I had my first anal orgasm (it rocked my world)

Updated: 15/08/2023

Having my butt licked, sucked, and fuc**ed is one of the top things I love. I love the sensation of being spread open, I love the wild sensations of having someone stimulate my ass and I love anal orgasms.

Luckily for me, my boyfriend loves anal and he jumps at the chance of playing with my butt whenever I suggest it. However, it wasn’t always like this. I actually never went near my butt it wasn’t until a one-night stand licked my ass (ass licking story) that I really started to experiment with my own body.

Some people have never experienced an anal orgasm (male or female) and today I want to share my experiences and what I do to achieve this incredible sensation.

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My First Anal Orgasm (Story Time)

woman with beautiful bubble buttBefore I had my first anal orgasm it wasn’t like I had never had anal sex before, of course, I had and it had felt great but I never felt incredibly close to an orgasm, it just felt good.

It all happened one night when me and my boyfriend were getting really intimate on the couch, in front of the TV. We had been apart for a while and as soon as our lips touched it was like sparks were flying behind us and every touch felt electrifying.

We moved into the bedroom and continued our heavy foreplay, everything felt amazing and we were both so submissive and up for anything the other wanted to do.

My pussy was dripping wet and I don’t think my boyfriend’s c*ck could have been harder.

I had inserted this butt plug and switched on the vibrations whilst my boyfriend licked me out. The combined sensations were insane and I could have died right there and then and been happy.

The butt plug stimulates every part of my butt internally and loosens up the muscles so that anal sex is much easier. My boyfriend then moved his mouth from my clit, flipped me onto my belly, and thrust himself inside of me, we were both screaming out in pleasure.

My boyfriend removed the butt plug from my ass and I grabbed my bullet vibrator and held it against my clit whilst he entered my ass. I love the sensation of being stretched, anal sex is incredible for me, and as the bullet vibrator was further stimulating my clit as I felt all of my muscles loosening up.

I was on the brink of an orgasm as was my boyfriend and before long I couldn’t hold on any longer I felt an orgasm erupting inside of my whole body and with that happening my boyfriend came inside my ass almost instantaneously.

The mix of anal penetration and clitoral stimulation forced my ass and pussy to engulf me in an insane orgasm, leaving me breathless and a need to do it again and again.

How To Experience Your Own A-Spot Orgasm

I thought an anal orgasm was nearly impossible for women but it turns out it’s not and it’s actually incredibly simple and easy to achieve. I did this whole guide on how to stretch your butt for anal and I also have an amazing list of my favorite and largest anal sex toys.

Get Yourself An Anal Sex Toy

a selection of anal sex toys

I have found that whilst anal sex feels great it is ideal to warm up the area beforehand, I used a vibrating butt plug as the vibrations give me such amazing stimulation and really get the area stimulated and ready for orgasms.

If you then don’t have a real penis to put in your butt get something that is incredibly similar that you are comfortable using, I like to use this suction cup dildo as I can put it on my headboard and thrust onto it and get it into the perfect position without tiring out my arms.

Explore Your Butt, Don’t Be Scared

exploring anal sex

The key to a great anal orgasm whether you’re a man or a woman is to explore your butt, learn what feels good, learn your limits, and explore on your own.

I make sure to use all anal sex toys solo before introducing them to my boyfriend and he does the same. This is really important to do, for me especially, it makes using the sex toy with my boyfriend a whole lot easier.

Get A Man Who Wants To Explore

animation of stickman and girl kissing

This tip is, of course, optional, there are plenty of ways you can explore whether you’re a man or a woman without your partner. Women invest in a dildo and men try out this prostate toy.

The benefit of having a partner who is willing to explore means you can try out new things with them and explore anal orgasms with their help.

Have a few clitoral orgasms (opens everything up)

guide to stimulating your clit

What helps me achieve an anal orgasm was having constant clitoral stimulation and even allowing myself to orgasm once before trying out an anal orgasm.

The easiest sex toy I found to stimulate my clitoris is this bullet vibrator, it’s small and very powerful. Once my clit is on the brink of an orgasm or has orgasmed and is ready for the next one I find my anal orgasms come easier to me.

Ignore Porn (go slow and keep it relaxed)

stickmen being seductive on bed

This tip isn’t for everyone but I find porn can sometimes ruin my orgasm, especially if I am using my hands and can’t get the video to where I want it to be.

I like to use my imagination and if I am with my boyfriend I really like to take in all of the sensations and get turned on by him and what we are experiencing.

I am not opposed to porn at all but I have found that an anal orgasm can sometimes be a little tricky to achieve and I get put off by porn in this instance.

Being relaxed, using my imagination, and having no external stimulation aside from my sex toys and my boyfriend is the key to my amazing anal orgasms.

Get amazing anal lube (Trust me this is key)

bottle of anal lubrication

Anal lube will make all of this difference. I always use and talk about this amazing anal lube, it’s made from all-natural ingredients, a little goes a long way and it’s safe to use with condoms and sex toys.

Having a good anal lube allows sex toys and/or a penis to be inserted with much more ease. It’s a lot more comfortable when using lube, it feels so much better for both and it’s definitely essential if you want to be as comfortable as possible.

Warm your butt up

cartoon girl in lingerie

It’s really important that you’re not just thrusting something into your butt, you need to relax the area and get it ready. You can use small sex toys, use your fingers, have your partner perform oral sex on the area, and engage in some butt-licking.

This step is really important as the relaxation aspect is what I find gives me my anal orgasm, if my butt is relaxed and stimulated then I am more likely to cum.

