The Lube Shooter Guide You Need To Read

I have recently found myself incredibly shocked at the fact that more people don’t know about or use lube applicators/shooters. They seem a little weird at first but trust me when I say there’s logic to shooting lube into yourself. The application is so much more even than just using your fingers and for anal using one of these things changes everything. Not enough people know about them and their wonderful advantages (hello you’re meant to be lubing deep inside not out!), so I wanted to share all of my findings with my wonderful readers.

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What Is A Lube Shooter (and why do you need one)?

colt lube shooter

Just in case you didn’t know what a lube shooter is it’s basically a syringe-looking thing that you load with your body-safe lube of choice, and then you insert it into your vagina or anus and let it squirt the lube inside of either canal. There are tons of benefits to using a lube applicator and once you read them all you may be shocked to realize that we have been using lube wrong for so long and wasting so much of it!

Now, a syringe of lube might seem peculiar at first, but there’s a long list of reasons why you would want to do this…

Why Would You Want To Shoot Lube Inside Yourself?


It Helps You Take Bigger Sizes: The first way I found out about these was when I was researching how to take a bigger size, as a size queen it’s something that is used quite often and it helps for both piv and pia sex. By shooting the lube directly into the canal you are ensuring even distribution so when you begin penetration with a larger object it will trickle down throughout the entire tunnel.

Perfect If You’re Tight: If you struggle with penetration due to tightness, it can help provide a lot of extra lubrication to the places that need it the most, which is internally and the opening, not the outside. Also as you inch more of the object in, more of the lube will get distributed making it much easier for you. Make sure also to read my guide on taking a big cock.

Struggle Staying Wet: If you struggle to stay wet during sex, this can help you as it applies lube to the inside and not just the outside. You’ll find it lasts longer and also stops a lot of internal friction.

Great For Anal Sex: One of the hardest things about anal is staying lubed up, the body doesn’t produce natural lubrication and this really helps, mixing this with lubing your butthole and your partner’s cock or your sex toy makes anal much more enjoyable, especially if you are trying anal with a big cock.

Amazing If You Enjoy Large Sex Toys: If you enjoy larger adult toys you will know the struggle of lubrication and dilation, with a lube shooter you can get an even lube distribution throughout and ensure there’s no friction and a constant lashing of lube to help you.

After Douche: After using a douche before anal sex some people like to use a syringe to squirt a nice lashing of lube into their freshly cleaned-out canal, making anal sex easier and instant.

In A Rush: It’s great for quickies, I use it for 90% of my quick, unplanned, spontaneous sex with my boyfriend, it gets things all ready to go and prevents uncomfortable friction. it’s also amazing when I want to use a dildo during masturbation as it will coat the entire large sex toy without me having to do a thing.

Feelings Freaking Amazing: It feels amazing, it mimics the lubrication of real sex as it coats whatever object you insert just as you naturally do during sex and it is such a sex hack, it makes me feel really wet and ready for anything in a minutes notice.

Medical Fetish: For those among us who enjoy the medical fetish kink a lube applicator is a must-have, not only does it do its actual job by giving you an even coating of lube internally but it also looks right at home in your medical box.

BDSM play: It’s really hot to be tied up and have your partner prep you with it, you feel the lube filling you up, while you get ready for what’s about to happen.

You Use Less: Re-applying lube and applying coatings of the stuff during sex can be wasteful but with a syringe, you use the perfect amount every time and you stay lubricated.

Insemination Kink: The syringes can be used during roleplay, filled with a cum inspired lube, and used to ‘impregnate’ the receiver. Super sexy and really convincing.

How To Use A Lube Applicator (The Right Way)

how to use a lube applicator

Step 1: Get your lube shooter (that’s the one I use) and load it with your favorite lube. You want a lube bottle that you can open, as you need to open it to suck it up, I use this lube for vaginal sex and sex toys (it’s honestly the best) and this silicone lube for any butt stuff (however don’t mix it with any silicone sex toys as it will ruin them).

Step 2: Once your applicator is full of lube, use a small amount to lube the tip of it up and insert it into where you need the lube (anus, vagina, or male masturbator).

