Size Queen Guide & Ideas From A Size Lover

There are lots of us out there, whether we announce it to the world or keep it a well-kept secret, those of us who love ‘size’ and get off on larger-than-average sex toys and cocks do exist and I wanted to share with all of my size queens and kings my guide and ideas on how you can make the most of enjoying larger sizes.

I’m A Size Queen

size queen penis chart with measuring tap

If you read my blog or you’re a part of my membership you will know that I am a size queen. That means I enjoy my partners having larger-than-average cocks, I also enjoy larger sex toys and the sensation of being stretched out. Both men and women quite often have this kink and you will find it’s not as uncommon as you may think.

For me, this doesn’t mean I always exclusively use huge sex toys and will only sleep with people who are larger between the legs, it’s just a preference that I have from time to time, and especially where sex toys are concerned I tend to use a lot of everything.

I Found Out Size Really Does Matter

woman licking large dildo

Although I like all shapes and sizes, there was a time when I realized that to me, size felt amazing and it felt better for me than anything else. I found I always enjoyed and craved bigger, instead of two fingers I would use three or four, and I could thoroughly enjoy sex with a normal-sized cock, but there was something I craved about being fully stretched, I even loved the sore feeling after.

My favorite part is the moment before I take a new size and I have to question whether it will fit inside of me. Stretching myself to accommodate something so big, turns me on uncontrollably and I know it’s the same for a lot of other size queens too.

A lot of my turn-ons and kinks made sense when I started using larger dildos and big vibrators, I’ve talked about it a lot on this blog. Sharing those experiences really made me realize a lot about my likes and dislikes during sex and I found larger sex toys were doing something to me that just felt so right.

Then my boyfriend shared me with a really hung guy and it was a complete game-changer. Feeling a big cock like his was unforgettable for me. We then started using a penis sleeve, to convert my boyfriend’s cock into something even bigger than he already is, and having my boyfriend’s cock be so big is what made me cum through penetration.

Pushing My Limits

I love seeing how far I can go, how far I can stretch and I am getting better at it. I have learned that for a size queen or king practice makes perfect and getting those muscles used to being stretched and played with is key to having the best fun.

Bear in mind not everyone likes to push their limits, this is subjective so if you’re into size play but don’t enjoy pushing yourself to the edge, it doesn’t matter, it’s just something some of us enjoy.

What Is My Favorite Cock Size?

I’ve talked about penis size a few times on my blog, I love a bit of everything and all sizes can offer something different. I love sex and there is fun to be had whatever you’re working with but if I am interested particularly in size anything over 7 inches really is my sweet spot, and the bigger the better, As of this point I have not found someone I couldn’t take all of!?

Is Bigger Better For Anal Sex?

cartoon of large dildo and woman showing her butt

It used to be hard for me, but I’ve recently really gotten into anal and become much more confident, I love to use a large butt plug whilst with a hung guy, it makes them feel even bigger and it gives you double the stimulation. As for taking big dick anally, I love it, I usually need a lot of warming up with some big anal sex toys, but once it’s in it feels amazing and I can be stretched out even further.

Smaller is so much easier when it comes to anal, especially if you are new to it, however, it feels amazing to fully take a hung guy who has never been able to have anal sex before due to his size, it gives me a nice rush and for a size queen, it’s a big achievement.

My Size Queen Ideas & Tips

list of size queen ideas

I wanted to give you some of my favorite size queen tips and ideas, it can be difficult knowing where and how to start as a size queen or size king, and even for those of us who are well-used to bigger objects, it can be still difficult to achieve the size we want and feel that satisfaction without following some advice. If you have any tips of your own feel free to leave them down below for everyone to see.

Learn How To Warm Up For Size: You should try my big dick warm-up guide, it will teach you how to warm up for a big dick, it’s exactly what I do before I hook up with a hung guy. Even if you are used to bigger sex toys and cock, it’s still really important to warm yourself up to prevent any injury or unpleasant discomfort.

Get A Penis Sleeve For Your Man: It’s a game-changer, you can turn any cock into a size queen’s dream, my boyfriend and I tested various penis sleeves and I would now say it’s our most used couple sex toy. It adds size and girth to his cock instantly so you can enjoy a bigger playmate whenever you both need it.

