My boyfriend chokes me during sex

guy grabbing girls breast

It’s taboo, but I love being dominated and choked during sex. My boyfriend uncovered this part of me and I’ll go into detail about the first time he choked me and tell you about the amazing orgasms I have using his choking technique.

The male vibrator that gave my boyfriend the best orgasm of his life

Blonde woman laying on bed in black lingerie

Never heard of male vibrators, but after getting recommended I had to get my boyfriend one. It lead to him having some of the best orgasms of his life and he now uses this toy over all his over sex toys. This is a review/guide on how you can have the same sensation and experience.

The roleplay ideas my boyfriend and I do in the bedroom

woman ontop of boyfriend on bed

If you’re not careful sex can quickly become a boring thing that is done for release over pleasure. When this started happening to me and my boyfriend we sat down and created this list of all the hottest roleplay ideas and started ticking them off, I found so much about myself and my own sexual desires and so did my boyfriend.

I squirted during deep penetration sex

girl in sexy underwear

I used to always be a small sex toy kind of girl, I didn’t like big objects inside me, be it a penis or a sex toy. Then I hooked up with this random guy (one of my best friends, friends) and he was, how can I say it, hung, I’m talking one of the biggest penises I’ve ever seen. I was nervous, but after some amazing foreplay he entered me and within 10 minutes gave me a squirting orgasm, a little embarrassing, but it felt so good.

A one-night stand licked my ass for the first time

girl in sexy underwear

I met a stranger on Tinder and it ended with his tongue licking and f**king my ass for the first time. It was one of the hottest experiences I’ve had and I’m actually glad I let a stranger lick and f**k my ass for the first time.

I had my first real full body orgasm (guide + Story)

girl in underwear on bed

I couldn’t believe this much pleasure was possible when I had my first full body orgasm, it lasted minutes, took my breath away and left me laying in a puddle of my own wetness. I’m going to tell you how it happened and how you can experience the same type of orgasm.

How I dominate my boyfriends penis with my hands

hands covering breasts

I think handjobs are underrated, I love giving my boyfriend a nice handjob and I’ve found that the best type of handjobs are the ones I take full control, using hand domination, lifting my boyfriend’s penis up and stroking it like I own it.