A Cheap Sex Toy Collection You Actually Want

Updated: 21/08/2023

It’s no surprise that I own a lot of sex toys, my collection comes in all shapes and sizes and all different price ranges. Just because a sex toy is expensive it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best so today I have compiled a list of all of my top cheap sex toys that should be way more expensive.

I love finding less expensive sex toys and it’s an even bigger bonus when they make me cum just like a more costly sex toy. I understand that not everyone has a big budget when it comes to sex toys (even I have a budget that I must stick to) and so this list is for your readers, the ones who want something that actually works is great quality, and won’t break the bank.

Sometimes when we hear the word ‘cheap’ we think of something unreliable and something that will probably break in the near future but this really isn’t the case now. My sex toys are made from high-quality safe materials, actually do their job, and make me cum like hell, except they are on a lower price scale, and with that let’s move on as I really can’t wait for you to read all about them.

Make sure to also check out my homemade sex toys for if you’re horny, on a big budget, and need a release NOW. Once you have read that, move into my erotic club, and join us for even more private erotic adventures.

My Must-Have Cheap Sex Toy Collection (for Girls)

I wanted to kick this list off with the women and below I have left all of my favorite cheap sex toys that are going to make you cum everywhere.

tracey cox bullet vibrator

This is the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator that comes in at just $16.99 and is often on a deal so you can get it even cheaper.

This vibrator is small, discreet, and can easily be kept hidden away in your handbag. It may be small and simple but the vibrations are out of this world. The vibrations are so intense that they make me cum again and again, the vibrations just nestle straight onto my clit and the direct stimulation feels eye-wateringly good.

I actually did a whole article on this vibrator: I don’t go anywhere without this vibrator.

There are over 1000 reviews for this vibrator on one site alone, which is incredible. The positive feedback that this vibrator gets is almost unbelievable if you hadn’t tried it.

Tracey Cox (a renowned sexpert) was the idea behind this mighty bullet vibrator and it does not disappoint. It may be small and made without frills but this simple design masks an incredible vibrator that could be sold for a lot more money.

lovehoney classic vibrator

Meet my classic 5-inch vibrator that’s small enough to fit into the palm of my hand and did I mention it costs just $12.99? (it often goes up in price but if you can get it for that price, take advantage of it).

With an easy-to-use twist base and multiple vibrations to play with this vibrator rocks my world whenever I use it and so does the price tag.

This vibrator is waterproof (if tightened properly) and delivers mind-numbing vibrations whenever I want them.

Thanks to the design of this vibrator, the pointed tip allows you to really get into those hard-to-reach places and erogenous zones. Holding this vibrator on my clit, nipples, and even on my boyfriend’s shaft is one of my favorite things to do.

This vibrator really does prove that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to get yourself off.

lovehoney mini massage vibrator

I think most of us know about the large massage wand vibrator, well this is the micro wand vibrator. It has almost 700 reviews and is adored by wand vibrator fans and those who love to find a bargain. Coming in at just $22.99 this amazing wand vibrator is a huge favorite f mine.

The flexibility in the neck of this vibrator allows you to really get into the perfect position for ultimate orgasms. It has 3 speeds for you to cycle through all with varying intensities.

This vibrator may be mini but it is incredibly mighty and its size shouldn’t put you off, in fact, it should do the opposite.  It’s discreet, easy to store, easy to travel with, and offers jaw-dropping orgasms at the end of your fingertips.

I did actually do a review of the large version of this sex toy that you can read here.

purple g spot vibrator

When it comes to sex toys and you hear the word ‘g-spot’ you are usually met with expensive sex toys but today is the opposite.

Let me introduce the ultimate G-spot vibrator that comes in at just $19.99. It’s made from super-smooth materials and designed to perfectly push against you internally and bring you to a G-spot orgasm. I also like to use this G-spot vibrator against my clitoris and stimulate myself internally and externally for blended orgasms.

The bulbous head, curved neck, and slimline design are so easy and comfortable to use, you even control the vibrations easily via the twist base.

If you enjoy G-spot stimulation and saving money, this G-spot vibrator is a wonderful sex toy. It works, it stimulates my G-spot and it brings me to orgasm whenever I want it to, it also doesn’t cost a fortune.

silent classic vibrator

This classic 7-inch whisper-quiet vibrator feels like it should be so much more expensive than it actually is. It comes in at just $24.99 and for that, you get a wonderful vibrating sex toy.

Made with whisper-quiet vibrations, you can enjoy this vibrator anywhere without arousing any suspicion. There are multiple vibrations to choose from and thanks to the rippled shaft and shape of this vibrator you can expect internal and external stimulation whenever you want it.