Strap-Ons: Another way to make your partner bigger is by using a strap-on, I love when my boyfriend uses a strap-on as he can change out dildos in seconds and it feels like I’m playing with different sizes. He uses smaller sizes to tease me and then switches to bigger once I’ve begged enough. Strap-ons can also be unisex so you can swap roles from time to time.

Tighten Everything Up: I used a vagina tightening guide, for me personally it makes cocks feel even bigger, so if you’re with average it feels deeper and thicker and because everything is toned down there it makes taking bigger even better (for me) and it makes my orgasms stronger due to my freshly worked out kegel muscles.

Unlocking My Full Dick-Taking Ability Using Dildos: There are so many amazing dildos, some with suction cups, some that ejaculate, and some which are huge, which makes exploring a lot of fun. I get off on practicing for a hung guy by using my dildo, even if I don’t have a guy lined up with a big dick I still like to imagine I do. It’s also great foreplay for my boyfriend and me.

My Favorite Size Queen Dildo: I have two favorites, if you want a tremendous size I use this one. It’s girthy, realistic, and feels incredible inside of you. if you want the most realistic, bendy, lovely large dildo and have a bigger budget go for this one, it’s unlike anything in my collection and I have to prepare my pussy for it every time. I’ve also tried some ejaculating dildos, which are usually quite big and perfect for people who enjoy cum play and more of a realistic ‘finish’.

Lube, Lube, and More Lube: I get really wet naturally, but still it helps to double-up on lube, you won’t regret it. I use this lube for vaginal and this for anal, it’s so far the best I’ve used. It’s important to use lube as not only does it help with insertion but it helps to prevent tears and makes everything feel a whole lot better. A little lube trick I use is to use a lube shooter, they really help me stay wetter for longer.

What About My Boyfriend’s Feelings?

sad male cartoon

My boyfriend has a lovely cock, it’s an amazing size, but he loves seeing me take bigger, so it doesn’t hurt his feelings, he encourages me to explore what feels good. There’s a chance the guy you’re with is the same, communicate with him and see how he feels about big toys, then sleeves, etc, and test the water. He might shut it down, but then think about it and want to give it a try. I was lucky because my man actually came to me about a lot of this stuff, he is good at knowing what I want to try and then bringing it up so I don’t have to.

Playing with larger sex toys from time to time doesn’t mean his cock is rendered useless, it just means you want to try something different sometimes and that is absolutely fine and part of having a healthy sex life.

Chemistry Is Everything For Me

chemistry bottles

I do love a bigger size, but I’ve had amazing sex with lots of different sizes. Liking bigger is just a preference but it isn’t something I need to have 24/7. Something that matters more is chemistry, good sexual chemistry will always be key, mix that with a bigger size and I’m cumming again and again… and again…

If you have any questions or any size queen or king tips of your own, leave them below!

Jess <3

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  1. Based on your recommendation of the King Cock girthy 8.5 x 7 in. dildo I bought it for my wife and use it in the Doc Johnson strap-on harness and she loves it!!! The fat head and slight curve hits her A&O spots as well as G spot to give her incredible out of body O’s. Thanks for mentioning this superb wife pleaser👍

  2. Hey, i (29) need your opinion.
    Im in a relationship with my gf for 6 y. and we have sex 2-3 times in a year, aside we are happy couple but its too less sex for me. Now i never was able in 6y to make her orgasm with my cock, she always end it with her vibrator by her clit to come. I ask her if my dick is to small or something but she says no its pretty big, but she cant orgasm from penis penetration alone. She never measured me but i have 4.5 inch erect and she had 20 guys before me, so i dont know if my penis is just too small for her and she dont want to hurt me or its true. Im afraid that she will cheating in the future, because i saw that she uses her 6 inch vibrator regulary without me, but dont want to have sex with me ….?!

    • Damn that sucks bro. 6 years and only have sex 3 times a year and she uses vibrator daily. You need to find a side chick on the DL. You should be having sex 3 times a day no matter if you’re 4.5 or 8.5. Find the right chick then leave the frost queen.

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