I Found The Best Anal Lube (Results)

If you know my blog you know how much I talk about using water-based lube and I always recommend my favorite lube in most of my articles, I am slightly obsessed with my readers being well lubricated and I know the only way I can do that is if they know the importance of lubrication and the benefits of using it, especially during anal play.

However, today we are talking about anal lube. It is different from ordinary lube as it’s thicker, the consistency is different and it has an almost gel-like feel to it.

The anal lube is a must even if you’re just exploring by yourself and have no intention of putting anything bigger than a butt plug in there, it’s a must-have for everyone. It’s so uncomfortable to try anal play without lube and something no sane person would recommend.

The anal lube is a lot softer than regular lube and is definitely worth buying for anal play as it makes it a lot more comfortable, especially when you mix it with a lube applicator.

The Best Anal Lube  (My Favorite)

bottle of sliquid organic natural anal lube

This is my favorite natural anal lube it’s completely safe to use with condoms and sex toys as it’s natural and more importantly water-based.

It can be used for any type of sex with any type of sex toy but it is slightly thicker so it is also ideal for anal play. I use it for both vaginal and anal play but the consistency works really well with anal play and is one of the best anal lubes I have ever used.

This anal lube is made from botanical extracts and it is actually aloe-based so you can imagine just how soft and wonderful this anal lube is and great it feels to apply. It’s also easy to wash off in the shower and you aren’t left with that usual lube residue.

Something else I love about it is that a little goes a long way, because of its thickness and consistency you don’t need much of it when applying it to yourself or your sex toys, which also means you don’t have to keep repurchasing it because it lasts for so long.

This lube is natural and made from safe ingredients, it’s also suitable for vegans and vegetarians so you know there’s nothing nasty in there. You may not care about the vegan/vegetarian aspect but it is always nice to know that what you’re putting in one of the most intimate areas of your body isn’t harmful.

I will always recommend this anal lube, I always re-purchase it as it works so well for me and I can’t get enough of it, especially when using it for anal play. However, it can also be used for vaginal play, on sex toys, and with condoms so it is a pretty versatile lube.

Something else that I have noticed other people mention is that the bottle is actually quite discreet, so if you don’t live alone or have prying eyes around your home, it doesn’t scream anal lube as some other bottles do. It looks more like a moisturizer than a lubricant, which is always a good thing.

Sex Essentials To Make Anal Play More Comfortable

woman laying on bed

I love anal play at this time in my life but it wasn’t always like that, I used to be quite hesitant about it and was afraid to explore, however, once I overcame that barrier, it is now one of my favorite things to do.

I like to explore anal especially lately when using my sex machines (My boyfriend and I love to roleplay and discover new things and using this sex machine has opened up a whole new world to us) it allows me and my boyfriend to simulate and roleplay threesomes, which is something that turns us both on and leaves us feeling very satisfied.

I do believe that having some sex essentials make for a better anal experience. Whether these sex toys are to relax the area, make it feel better when you’re exploring the area, or simply because you like the look of them, they are really important to me and I find my orgasms and general anal experiences are always better when I use some of my favorite bits and pieces.

If you want to see more of the sex toys I use every day check out my everyday sex toy collection. It’s filled with things I use every day as a sex blogger and things that get me off whenever I need them to.

Below you will find all of my anal sex essentials, that make anal play more comfortable and even more incredible.

This is the desensitizing anal cream it is a fast-acting relaxant that you apply to your anus about 10 minutes before embarking on your anal adventure.

Use this cream in conjunction with my anal lube and experience total comfort with anal sex and sex toys.

Just be aware that this desensitizing cream isn’t safe to use with condoms or sex toys as it isn’t water-based. You can use non-latex condoms but just be aware of this before having sex.

Always also make sure to take things really slowly, anal sex shouldn’t hurt and this relaxant cream will desensitize your anus so warm up beforehand and know your limits.

A small squirt goes a long way so be aware of this when applying!

fifty shades of grey anal beadsThese are the anal beads that will help you to warm up the area and an added bonus is that they feel amazing as they pop inside and out of you.

Both me and my boyfriend love these anal sex beads, you experience a different kind of pleasure as these are pushed up and pulled out of you, it’s incredibly sensual and something everyone should try, especially those looking into anal.

You simply push these anal beads in as far as you want, leave them in during foreplay, and pull them out when you orgasm, and this alone intensifies the orgasm.

They give you incredible stimulation and allow you to practice with anal and prep the area so that anal experiences are more comfortable.

These anal beads are soft, flexible, and easy to use, ideal for beginners and more advanced anal experimenters. Just make sure to apply plenty of anal lube so that they glide in and don’t cause any friction. They really are non-intimidating and perfect for anyone looking to explore or experience new sensations, I also love the bright pink color rather than them being the usual black as it just adds a bit of fun and they are easy to find inside my sex toy box.

anal douche in my hand

This is one of my favorite anal douches that I love to use before anal sex. It’s so simple to use and makes me feel more confident before anal and I know my boyfriend is the same.

