Orgasmic Sex Toy Made Me Cum (Again, and Again)

I hope I can get across to you how hard it makes me cum and how good it makes me feel. It’s a female vibrator (men can use it on their cocks too but more on that below) that shocked me and my clitoris into a world we didn’t even know existed. It’s a pleasure that I have never felt with anything else, the way the vibrations ripple out through the head of the sex toy and engulf my entire vagina with these intense waves of vibrations is incredible and a wand vibrator is something I can’t believe I lived without for so long.

1. It started when I unboxed it

Like I said when I first started this story, I was shocked at how big and heavy it actually was. I didn’t know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t the kind of high quality that I was met with.

It came in a discreet box, something I have found with all sex toys from LoveHoney. This is great for me as I have neighbors that would love to let everyone know what I was buying and with that added protection of having a discreet box, it means none of my neighbors are going to know what I have ordered.

2. Plug it in and test the power

Something small that sold me on this magic wand vibrator was that it didn’t require batteries (unless you buy the mini version which some people prefer as it can be taken away on vacation more easily and stored in smaller spaces) or a full charge to reach its full potential, it simply plugs into the wall and as long as you have power so does it. The cable length is also pretty long so if your plug is a little far away it won’t matter as it can usually reach.

When I first turned it on I took the scroll wheel and pushed the vibrator to its full potential and stared at my boyfriend in wide-eyed shock as I knew what awaited my clitoris.

‘Is this wand rechargeable?’ may be a question on your lips and your answer is, no, because it doesn’t need to be! You just plug it in and away you go.

3. Let the pleasure start

I don’t know about you but when I first get a new gadget I have to try it out almost instantly, otherwise, I spend the day fidgeting and wondering what if, creating all sorts of sexual scenarios in my office, and I just get so distracted wondering about how it’s going to feel and what sort of fun it’s going to bring.

When I first properly placed it on my vagina, I was shocked. My vagina felt like it had just been given a superpower and it took my breath away. We had it on the lowest setting at first as I like to build myself up to a climax but after a few minutes of this magic wand on my clitoris, I came and I came hard.

My boyfriend was shocked at how quickly I came and it aroused him. We spent the morning making me cum and him watching in eager anticipation. It is seriously one of the best wand vibrators for literally anyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation, it’s efficient and it just works.

What Made Me Cum The Hardest

I didn’t think my new wand vibrator could get any better, me making myself cum again and again to the point of utter exhaustion and my boyfriend getting so turned on that his penis was throbbing in anticipation of my every move.

However, as I am sure you know, when two people are very horny things tend to get escalated and soon enough we started incorporating my new wand vibrator into sex and found we LOVED it. It was so easy to use during sex, the handle is easy to hold onto, it doesn’t get in the way and it allowed us to orgasm together and for my boyfriend to enjoy the vibrations without it being overwhelming.

Taking it to the next level wasn’t something we were striving for which is sometimes the case with other toys (such as with things like anal beads) that we own but it just sort of happened and made my wand even more versatile and something we both loved with even more passion.

We Used It In Doggy Style

cartoon stickmen using vibrator

My boyfriend entered my vagina (with ease I must say! I have found I get SO wet by using the inspired magic ‘Hitachi’ wand) I held onto the wand vibrator sturdy handle and held the head against my clitoris, with my legs slightly apart we both could enjoy the vibrations and mutual orgasms. It was sensational and a moment I look back on and get instantly turned on thinking about it.

When I am in this position I also like to insert my favorite jeweled butt plug, I think it looks so cute, my boyfriend loves it and of course, it feels great having my ass stimulated as well as my clit and my actual pussy.

We Used It On My Boobs

silhouette of womans body

The wand can be used over your entire body, whether that’s for an erotic massage, a sports massage or to even just tantalize and stimulate your body, it’s one of the most versatile wand vibrators that makes you just feel amazing whenever you need it.

During one of our many sessions with the wand vibrator, my boyfriend suggested running the wand over my body and making me essentially beg for him to place it on my clit. I was hesitant at first as I just wanted to cum but I let him have his fun.

He placed it on my body, running it down and along my torso, down towards my legs, and then made his way back up to my chest and it felt great. It had me instantly longing for him to put it on my pussy but he avoided that area, making me long for it.

He kept the wand on my nipple and I soon found the vibrations were too much and actually started to moan from the breast stimulation before I knew it my hand was down at my clitoris and I was trying to make myself cum. We kept on playing that sexy game for a while before he gave in and let me have my orgasms and they were revolutionary.

Things You Must Do With This Massage Vibrator

woman with red lipstick laying on bed in pink bra

I have been using this magic wand for months now and although the vibrations alone that engulf your vagina are enough, there are ways that can make it even more orgasmic.

Once you have tried the doggy style position in which you hold the wand against your clitoris as you are penetrated from behind and once you have held the wand and ran it across your entire body, focusing on the nipples and teasing your clit, making it wait for its turn. Once you have enjoyed these two things and perfectly executed all of the pleasure they have to deliver.

You should move on to discover a few more hidden secrets and follow some of my favorite tips and make your time with your own massage vibrator even better.

Once you have this wand you won’t think it is possible to make it better than it already is but trust me, it can get even better and it will continue to take your breath away as you discover more ways to play and more things you can do with it.

