These Are The Best Vibrating Anal Beads I’ve Used

Plain anal beads are absolutely fine, they work great, they are fun to insert and pull out and they allow a lot of people to explore anally without laying it on too thick but today I wanted to share with you something extraordinary and a sex toy that not everyone is too familiar with, something that is going to give incredible anal stimulation.

If you enjoy butt stimulation of any kind, P-spot stimulation if you’re a male, and aren’t afraid to experiment then vibrating anal beads are going to be something you love.

Whether you’re an anal beginner or know your way around down there, vibrating anal beads will knock you off your feet. The anal beads that I love can be found directly down below. They aren’t too small and they aren’t too big, they are just the perfect size for just about anyone. Flexible, made from high-quality materials, and velvety smooth, these anal beads will make anyone moan.

I didn’t know much about the whole vibrating aspect of anal beads before I tried these ones below but I knew from the reviews and from the things that I had seen mentioned online that if I thought anal beads felt amazing then I was going to think that these felt incredible.

You may be wondering…What are anal beads?

cartoon of anal beads

Anal beads are a sex toy designed for female and male anal stimulation, they consist of spheres or balls lined along the shaft of the toy and they are inserted into the anus one by one, they stimulate the prostate in the male and they feel really good for the female due to the different type of stimulation.

The removal of the anal beads is where a lot of people find the most pleasure. You pull the anal beads out quickly or slowly, depending on what you like. The vibrating element adds an exciting feature to these classic anal beads and gives you even more pleasure.

Anal beads come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, some anal beads graduate in size and some like mine keep a nice steady consistency going.

The Best Anal Beads I’ve Ever Used 

anal beads inside a girls hand

Price Check: I found the best price for these anal beads on the 21/06/2024.

The best anal beads have to be the 10 function beaded anal bead vibrator with its 3 speeds and 7 vibrations that offer you a range of different sensations that you can play around with, these vibrations can be controlled via the push button on the base of the anal vibrator so you can access them with ease and without having to fumble around.

The smooth nonporous soft silicone anal beads feel amazing as they push up inside of you as move with your natural contours due to the flexible shaft, they slide in with ease and pleasure, just be sure to always use lots of water-based lube for maximum pleasure and comfort.

These are the best anal beads I have ever found and they also aren’t just for me, they are unisex so anyone can use them comfortably. My boyfriend used them too and there is more on his prostate orgasm with them further on below so keep on reading.

Something else my boyfriend and I loved about these anal beads is that you can actually remove the vibrator from the anal base of these anal beads and use it as a clitoral stimulator (or anywhere else you see fit) making it incredibly versatile and giving you more value for money.

Key reasons why I like these vibrating anal beads:

The vibrations REALLY work: The vibrations that are emitted through the shaft travel up through the entire toy. There are 10 different speeds and patterns in total and you can feel the difference in every single one, so each time you play with these anal beads you can try something new. It is really powerful and easy to control which was something we also loved as some adult toys can require a manual to try and get them to turn off or change settings.

The Vibrations Settings (got me off): Being able to customize and find exactly what worked for me and my boyfriend best was a game-changer. For now, I have a favorite setting at the ready as does my boyfriend but it’s nice to know we have so much choice if we are just experimenting and warming up the area. I also like to slip the bullet vibrator out and use it on my clit if I want a little bit of dual stimulation (if dual stimulation is something you love then you need to read this) and experiment with different patterns and speeds always get me off in a new way.

The Flexibility (reaches parts of me I didn’t know I had): The wand anal vibrator may look small but it can actually reach up into the depths of your anus, these depths give you the ability to squirm with excitement and pleasure. It’s a smooth and flexible anal sex toy that finds its way around your inner contours with ease and if you are a male you will know what happens when you start playing around up there if you don’t let me give you a little hint, prostate orgasms, and prostate stimulation. (Aside from these anal beads my boyfriend has another firm favorite, you can see him use it here Best prostate massager).

Great place to start: If you’re new to anal or anal beading, these anal beads are a great place to really begin. Although anyone at any level can use them I find the rigid yet flexible design of these silicone anal beads allows insertion to be much easier for a first-timer and the powerful vibrations give you instant pleasure. There’s no awkward waiting around for what to do next, once they’re inserted, the pleasure begins.

The reviews of these anal beads:

I included some of the best reviews on these anal beads, there are so many more you can read through by clicking on the link down below I just included some of my favorites.

review of anal beads

review on lovehoney

review of anal beads from lovehoney

You can see all the reviews of these anal beads here.

My Full Body Orgasm Using Vibrating Anal Beads (How To Use Anal Beads)

I had used anal beads before using these vibrating anal beads so I thought that I knew what to expect. Nonetheless, I was still really excited to try them out and see what all the fuss online was about.

