The sexiest jeweled butt plug I own

picture of womans butt in red thong and black stockings

My boyfriend loves my butt, so I always try my best to make it look sexy and desirable and I recently treated myself to probably my favorite jeweled butt plug. It looks and feels amazing and has been one of the best sexual accessories I’ve ever brought.

My Sex Toy Collection (the sex toys I use everyday)

girls legs in stockings laying on bed

People have always wondered what sex toys I keep in my collection. I’ve tested hundreds of sex toys, most are pretty bad, some are okay and a few are absolutely incredible. This is the collection of the sex toys that I can’t live without if you were going to read an article about building a sex toy collection this is the one you need to see.

The Revolotionary Sex Pillow Everyone Needs

pillow on messy bed

I’ve only been able to orgasm during sex when my partner really knows how to use his penis or has a really big package that fills me, that was till I tried this sex pillow, paired with my boyfriends thrusts I’ve had some of the best penetration orgasms of my life.

The discreet vibrator that got me through living in a house share

woman showing her blue underwear by tree

I used to live in a house share with a few friends and the walls were so thin you could hear someone breathing in the next room. This was hard for a girl who likes to cum daily, so after searching, testing and a few awkward moments I found this amazing silent/discreet vibrator.

The best sex toy kits that come with every sex toy you need

woman in sexy lingerie laying on bed

If you’re looking to build a sex toy collection without spending lots of dollars then I’ve found one of the cheapest and best sex toy kits that comes with everything from butt plugs to anal beads, rabbit vibrator to bullet vibrator and even ben wa balls.

A Cheap Sex Toy Collection You Actually Want

woman in stockings

If you’re looking for an intense body shaking orgasm at a discount then I’ve got you covered. This is a list of my favorite cheap sex toys, that are cheap, but still luxury. This took me a lot of testing, cumming and sex to create, so I hope you enjoy.