Step 3: Next slowly press down on the handle of the syringe and start pushing out the lube (the lube will usually feel cold, just a warning!), I usually insert the syringe a good few inches inside of myself, and then as I’m pressing it down I slowly move it out of my vagina to spread it all along the canal and entrance.

Step 4: Then I like to lube up the outside area of my hole and whatever is going inside of me (ie a sex toy or cock) and then you’re ready to go, just keep it nearby just in case you want to re-apply some more, nothing worse than searching a bed for a see-through applicator during sex.

Step 5: After all the fun, remember to give it a good wash and dry and you can use your applicator again and again.

How Much Lube Should You Use?

This entirely depends on you, I like to use a lot of lube, I prefer to be slippery and wet than dry and facing friction. I would recommend completely filling the applicator and then using half of it inside of yourself and seeing if you would prefer more or less. Everybody is different and what is a lot to me might be a small amount to you. The applicators are quite long so you are never going to go wrong with just one application as it does pick up a good amount of lube from the bottle.

Does It Matter What Type Of Lube?

I prefer natural lube and water-based lube simply because it works with all types of sex toys and it comes in larger bottles. However, if you are doing anything anally silicone lubricant can be easier to use, it just hates sex toys and condoms, so please do bear that in mind.

Oil-based, natural, and other types of lubricants will work with the applicator just be aware that these aren’t always compatible with sex toys, condoms, and the natural PH of the body.

The Best Anal/Vaginal Lube Shooter I’ve Used:

lady with lube shooter in her hand

Now we know why these lube shooters are so incredible, it’s time to get into the ones that I recommend. I do a ton of research before I promote anything on my blog and these two applicators came in close first next to one another but they are both good for different reasons:

Lube Tube Applicator Syringe (Budget Friendly)


This Budget applicator syringe is great if you don’t want to splash out and you just want to see what all of the fuss is about. They are discreet yet big enough to make an impact and can be easily stored anywhere in your room. You get two in a pack, they can be reused if cleaned properly and they do exactly the job you are going to need them to do.

It’s Easy To Clean: Use warm water and ensure you flush the water through the syringe plenty of times to get rid of any residue then dry and store somewhere clean and dust-free.

An Amazing Price: The price is incredible, you get two syringes for what you would usually pay for just one and they can be reused again and again.

One For Each Hole: You can use one for the inside of your butt and one for your pussy to prevent any infection or cross-contamination.

A Great Tank Capacity: The syringes hold a liberal amount of lube, enough to coat you with lashings of lube where you need it most.

Colt Lube Syringe

colt master cleanser

This Generous syringe is only slightly more expensive but it is built to last and it looks and feels very professional. The great thing about this syringe is that you can store a much larger amount of lube (up to 100ml) inside of its chamber which allows you to try different amounts of lube, lets you re-apply without having to re-fill, and ensures you are well and truly lubricated no matter what you get up too.

Easy To Clean: It dismantles easily into four pieces so it’s really easy to clean and store away from prying eyes.

A Little Intimidating Due To Size: The part that goes inside of you is a perfect size, but the actual unit is quite big in comparison to the lube syringes above, however, this isn’t really an issue and more of an aesthetic thing for some.

Can be used as a douche: Not only is it meant to house lube but it also can be filled with water and used as a douche (an anal cleaning device).

Medical Fetish: If a medical fetish is for you this syringe is going to provide you with ultimate realism and will allow you to carry out your most intimate doctor/nurse/patient scenarios.

Some Other Alternatives

What About A Homemade Lube Launcher: I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but it’s probably not worth the effort as the price of one is pretty reasonable, you could use various items, but nothing will be as safe and effective.

Using A Douche: You can use most standard douches as applicators, they are not as good as they don’t go as deep and I find they don’t suck the lube up very well and it can be frustrating, however, they are definitely an option.

Using A Squirting Dildo: Another cheat code is you can use a squirting/ejaculating dildo as a launcher, the only issue is usually they are a little large, however, if you get one like this, it’s a good two-in-one, you get a multipurpose dildo and you can use it to apply lube inside.

If you have any questions or anything you would like to add leave it down below!

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