For me, the key to an amazing and the best orgasm is lots of foreplay, heavy petting, and teasing my clitoris. It sends my body into a spiral of ‘horny’ and I know when I do orgasm it will be intense. This day we decided to tease my clit with the bullet vibrator that is inside of these anal beads and the vibrations were INTENSE, I had to be careful not to cum every few seconds because the vibrations were just sending me over the edge and I wanted to save it.

I was so horny and just wanted every part of me filled so when I got onto all fours and my boyfriend slid the vibrating anal beads into my butt, it was hard not to scream out in pleasure.

He slipped in the vibrating anal beads on one of the less intense speeds and as soon as they were securely in place, he pressed the button and had one of the more intense speeds rippling through my body. He then thrust himself inside of my pussy and it felt fantastic (double penetration is so easy with anal beads) the only problem was he then stopped quite abruptly and told me it was because the vibrations were just too much on his cock and he was about to cum everywhere.

We went slowly but I could tell he was biting his tongue and trying his hardest not to cum, this was really turning me on, and the position I was in meant he was directly pushing against my G-spot with his cock. This mixed with the intense anal vibrations, my earlier clit play and my general horny mood meant I erupted into orgasm before I could even warn my boyfriend. As I started to cum he came inside of me and we were both moaning and gasping for breath.

Later we talked about it and he told me that the vibrations from the anal vibrator, my moaning, and the stimulation from my pussy had given him an amazing orgasm, however, I don’t think it could top my orgasm which felt like my entire body was dreaming. The anal vibrations mixed with the G-spot stimulation were enough for me as I came so hard it actually hurt when I stood up.

There are way more intimate stories like this one from couples and singles who want to share their erotic adventures with you over in my members-only area. Come and join us and see what all the fuss is about.

My Boyfriend Had A Prostate Orgasm (The male G-spot)

messed up bed

I had read so many reviews that the vibrating anal beads were a hidden gem for men, so many people had mentioned how incredible their P-spot orgasm was and that they definitely weren’t expecting it and so we decided my boyfriend was going to try it out.

My boyfriend has adventured into anal play a lot but he can still sometimes shy away from it and so it was really nice to see that he was not put off at all by the anal beads, however, if you are new to anything to do with butt stuff my anal beads are not intimidating whatsoever, they aren’t phallus-shaped which puts some men off the idea of ass play and they are unisex so you can both enjoy them without anyone feeling weird about ass play.

We made sure our anal beads were thoroughly clean (always ensure this is the case whether you are sharing your anal beads or not), applied lots of water-based lube, and got to work.

If you read my blog you may already know this but my boyfriend and I once tried using a pegging sex toy and we had some interesting results so he was intrigued and excited to be using this vibrating anal bead sex toy.

My boyfriend doesn’t shy away from anything but he can still be a little bit hesitant about butt play. We made sure that he was really horny and I made sure to give him an amazing blowjob before I went near his butt. I also wouldn’t let him cum I just let him ‘edge’ and worked him up to the point of orgasm, it was driving him crazy. If you want to learn the art of edging find out here.

With the anal vibrating anal beads lubed up, the lowest speed selected, I slowly worked in this sex toy whilst my boyfriend lay on his back and I had his cock in my mouth. Because of the gradual beaded shape of this sex toy, it’s easy to work in slowly and it’s not intimidating once you start getting further up the shaft so it’s a nice controlled insertion.

I fully inserted the vibrating anal beads and turned up the vibrations whilst sucking on his penis, my boyfriend had his head back and his mouth wide open as if he was trying hard not to scream at the top of his lungs.

It wasn’t long before he started to cum, the warm liquid filled my mouth and then a warm milky liquid slowly left his ass as he came so hard. I slowly pulled out the anal beads as he kept on cumming with each pull. I could see his whole body tense up as the sensations filled him and he struggled to make a noise, he was in absolute ecstasy.

His prostate orgasm was overwhelmingly intense, he enjoyed it so much and now these vibrating anal beads are constantly used by one of us.

How To Have An Anal Orgasm With Anal Beads

Here are a few things that we both do to improve the chances of us achieving an anal orgasm when using anal beads. It’s easier for my boyfriend to reach one, this is down to the p-spot, which is the male g-spot when stimulated this will give him a different type of orgasm and it’s almost always achieved through ass play. For me, anal orgasms can sometimes be a little harder to achieve and I need a little more stimulation in other areas before my body will release and allow me to cum anally. Using anal beads can really intensify a normal vaginal or clitoral orgasm if you begin to slowly pull out the anal beads as you begin to cum.

Have a vaginal orgasm first

stick man giving oral pleasure to stick woman

With men I would suggest edging him as I mentioned before and not letting him cum, really building him up. For women, start by having a normal orgasm, tease, build yourself up, get horny and then finally insert this toy and cum again or try ‘edging’ just like I mentioned for males, get yourself to the point of orgasm, and then stop. It’s really hard not to cum but it makes your end orgasm so incredible and it’ll really loosen things up down there for easy insertion.