Make Sure You Bring Lube!

Yes, it’s a fact that I get so wet when using my wand massage and find my bedsheets get soaked when I cum and you may be wondering why you would ever need lube if that’s the case.

Well, unsurprisingly it makes it even better. I know that sounds silly but adding a little squirt of lube onto your clit and then adding the wand vibrator onto your clitoris will just take the sensation to the next level. Some people also need a bit of lube to stop friction and for you to be able to move the toy freely without it dragging on the skin, this can happen to anyone so just reducing that risk by using a small amount of lube is a great idea.

I bought this water-based lube and found it to be great for both anal and vaginal play. I loved that such a little goes a long way, it’s in my supplies box now, and knowing it won’t damage my beloved sex toys is a huge bonus for me.

Grab A Blindfold

Taking away one of your vital signs vamps up the sensations in your body, by using a blindfold you take away something that allows you to judge a scenario, judge your body, judge your surroundings and even change your mood. Pop the blindfold on and use the vibrator as normal, it feels sensational. For me, it feels like being locked away in my own world, I get so lost in the moment and forget about all of the things that may have otherwise distracted me.

I also recommend using a blindfold and have your partner use the sex toy on you, this is what I did and oh my God I was screaming like never before. It just made me let go of all of my inhibitions and experience every sensation that was being given to me.

Let Your Partner Explore Your Body

Just like I mentioned before in ways we took using this wand to the next level (this was further on above). Allow you or your partner to take your wand vibrator and explore your entire body, having your vagina begging for your attention is an amazing sensation and will make you even more desperate for them vibrations to be centralized onto your pussy. The desire for it to descend onto your clit is almost too much to handle, especially as you become increasingly horny.

Can Men Use Wand Vibrators?

I wanted to touch on this subject as I think there is some confusion out there that wand vibrators are solely for women. For us, personally, using it together is when we get the best results and it’s not really one of the gadgets that my boyfriend would use when he was alone, however, when I am there, using it together has transformed the way we sometimes have sex.

If I am using the wand on myself and he is inside of me he will be able to feel the vibrations, they are muffled and less intense but they still radiate through his cock which gives him great amounts of pleasure and a new sensation to explore. I also like to use it when I am teasing him, running it across his shaft and the head of his penis, it won’t make him cum but it doesn’t feel incredible for him. Therefore although targeted at females and of course, aching muscles, it can be used with anyone, you just have to learn what you like.

Other Magic Wand Vibrators That Have Me Weak At The Knees

magic wand vibrator comparison

After such a success with my original magic wand vibrator, I wanted to branch out a little and see if there was anything out there that could do what the other one was capable of doing to me. I found that the Hitachi magic wand has nothing on mine or on the ones that I tried after it. Saving so much money and getting the same pleasure was a win for me and for so many other people out there.

I found a few on the market that was similar to my wand and I willingly tested them all out a few times before I was totally sure that I loved them, research matters.

The other wands that I bought that you can see below are incredibly similar to mine except that they are smaller in size so if the size is something of an issue to you then these might be a better idea.

This Mini Magic Wand Vibrator

woman holding mini massage wand vibrator

The mini wand vibrator looks just like the classic except it’s a lot smaller. It works just the same with a scroll wheel, plug-in mains power, and powerful vibrations. It did surprise me when I realized how powerful it was, I didn’t think it was going to be as powerful as it claimed to be but it was.

I really enjoyed the size as it was easier to store away in my drawer and if you were planning to take it away on vacation with you it could easily slip into a suitcase. The only issue was that I found the actual massage element of the wands didn’t work as well as the classic did as it wasn’t capable of getting as deep as the classic.

I know we don’t tend to use these vibrators as actual massage wands and that’s a bit of a running joke but they really are good at getting deep into the muscle and feel great at the highest speed if you have a kink somewhere.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the pure power of this little devil. It still made me cum with ease and left my clit tingling for more.

Powerful Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator (Amazing)

woman holding mini vibrator

With 3 speeds and 7 patterns, this mini-massage wand doesn’t have as much choice as the other two wand vibrators but it’s still powerful.
It’s small, a perfect travel-friendly companion if you’re limited for room in your suitcase and it’s easy to keep stored away from prying eyes.

It has a flexible neck just like the other two wands but just like I felt with the other mini wand massager, I just didn’t find it as capable of going as deep during actual massages as the classic did.

Update: One Month On…

One month since writing this article and I can safely say I have had one of the most content months of my life. Orgasms await me after every single day, all I need to do is plug in my wand and relax.

The sensations rumbling through my clitoris and vagina are still just as exciting as the first time and my orgasms and pleasure are still turning my boyfriend on like never before.

My wand vibrator is still in great condition with no signs of wear and everything is still working absolutely fine, considering I use it every day, it doesn’t even look worn.

If you struggle to achieve a clitoral orgasm through the usual methods my wand will get you there, it’s head that radiates all of its powerful vibrating energy through it engulfs your clit and it can make you just keep on cumming and cumming.

I just want you to be aware that I have noticed my wand go in and out of stock and go up in down in price quite a lot so if you do want to get your hands on it there is a deal on at the moment and it is in stock (for now!).

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