Tail Butt Plugs – I have the most beautiful tail butt plug ever made

Updated: 21/08/2023

Nothing makes me feel sexier than dressing up in the bedroom, I have a wardrobe dedicated to roleplay outfits and one of the things I wanted to talk about is my collection of butt plug tails.

My favorite tail plug that I wanted to share today is so cute and makes me feel so sexy, wearing it around the house and during sex/foreplay is a huge turn-on for me and for my boyfriend.

I love keeping the top half of my clothes on and gently sliding the butt plug tail into my ass and admiring myself in the mirror. I then go about my day but my boyfriend can barely keep his hands off me.

Being on all fours blowing my boyfriend with my butt tail plug gently brush up against my legs makes me feel so wonderful and it feels even better when my boyfriend thrusts inside of me and the feeling of having a butt plug secured in place enhanced both of our pleasure.

Using a butt plug tail is so much more than an average butt plug, it adds a little kink into the bedroom, makes me feel sexy and looks incredibly cute.

Avoid Amazon for Sex Toys

Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Amazon, I shop there all the time but when it comes to sex toys you have to be really careful.

There are too many knock-offs, if it’s not lube or condoms, then don’t get it off Amazon unless you really trust the advert and know it’s legit.

Before you begin I just wanted to make you aware of my VIP members-only area, where only the most erotic stories and user submissions can be found.

My All-Time Favorite Dress-Up Tail Plug

tail butt plug

This is my faux fur tail glass butt plug, the tail measures 11 inches so it’s long enough to delicately brush against your skin and long enough to look incredibly cute when it’s in.

The butt plug itself is made from glass and features a tapered tip for easy insertion, but pairing the butt plug with water-based lube is always a good idea.

The animal tail is soft to the touch and the glass butt plug can also be dipped into the warm or cold water so that you can experience thrilling new sensations with the help of temperature play.

Roleplay is a breeze with this fur tail butt plug, it makes you feel kinky, looks so pretty, and delivers lovely anal stimulation.

Read up on what happened when I had my first anal orgasm.

Why I love this tail so much:

  • The price is outstanding
  • The quality and way it feels inside you
  • The glass feels amazing
  • The color of the tail (The black tail is eye-catching)
  • The weight of this tail plug makes it feel so much more expensive than it is
  • Wearing it around the house makes me feel sexy
  • The soft tail brushing your skin feels so good

Why I love glass butt plugs

You may wonder why my favorite tail butt plug is actually made from skin-safe glass, well I do have a few reasons, and anybody that has tried a glass butt plug will know exactly what I mean and why they are so popular.

easy to clean: Glass sex toys, in general, are so much easier to clean and as my butt tail plug is only splashproof it’s straightforward just to take hold of the tail and clean the butt plug without getting the other parts wet.

skin, body-safe: All of the sex toys I promote are safe but some people always have a terrible thought of glass sex toys shattering inside of them, and in all of my years using glass sex toys I have never ever had this happen. My butt plug is skin and body-safe and isn’t made with anything harmful to your body.

toxic free: This goes without saying as I would never intentionally buy or promote something that was toxic but my glass butt plug is 100% safe and toxic-free.

high quality: My tail plug looks so much more expensive than it actually is thanks to the high-quality materials it’s made with, this makes for a better time overall with your sex toy. It’s always important to ensure your sex toys are made to the highest standard.

The Pony Tail Plug

I wanted to include some more of my favorite tail butt plugs and I won’t lie it was because I got all excited showing you guys my favorite tail plug above. So first up is my ponytail butt plug:

pony tail butt plug in womans hands

This is my Faux ponytail butt plug that features a 20-inch tail that is made from soft synthetic hair that feels so thrilling when brushed up against the skin.

The butt plug is made from skin-safe glass and measures 3.8 inches in insertable length and 4.6 inches in maximum girth.

It’s a wonderful butt plug that allows you to experiment with pony play fantasies, bdsm scenarios and I have even found that it doubles up as a soft stroker when not being used as a ponytail butt plug.

The Cat Tail Plug

faux fur animal tail butt plugFeast your eyes upon the faux fur tail butt plug that features a black silicone butt plug that gives you 3.75 inches of insertable length. The tail can bend and hold any cat tail shape, so you can really make this experience unique and personalized.

The tail measures an amazing 24 inches and there are even holes in the base of the butt plug that allow you to slip in a bullet vibrator for even more intense pleasure.

I like to pair this cat tail butt plug with a cat-eye mask and cat ears to really get into the role and get kinky.

The Bunny Tail Plug

bunny tail butt plug

Possibly one of the most striking butt plugs in my collection is the bunny tail butt plug that has a 3.5-inch silicone butt plug to enjoy. The pink really does catch your eye and I give in to it all of the time because it looks so enjoyable.

The fluffy tail of this butt plug is so cute and really helps during roleplay bunny scenarios, you can also use the tail as a sensory feather tickler when it’s not being used as a butt plug as it is so soft and feels so nice against your skin.

Bunny roleplay or not, this bunny tail butt plug is so cute, makes me feel so sexy, and feels amazing when it’s inside of me.

The Kinky Outfit I Wear With These Tail Plugs

When I am not just naked or wearing just a t-shirt with my tail plugs I do like to dress up, it makes wearing these tail butt plugs even sexier and it makes me feel amazing. On top of that when I wear these things I want my boyfriend’s jaw to drop to the floor and it works every time.

Make sure to also check out my favorite BDSM lingerie article, if you are a fan of lingerie and dressing up for sex like me.