With over 800 reviews this inexpensive 7-inch vibrator is one not to be missed. The smooth exterior, length, and vibrations of this vibrator make it seem like it should be a lot more expensive than it actually is but it’s an amazing cheap vibrator with all the trimmings.

The 7 vibrating inches leave my knees weak, I like to use it solo and during foreplay with my boyfriend as it warms me up and makes me feel amazing.

jessica rabbit vibrator

Finally, for the girls, take a look at this 10 function rabbit vibrator. It has over 1200 reviews and maintains an overwhelmingly positive rating.

This is one of the most popular rabbit vibrators and costs just $39.99. The external rabbit ears stimulate your clitoris with 3 speeds and 7 patterns and the shaft features 3 reversible rotations for you to choose from.

Rabbit vibrators feel incredible, you can experience blended orgasms, and internal and external stimulation and you can generally experience personalized pleasure thanks to the different speeds, patterns, and rotations.

Cheap Sex Toy Collection (For Guys)

Now it’s time for the guys! My boyfriend helped me out with this one as he uses sex toys just as much as me.

thrust pocket pussy

This is the mini ella realistic pocket pussy that is so realistic you can barely tell the difference when thrusting in and out of her. Costing just $19.99 you may not expect a lot from Ella but she is one of my boyfriend’s favorite pocket pussies.

She’s super tight, made from real-feel TPR, and boasts all sorts of textures internally that grip and stimulate your penis. My boyfriend loves the ‘lips’ on this pocket pussy as they look really realistic and feel so indulgent to touch.

You can easily grip the pocket pussy, easily clean it out, and easily slip in a bullet vibrator for added stimulation. My boyfriend loves to use this pocket pussy on his own or I like to use it on him when we are roleplaying one of our many fantasies.

flight fleshlight

One of the most popular male sex toys is the flight fleshlight, it is a discreet male masturbator that will blow your mind.

It is the number one best-selling sex toy for men and it’s easy to see why. It’s expensive and has a unique design that consists of a non-anatomical opening and once you plunge inside the tight sleeve you will find real-feel and lifelike textures that encompass and stimulate your penis on a whole new level.

The base of the Fleshlight allows you to experiment with suction sensations to take your pleasure to another level.

Easy to use and easy to clean, experiment with temperature play by submerging your Fleshlight into warm water. My boyfriend loves this Fleshlight and insisted I include it on this list.

cock ring in a hand

If you’re a fan of cock rings this vibrating rabbit cock ring. Enjoy shared pleasure thanks to the strong vibrations and clitoral stimulator.

Cock rings help to give you a stronger erection and with this cheap cock ring, you can also experience shared orgasms.

It’s made from high-quality materials and will stretch across your penis for incredible comfort and pleasure. The vibrations are easily controlled via the push button located on the side of the cock ring, so you can switch them on and off whenever you wish.

Men, you will be pleased to know that you can actually feel the vibrations across your shaft so you too can enjoy the vibrations emitted by this cock ring.


This is a reversible textured vibrator sleeve, each of the two sides is comprised of two different textures. Slip yourself inside of this sleeve (make sure you use plenty of water-based lube) and allow your cock to be stimulated by all of the sensations and then when you’re done, turn the masturbator inside out and enjoy the sensations on the other side of this stroker.

Easy to use, discreet, and versatile, this male masturbator costs just $16.99 and is often reduced so you can get it even cheaper if you keep your eyes open.

Both sides of this stroker feel incredible and leave you feeling incredibly satisfied. The textures feel wonderful as they push against your cock and stimulate your most sensitive areas.

penis extension

Enjoy the 3 extra inches penis extender that you easily slip over your penis (secured in place by the ball loop). The extender has a realistic shape for added realism and thanks to the textures and head of the extender you can enjoy realistic stimulation.

My boyfriend likes to use this penis extender when we roleplay threesomes and other kinky scenarios. You can read my article on what happened when my boyfriend tried using a penis extender with me for the first time.

We love the clear material as it allows you to see your actual penis and adds authenticity and allows you to see just how much you have added to your penis. This sex toy is also ideal for men who suffer from premature ejaculation as it does allow you to last longer thanks to the reduced sensations felt.

crown condoms

Not a sex toy but we found this incredible deal where you can get 40 condoms for just $34. The condoms are safe, thin, and have a long expiry date.

Condoms can be really expensive but when you find deals like this one it can be incredible in the long run as you save so much money.

These condoms also come in a variety of 6 different flavors which are totally delicious. Condoms are really important, especially if you aren’t in a committed relationship as they help to prevent pregnancy and harmful STDs including HIV.

sliquid delay spray

This is the best delay spray I have ever come across, in just 3-4 sprays your penis is desensitized and you have the ability to last longer in bed.

It’s ideal for those who worry about climaxing too quickly and want to prolong their orgasm, it’s also suitable for vegetarians which is always nice.