My boyfriend used this before we tried pegging for the first time (See what I happened when I tried pegging toys on my boyfriend for the first time), he said it was great and really made him feel more confident too.

You simply fill the douche with warm room-temperature water (test the heat on your wrist first), apply some anal lube to the tip of the douche, slide it into your anus, and gently squeeze, the water will then expel naturally and clean you out in the meantime.

It’s really inexpensive and I do recommend it to everyone who is looking to go down the anal route, it gives you peace of mind that things aren’t going to get messy when exploring in there. I don’t use it every single time I know I am going to have anal, just every few weeks or on a really special night.

bottle of back door anal lube

This is the best anal silicone lubricant that I have come across. Some people prefer silicone for anal and it all boils down to people’s individual preferences. Silicone lube is a lot thicker but it is harder to get off sex toys, but as I said some people just prefer it. I prefer the anal lube that I mentioned first as it is natural and thick but this is the best silicone lube I have ever tried. It lasts a long time and a little goes a long way.

This particular silicone lube is safe to use with condoms and non-silicone sex toys, it has a long-lasting formula and can also be used for intimate massages.

butt plug collection

Getting your anus prepared for anal sex toys and anal sex is really recommended and this is the 5 set anal dilator kit.

There are 5 butt plugs all increasing in size, starting from small and ending in a butt plug that would make even advanced anal fans excited.

These butt plugs are tapered for easy insertion and with some anal lube, relaxation, and patience you will be able to insert any of these butt plugs.

By practicing with these butt plugs and getting used to something in your anus you will find anal sex with a penis and larger sex toys a lot easier.

Tips For Anal Play

I wanted to share some of my favorite anal sex tips, as I mentioned right at the start of this article that I didn’t use to like anal but once I got into it and realized how much pleasure I could have I started loving it and so did my boyfriend. If you want more tips check out this massive guide I created on how to have anal sex with a big dick, it’s one of the best guides I’ve ever done.

going slow with anal sex toys
  • Start slowly, ease yourself in, and relax – It’s really important to follow this advice. Don’t rush things, anal sex should never be painful, if it really hurts stop and try again when the area is more adjusted. You can prepare your anus by using sex toys, using your fingers, and getting comfortable playing with the area.
using your fingers to warm up your butt
  • Warm up your anus before you try shoving ANYTHING in there. Ensure you are well lubricated as this makes anal a whole lot easier and better. I do anal a lot and I still warm up my butt beforehand with lube and a little play with either a sex toy or my fingers, it’s so important as you don’t want any injuries or pain.
your anus should never hurt
  • Anal should never hurt if it starts hurting stop what you are doing and try warming up the area again. You will feel some discomfort, especially at first but you shouldn’t be in pain.
have an orgasm before anal sex
  • Be highly aroused before going there, it also doesn’t hurt to have a few orgasms beforehand. When I first started trying out anal sex I had to make sure I was really horny, this for me was having awesome sex and a few orgasms. My butt was then aroused, I was well lubricated and it really allowed me to ease things in there.
keep your sex toys clean
  • Use a towel or dark sheets just in case it gets messy but using an anal douche (like the one I mentioned above) does help prevent any unwanted mess. I also like to shower beforehand and shower afterward. Remember also to never go ass to pussy, it’s fine to go pussy to ass but never in reverse as you can spread bacteria and cause infections.
anal sex positions
  • The best sex position for anal sex is in a spooning position, sitting on your partner’s lap, or doggy style. Doggy style is the easiest but your partner can’t see your facial reactions so be sure to let them know if you are in pain or any kind of discomfort. You need to find the position that feels right for you, everyone is different so learn which position best suits you.
cartoon of man on bed
  • Get to know yourself first! Some people don’t do this but if you have some free time to explore your anus with your fingers or a small sex toy, there’s no reason why not. I think it’s important that we all get in touch with our own bodies and by learning about your own butt you know what will feel good and how your body reacts, remember to use lube on your fingers and still go slow.
always thrust slowly
  • Always control the pace of the sex toy or penis making its way into you, never just thrust it in, even if it feels great, go slowly!
woman with nice butt in pink swimsuit

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  1. Jess, you’re my new favorite blogger, I’ve tried a few bits of your advice and got some of the toys you recommended me (this lube being one of them), all I can say is THANK YOU! Seriously you’ve single handedly saved my orgasm.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, you have made my day. I am so glad I have saved your orgasm lol! x

  2. not a comment but a question. I love putting dildos and fingers in my butt, how do i ask my wife to do it for me? couples years ago i asked to do anal on her and she could use a strap-on on me. i bought her one but she never used it on me, think she thought i was kidding. cause she don’t even masturbate, don’t know how cause i have too.

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