  • My favorite tail plug

tail butt plug

I wear my favorite tail plug (the first tail plug on this list) along with some of the bits and pieces below. It makes me feel so liberated and beyond sexy. Wearing the tail plug on its own is still just as sexy and something I do still do but wearing some items of lingerie and accessories just takes wearing this tail plug on to a whole new level.

  • Crotchless underwear

crotchless underwear

These lace overlay cage back panties are some of my ultimate crotchless panties, they are ideal for people like me who want to wear their tail butt plug and still wear something to cover up.

These panties are pretty and feel so nice to touch, they are made with lace detailing and a small bow on the front. The back of these panties is a stark difference from the front, which is so sexy and so kinky especially when wearing a tail plug.

  • Sexy bra

push up braI am a HUGE lingerie fan and when I saw this front-fastening bra I knew I had to pair it with the panties above. The lace detailing is so similar and these two things paired together take my breath away. The bra has such beautiful detailing, including two beautiful little hearts on the straps. It is front-fastening which I find so kinky and my boyfriend loves unzipping me, it’s also a great little piece to walk around the house in.

  • Stockings

lady wearing sexy stockings

Finally, if I am really in the mood to dress up I like to slip on a pair of these sheer black stockings, they are thigh-high and look incredible when paired with my other lingerie.

The lace detailing at the top of the stocking is so pretty and really adds something to the look and ties it in with my panties and bra.

How To Get Off Using Tail Plugs

Butt plugs are amazing if you know how to use them, here are a few things that helped get me off using a butt plug/tail plug.

Dress up

sexy underwear cartoons

Play the part, go to a fancy dress store, pick up some clothes, and have some roleplay. I mentioned before that I like to pair my cat butt plug tail with a cat-eye mask and some cat ears so in order to really get into the mood try dressing up in either a roleplay costume or some sexy lingerie in order to make yourself feel fabulous.

Use crotchless underwear

crotchless underwear

I use my tail plug with crotchless underwear and my boyfriend loves it. I feel amazing, my boyfriend gets off on it and if I am having a day when I am not feeling overly confident with my body, keeping my underwear on helps me feel great about myself.

Use Loads of Lube (Anal lube, Shea butter, or silicone lube)

multiple anal lubes

Nothing hurts worse than pulling a butt plug out once the lube has dried up so make sure you are buying the correct lube. Silicone water-based lube works best with anal sex toys as it doesn’t dry up as quickly and offers you comfort when using anal sex toys, this is my favorite anal lube.

Make sure your lube is always safe to use with sex toys as they need to be compatible so that they don’t ruin them.

Use Your Tail Plug Outside

public sex toy ideas

This is extremely kinky but if me and my boyfriend are feeling particularly horny I like to slip my tail plug inside of myself, put on a loose summer dress, and tie a small cardigan around my waist and we go about our daily life. It feels so naughty to know I have it in and my boyfriend struggles to keep himself under control.

Have sex with it in!

using butt plug during sex

My boyfriend says it makes me feel tighter and he feels himself rub against it. It feels like I’m getting deeply filled and feels like a threesome which I love. Also, having the soft tail rub up against you feels so tantalizing.

Use a vibrator (WOAH!)


The mix between the tail and the vibrations makes me feel so good about myself and it’s one of my favorite things to do. I mentioned earlier in this article that this is my favorite bullet vibrator, it’s so easy to use and when paired with a tail plug it makes me feel like I am in ecstasy.

Questions I Get About Butt Plugs

questions about butt plugs

I just wanted to do a quick little Q&A on some of the most common questions I get when it comes to butt plugs.

  • How do I clean my tail plug?

You will have to check if the tail of your butt plug is waterproof or not but if it’s not it doesn’t matter, just take the insertable end of your butt plug and wash it how you normally would any of your sex toys, in warm water and optionally using a sex toy safe cleaner. Leave to dry or dry completely with a soft towel.

  • Can a man use a tail plug?

Yes! Just make sure to use plenty of water-based lube to ensure maximum comfort. Men can get as much fun from butt plugs as women, they look so cute on anyone.

  • Do they stimulate your a-spot?

I think the answer to this question all depends on what kind of stimulation you usually get from butt plug and anal stimulation, but yes it is possible to stimulate your a-spot but it isn’t guaranteed.

  • Do you and your boyfriend prefer pony, bunny, cat, or fox?

Our favorite, in general, is the first tail in this article which is basically a foxtail but we also have a lot of fun with the cattail as it can bend into all sorts of shapes, and kitty roleplay is so much fun. All of them just depend on the kind of mood we are in and what we feel like using.

  •  What does sex feel like with this inside your butt?

It feels like being extremely ‘filled’ up, which is a sensation I love. For my boyfriend, it feels like my pussy is slightly tighter from the pressure from the butt plug. It feels amazing as it’s an added stimulation and the thought alone turns me on.

woman in doggy style on bed

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    • Hi, I actually really want to go uptown with just my furry tail in and nothing else.
      I am slim and healthy enough so it should be ok ?

  3. Sweet articles you did actually make buy one fox tail. I’m a boy and I love it it’s so fun to wear. I just need a girl who like that now. Thanks for your help and happy Christmas.

  4. I like wearing a plug for my misteress

  5. Me and my wife have want to expand into plugs and other similar toys. Tails and princess plugs hooked to a leash. I am a trans woman and she is a cis woman. My question would be about napping with one in. Is this safe or should this idea stay in the realm of dreams?

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