Pick Your Position Wisely

cartoon animation of stick man doing doggy style

You need to find the position that you are most comfortable in and stick with it. For me, constant stimulation is key to a great anal orgasm.

Making sure you’re in a position that feels good and doesn’t cause you any kind of discomfort is what you are looking for.

Some of the most popular positions are: missionary, doggy style, on your side, and laying flat on your front.

How Do I Keep Anal Sex Clean

I shower before I have sex: I always try and shower before anal sex and any type of sex really. It makes me feel more confident and it gives me the peace of mind that I like to have, especially with anal sex.

I know sometimes sex can be spontaneous and in those times I obviously can’t have a shower but if I know sex is a possibility I always make sure to freshen up in the shower beforehand.

I douche my butt while in the shower and make sure everything is clean: I use my anal douche every once in a while and without being too crude I do this to get a ‘deep clean’. If I know I will be having sex with someone new or even if I want to go hard I will use my douche in the shower and it just allows me to feel so much cleaner.

I do it after I’ve gone to the toilet (never when I have a stomach issue): It’s really recommended not to experiment with anal sex if you haven’t been to the toilet or if you have stomach issues. It doesn’t matter if you have used your douche or not, it is most likely to end messily.

Save it for when your bowels are clear and you have no internal problems such as food poisoning, my friend once thought it was still a good idea to have anal sex on holiday after an upset stomach and the result was very messy sheets.

I then do these three things:

anal sex setup

Have dark bedsheets

I find dark bed sheets erotic anyway but if I am planning on anal sex I always put on some darker sheets. My boyfriend enjoys exploring himself anally too so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dark bed sheets can be found anywhere but if you don’t have any you can use some old towels that you don’t mind getting ruined.

Have sex with low light

Low lighting is so sexy, candlelight drives me wild and I think it has the ability to make anyone attractive. However, the reason for the low light isn’t to become more attractive in this instance it is to disguise any mess. As I said, everything looks better in candlelight.

Brief my boyfriend (he knows the risks, we really don’t care)

I don’t always do this but I do like to let my boyfriend know still after all these years that there is a chance it could get messy. He also did this to me when we started exploring his P-spot, it’s more of a customary thing where we just brief one another and ensure the other person doesn’t mind if things go wrong.

Which Anal Sex Toy Gives You The Best Orgasm?

vibrating anal beads in womans hand

This is the 10-function anal vibrator, it slips in easily (with the help of some lube) and the vibrations are controlled via the bullet vibrator that is housed discreetly in the base of this anal sex toy.

It has 3 speeds, and 7 patterns, and is flexible so it will work with your natural contours.

I like to put this anal vibrator into my ass when my boyfriend is going down on me, it feels amazing pushed up inside of me, and when I feel satisfied I will gently pull it out and take the bullet vibrator and push that against my clit whilst my boyfriend enters my ass.

It’s an ideal toy for both men and women as the vibrations are incredibly strong and feel sensational as they ripple up inside of me. My boyfriend also loves this anal vibrator, it pushes against his P-spot and he always has a great time with this sex toy.

This while I have penetrative sex:

vibrating butt plug

I mentioned this vibrating butt plug earlier on in my article, it feels amazing and really allows you to warm up the area and get yourself prepped for an anal orgasm.

Just like the sex toy I mentioned before this one, it’s ideal for both men and women as the shape is versatile and will stimulate both sexes to orgasm.

It’s small., easy to use and allows you to really get accustomed and ready for some intense and satisfying anal play.

It’s easy to use a butt plug with a flared base so you don’t need to worry about it riding up too far, it also has 2 different speeds to play with and 3 patterns that will push you over the edge.

Questions About Anal Orgasms (Q & A)

woman in pink panties

Was it the first time a man climaxed in your ass?

No, before my first anal orgasm, I had definitely had a man cum in my ass. I love the sensation of cum and it is something I am used to. It does feel different from when it is done in my pussy but I love the sensation inside of me all the same.

What does anal sex feel like?

For me, anal sex feels like vaginal sex except I feel how tight my ass is and it feels a lot kinkier. I feel like anal sex is different for everybody, some people prefer the sensation over vaginal sex but I think it all depends on the person.

How can I fit a big penis in my butt?

Practice, patience, and relaxation. Do not ever force a big penis or large sex toy into your butt without properly warming up. It’s really important that you stretch the area and allow it to become accommodating to your large penis or sex toy. The last thing you want to do is cause any pain or discomfort, take things slowly, and relax.

Getting the penis inside may take some time and some trials but it will get there in the end, just don’t force it and use plenty of lube.

Has your boyfriend had a prostate orgasm?

Yes! He loves having anal orgasms. He wasn’t always a lover of anal stimulation but once he saw how intense and incredible it was for men he just bit the bullet and has loved it ever since.

When I tried pegging my boyfriend he came everywhere and probably had one of the strongest orgasms I have ever seen him have.

It’s actually easier for men to have anal orgasms as the P-spot is located a lot easier than the A-spot and it’s actually pretty easy to bring a man to orgasm through this type of stimulation.

What anal lube do you use?

This is my favorite anal lube (with results), it’s organic and made from natural ingredients so that you know there’s no nasty stuff hidden inside of it. A small amount goes a long way and it makes anal sex so much easier thanks to its consistency and how lubricated it makes the entrance.

Can I have vaginal sex after anal?

Not without condoms, never go ass to vagina, vagina to ass is fine, just never go back without taking off a condom or putting on a condom. If you do it can cause infections and the spreading of bacteria and it’s really a bad idea so make sure to keep a condom nearby if you want to go ass to vagina.

sexy woman laying on bed

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