This delay spray is fast-acting so you can spritz it on a few minutes before sex and enjoy its full potential.

Budget BDSM Gear (My Favorites)

Read all about my favorite bondage sex toys collection if you are a fan of BDSM but if you just want to skip that and see the only two things that beginners need to enjoy bondage and BDSM on a budget just look below.

bdsm kit with bdsm sex toys

This 6-piece bondage kit is an incredible value, you get 6 different sex toys included and all are made from high-quality materials that feel so much more expensive than they actually are. Included is a blindfold, ball gag, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, a flogger, and a bondage strap.

All of the things included are a must-have for those looking into bondage for the first time and those who are already pretty well acquainted with the world of bondage but are looking for something cheap that will satisfy their urges and fantasies.

There is so much fun to be had with the sex toys included in this bondage kit, it’s one not to miss. My favorite thing to use in this kit are the ankle and wrist cuffs, being restrained is one of my favorite things, and thanks to the soft material they don’t rub against my skin and they allow me to really feel restrained by my boyfriend without the worry of getting a rash.

bed restraints

These top-quality under the bed restraints are perfect for beginners and advanced lovers of bondage and bdsm and are ideal for those on a budget.

Slide the body of these restraints under your mattress and secure the ankle and wrist cuffs with ease thanks to the velcro fastening.

These restraints keep you in place and are fully extendable so they will fit beneath most beds.

I love using these restraints, they have almost 2000 reviews and still maintain a solid 4-and-a-half star rating. They are incredible value for money and are secure, stable, and discreet enough so that you can easily slip the cuffs under your bed and have them whenever you need them.

Quick Honorable Mentions (under $10)

I just wanted to include a few more of my favorite cheap sex toys that all fall under $10. These are great for everyone and allow you to experiment with different sex toys and essentials for a fraction of the price.

clitoral vibrator with different attachments

This powerful clitoral vibrator costs just over $10 and is extremely versatile. It comes with 4 different textured heads for versatile play, it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and feels incredibly good on your clit. If you’re a fan of clitoral orgasms and saving money, this powerful vibrator is a wonderful addition to your collection.

ben wa balls in my hand

These ben wa jiggle balls are ideal for beginners as each ball weighs in at 28 grams. Insert the balls and allow them to free-roam and pleasure your G-spot.

These balls help to tone and strengthen your vagina without you even needing to do anything. The sensation of the balls moving around is wonderful but what the balls actually do for you is even better. Strengthen your pelvic floor, make your orgasms more intense, and rejuvenate your vagina by just wearing these Ben Wa balls around your home.

beginner anal beads

I just had to include these basic anal beads that measure 6.25 inches in insertable length. With over 500 reviews and costing just $9.99, these basic anal beads are a must-have.

They are easy to insert thanks to the tapered tip (and with the help of some lube) and allow you to experience new thrills and anal pleasure without being too intimidating.

ankle restraints

I love these inexpensive ankle cuffs that are ideal for those looking for a little restraint at an amazing price. Fastened with velcro for maximum comfort, these ankle cuffs restrict your movement thanks to the keyring trigger.

These restraints allow for different positions, work with other bondage equipment thanks to the strong D-rings, and allow you to live out some of your most kinky fantasies at the cost of a coffee.

Problem With Budget Sex Toys (What To Avoid)

I have avoided all of these problems with all of the sex toys I mention but if you are going to buy your sex toys elsewhere from other sites make sure they meet all of the safety regulations as sometimes cheap sex toys can equal issues.

They can sometimes break

sex toys breaking

Luckily I’ve picked the toys I’ve used for years and none of mine have ever broken on me, I have had the odd issues with batteries but nothing to shout about. All of my sex toys have lasted me for ages and are made from incredible quality materials. Just make sure to always care for your sex toys no matter how much you spend on them to increase their life and keep them safe to use.

They can be toxic and porous

bucket of toxic

All the ones in this list are completely body-safe and non-toxic/porous so please don’t worry, I never promote anything that isn’t safe. However, if you do buy your sex toys elsewhere please make sure they are safe and have had proper testing.

You have to use batteries

cartoon batteries

Most cheaper sex toys do use batteries which can be annoying but I feel as long as you have a supply on hand, there really isn’t a problem.

They are not waterproof

cartoon of water pouring

Some cheaper sex toys aren’t waterproof which means you can’t enjoy your sex toy in the bath/shower/pool/hot tub. However, I do mention which of mine are waterproof.

They can be loud

loud sex toys

Because they try to save money where they can when manufacturing cheaper sex toys they often don’t add quiet motors so cheap sex toys can often be loud when switched on, however in my list, I have included whisper-quiet vibrators and if you are worried about the noise you can easily drown this out by switching on the shower, muffling the vibrations with your bed covers and playing music.

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