The best butt plug I have ever used

I am new (ish!) at butt play, it was never really for me until I met my boyfriend and started this blog but one thing I have always loved are butt plugs.

I am a huge fan of butt plugs and always have been, they were a way for me to feel kinky without actually doing the whole thing and even when I did start loving anal I still loved butt plugs. I find them to be really sexual, my boyfriend loves seeing them inside of me and I love the way they feel inside of me.

I have tried out so many butt plugs but I do have a favorite and I wanted to share that with you today.

My favorite butt plug is this one:

medium sized purple vibrating butt plug

This is the 10 Function vibrating butt plug (You can even get it in England here) that I can’t recommend enough. It’s in a medium size, which you may think won’t be great for beginners but I recommend this size as small is just too small and you don’t really feel anything, a medium can get you ready for anal and used to butt plugs and butt play and it feels fantastic.

You can actually remove the bullet vibrator that comes with this butt plug but I think it’s one of the best things about it. It has 10 different speeds and patterns for you to cycle through, it has a flared base so it won’t ride up inside of you and it even has a tapered tip for maximum pleasure.

With 3 speeds and 7 patterns, this butt plug is unlike any other. The vibrations can send you into utter ecstasy but I will explain more on that below.

Why Vibrations And A Butt Plug?

vibrating butt plugs

I thought the same thing.

I couldn’t get into my head how vibrations would make a butt plug better, how could different speeds and patterns make butt plugs feel even more sensual for me?


The removable vibrator that’s built into this butt plug does something to my butt that is unlike anything I had felt with a butt plug before.

The vibrations take the sensations of using a butt plug to a whole new level. The vibrations radiate throughout my butt and I can even feel the vibrations making their way into my pu**y.

It feels incredible when my boyfriend fu**s me and I have my vibrating butt plug in. He can feel the vibrations on his cock and by seeing his enjoyment makes me even hornier.

The vibrations from this butt plug feel incredible for women and take the butt plug sensations to a whole new level. I would recommend my vibrating butt plug to anyone looking for something a little kinky but something that still feels amazing.

Does The Butt Plug Feel Good For Men?

finding the prostate

If you read my blog you will know that my boyfriend has recently ventured into butt play and he is loving it. Since he has started experimenting more and being more open to anal pleasure, his orgasms have been out of this world and he has experienced some of the best sensations of his entire life.

He knows how much I love this vibrating butt plug and I know how much he loves seeing me use it, so one day I decided that he should give my vibrating butt plug a try.

He was open to it as before this we had been experimenting anally with him. I tried out a pegging sex toy with him and we used a prostate massager together and both of these experiences went flawlessly.

My boyfriend inserted the vibrating butt plug with lots of water-based anal lube and switched on the vibrations, starting slowly at first.

He thrust himself inside of me and after a few thrusts, he could barely breathe! He was so turned on and experiencing so much incredible sensation that he was floored by this vibrating butt plug.

The vibrations were sending jaw-dropping sensations to his P-spot all while his penis was getting the pleasure from my very wet pu**y.

When my boyfriend came he virtually screamed out in pleasure, the orgasm was heightened by the vibrations and everything felt more elevated.

So, in short, I most definitely converted my boyfriend to the world of butt plugs.

Other Butt Plugs I Love Using

I thought I would include some more butt plugs for you to read about, some vibrate and some don’t but there should be something down there for everyone.

black vibrating butt plug

This is the small vibrating butt plug, it’s just like my favorite butt plug above except it’s in a size small and has 5 functions to play with.

Some people prefer small as it is less intimidating and easier to insert so really the choice is up to you. I love the feel of this butt plug, it’s ultra smooth and really easy to insert thanks to the tapered tip.

The bullet vibrator is also removable so you can use the vibrator on the clitoris or other areas for a 2-in-1 sex toy.

various anal sex toys inside a kit

I needed to include this beginner’s anal kit because it’s amazing value and it’s ideal for couples and solo experimenters of anal.

It comes with a slim butt plug, a vibrating butt plug, vibrating anal beads and a probe, all of which feel amazing and are perfect for beginners.

All feel 10x better with lots of water-based lube so make sure to invest in some along with your anal sex toys.

I love the easy shape of these anal sex toys, they are non-intimidating and feel incredible inside of you thanks to the design and shape.

black thrusting anal sex toy

This is the thrusting vibrating butt plug that comes with 7 vibration modes and 3 different patterns for you to enjoy.

This butt plug thrusts in and out of you with ease and can be controlled via the wired remote and even secured to any hard and flat surface with its suction cup base.

Enjoy the excitement of hands-free play or have your partner take hold of the vibrations, patterns and thrusts with the wired remote controller. There’s lots of fun to be had with this thrusting butt plug, it is legendary.

lovehoney inflatable butt plug

Something a little bit different I wanted to include was this inflatable vibrating butt plug. This allows you to experience and experiment with tailored stimulation.

All you need to do is insert the butt plug and then use the easy to use pump to inflate the butt plug until it is at a size that suits you and then use the controller to turn on the vibrations. The size can be quickly decreased via the pump.

It’s an incredibly versatile butt plug and allows you to be satisfied no matter your preferred size.

cock ring with butt plug added

Feast your eyes upon the silicone butt plug with cock ring. Slip the comfortable cock ring over your penis and this will constrict the blood flow giving you a harder and more erect penis and then slip the butt plug inside (use lots of anal lube) and enjoy perfect stimulation.

The shape of this butt plug is perfectly positioned to press against the P-spot and perineum.

Tips/Questions About Using A Butt Plug

Using a butt plug is very straightforward but I know for first-timers and those looking to get the most out of their butt plug like reading some tips, I definitely do and I consider myself quite an expert on sex toys and still find myself searching for tips and advice:

writing saying "go slow and easy" with a timer

How do I use anal sex toys for the first time?

  • Make sure to start slowly. It’s really important that you enter slowly, take your time and use loads of lube.

cartoon girl using anal lube

Do I have to use anal lube?

  • You don’t have to, but I always use lots of anal lube. I say this all of the time but there really is no excuses when it comes to anal pleasure. By using lots of lube your butt plug will glide in easy and feel so much better.

try a butt plug with your partner, with two cartoons handing hands

Should I use butt plugs with my partner?

  • You can use butt plugs when you’re solo or with a partner, they are really versatile.

picture of random butt plugs

Are there butt plugs for different genders?

  • Most butt plugs are unisex unless explicitly stated otherwise. Most butt plugs are either unisex, for prostate massaging or aimed towards a more feminine look (diamond, foxtails, bunny tail plugs).

the best butt plug pinterest image

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