Warm your butt up

silhouette of ladies legs and butt

Lick, touch, and finger your/your partner’s butt, warm up, and get yourself ready. You can also use other smaller sex toys inside of your butt (like the beginner dildo mentioned here) to get yourself ready. Even though anal beads are small it’s a good idea to prepare the area, this will make it a lot easier to insert and prevent any discomfort. Just remember to always go slow, take your time, and use lots of suitable lube.

Find a sex position you’re comfortable in

cartoon stickmen and women in different sex positions

I came in ‘doggy style’, with my partner’s cock rubbing against my g-spot, this vibrator touching my a-spot, and his hand grasping my ass firmly. My boyfriend came whilst laying on his back, me blowing him and slowly inserting the anal beads.

Find the position that works for both of you and run with it. Don’t do something you have seen in porn, do a sex position that you’re both comfortable in and one that feels good. It may take you a few times before you find a sex position that you feel is the right one to do with anal beads inserted.

Use High-Quality Anal Lube

Bottle of organic anal lube

It’s really important to use the right lube and doing so means you will avoid friction, make your sex toy more comfortable, stop any soreness, and allow you to enjoy your sex toy with ease.

I tried out the best anal lube and found it was amazing with sex toys and dick, a little goes a long way, and with anal play, it was a real game-changer as its an area that doesn’t naturally lube itself up like the vagina, this stuff just stays put and allows anal sex to happen fluidly.

Clean your butt (feel comfortable)

bucket of cleaning equipment

Both my boyfriend and I like to shower before any kind of butt play, including playing with anal beads as it makes us feel more comfortable and it’s more of a courtesy and respect for the other person.

We shower beforehand, sometimes I like to use a douche but just washing the area with unscented soap is adequate, and depending on what sex toy we are using or what kind of anal play we feel like I will lay down a towel on our bed or put on some dark bed sheets.

You should always feel comfortable with your partner so that if anything were to get messy it wouldn’t be an issue but taking a few extra measures never hurts and can help you to relax.

Go slow & use the toy alone first

dildo thrusting into cartoon silhouette of woman

I didn’t need to, as I’ve tried loads of anal toys over the years and I do enjoy anal stretching, but if this is your first anal sex toy or even the first time you may be using anal beads, use them alone, take your time and feel them out. Test out the speed and play with the different patterns, learn how they feel inside of your body, and make sure you know how they work. It will make using any adult toy with a partner a lot smoother and will make sure you get the best pleasure possible.

Questions About Anal Sex & Anal Beads

Questions about anal sex

I thought I would answer some of the most asked questions I get when I talk about anything concerning anal sex toys. I thought these questions would fit in nicely with anything to do with anal beads.

  • Will my boyfriend get poop on him?

There’s always a small chance that things will get messy, you need to have that in mind. However, showering beforehand, using an anal douche, and making sure you have towels down will help you to prevent a mess.

  • How to prepare for anal?

To answer this question I will just run you through some of the steps that I take. Firstly showering, ensuring the area is nice and clean is the most important step. Secondly, something I don’t see mentioned a lot is to make sure you have already pooped that day, preferably a couple of hours beforehand. Next, prepare the area with smaller sex toys, and thirdly, just relax. You can also check out this full guide to anal sex, it’s one of the best I’ve ever read.

  • Is there a way to completely stop the chances of poop?

The best advice I can give to you is to not eat anything like Taco Bell the night before, use a douche, clean yourself thoroughly beforehand and make sure you have pooped during the day before you try butt play and this should really minimize your chances. However, there is always a small chance so putting down a towel and being comfortable with your partner is key.

  • How to stop anal tearing?

Be gentle, take your time, and stay in control (tell your man NOT to thrust like it’s porn). It may be that you need to just slowly work your way inside every day, just go slowly and listen to your body. Anal lube also helps with preventing tearing. Anal sex should never hurt, it will be slightly uncomfortable but it should never be painful.

  • How does anal sex feel?

From a woman’s perspective, anal sex feels amazing, I love the sensation of feeling ‘full’, and when being anally penetrated it feels totally different from vaginal sex. It’s hard to explain but the A-spot stimulation makes me feel so kinky. My boyfriend says that it feels totally different to anything you can imagine, having your prostate stimulated is a whole other experience and the pleasure you feel shuts out any of the thoughts you may be having about experimenting with butt stuff.

  • Do you let your boyfriend cum inside your butt?

Yes, I do. My boyfriend loves to cum inside of me and it is an amazing sensation for me. I let him cum more inside of my butt than I do my pussy!

If you have anything you want to add or find out about anal beads, just leave it all in the comments below and I will get back to you on the same day.

Jess <3

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