I squirted during deep penetration sex

Updated: 16/08/2023

I am taking you back about 10 years with this story, 10 years ago when I squirted during deep penetration. It had never happened before and it had never happened again until a few years ago when I learned more about my body and discovered different experiences.

I met this guy at work, he was nice and always made an effort to include me and made sure I felt comfortable. It really helped that he was a drop-dead gorgeous, beautiful tanned body, muscular, with short dark hair, dark eyes, and just an overall hottie.

Every day I went to work with excitement to talk to him, he gave me butterflies whenever I spoke to him and I could tell he was attracted to me as much as I was to him. I think we both knew we weren’t romantically ever going to go anywhere but sexually we were 100% on the same level.

It sounds so cliche but I found myself exposing more of my cleavage than I ever did and wearing shorter skirts. I found myself getting horny and wet at work, just the thought of turning him on and having him watch me from afar was driving me wild.

After a few days of this intense atmosphere he strolled up to me after work and asked if I would like to go for a drink, I didn’t even try and play hard to get I just said yes.

We met in this casual bar a few blocks from his apartment, it was filled with people but it had an electric atmosphere, just like the one that was rumbling through us both. We talked and talked exchanging little side glances, drinking beers, and as the night went on we slowly began exchanging little touches.

Before I knew it we were stumbling through the door to his apartment, giggling at the cliche of it all. However, once we were in the silly slightly drunk feeling was exchanged with red-hot passion, We couldn’t remove our clothes quickly enough, we were like animals.

His body was so amazing, I wanted to run my fingers over it forever.

He caressed my body and made me feel like a million dollars, when he saw my breasts he gasped and smiled, it was like my body was the best body he had ever seen.

It was until he removed his boxers that it was me that gasped. His cock was huge. Rock hard and huge.

He looked at me as if I was going to say no to it but I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more. The night seemed to last forever of us going down on one another, thrusting his huge cock in and out of me and fu**ing like pornstars. It was so erotic and a time I look back on a lot.

Whilst thrusting I felt myself having an urge to pee ever so slightly, but it just felt so damn good that I didn’t want him to stop. And then it happened…

…I squirted all over the bed and his cock. This made him cum because it was so erotic. We both laughed but it felt so good for me that we just carried on doing what we were doing for hours.

The next morning we woke up naked next to one another, had sex in the shower one last time, and parted ways. A few weeks after that he left our office and I never saw him again.

I think this encounter set off my urge for large sex toys and fisting sex toys. He just knew what he was doing with his cock and left me in a dripping wet patch beneath me and it was amazing.

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How To Have Deep Penetration Sex (Like Him)

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I thought I would explain a little more about how deep penetration is done, I wanted to highlight some of the things he did so you can become a deep penetration master.

Be gentle, firm, and take control of me


Although we were like animals when we were taking each other’s clothes off, He made sure to caress my body and take total control of me. He was really gentle but still sure of himself and made sure to be firm with me. I found this really arousing and the gentleness mixed with the deep thrusts was incredible. He hit my G-spot every time but didn’t make me feel like he was just jamming himself inside of me.

Warm up & Get me aroused

vagina warm up technique

I was already extremely aroused but he went down on me and performed some amazing oral sex, it was like he was dancing with his tongue on my clit. This drove me wild and made me even hornier which I didn’t think was possible, I know that one of the reasons I squirted and had so amazing deep penetration sex is because I was so aroused. Use something like my favorite luxury vibrator to warm up your pussy and bring you to that sweet orgasm.

Start with my legs open…

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When he entered me my legs were wide open, I was fairly inexperienced and although I was incredibly horny his cock was still massive and it was a struggle to get him in. Once he was in, he made the thrusts slow but deep, and as I became more aroused and my pussy accommodated him, he made sure to slowly begin to close my legs around him. It felt amazing for us both.

Slowly thrust deep into my pussy

dildo thrust techniques

All girls are different, start slow and shallow, then deep and slow, then if she likes it, deep and fast. Keep rhythm, don’t stop, and tell me how good I feel. He entered me slowly and deep and then gradually increased his thrusting speed before slowing it down again.

The best deep penetration position

dildo sex position

There are a few positions that feel AMAZING when having deep penetration sex, here are just a few of my favorites and a few that we did that night.

  • Face down 

With your face down and legs open, this feels amazing as it really allows the cock to get up inside of you. You can also try putting your legs together as he thrusts inside but this can be tricky if he has a big penis.

  • Doggy style (legs closed)

Doggy style is one of my favorites as it allows you to go deep, stimulate your G-spot and it isn’t too uncomfortable. You can also try to close your legs for added stimulation.

  • Stand up doggy style (legs close together)

Stand up against the wall, spread your legs, and then close them again when he’s inside of you. This position works best if the person doing the penetrating is taller than you.

  • Cowgirl

Cowgirl allows you to ease yourself in and it makes sure that the cock hits against your G-spot. It also allows you to grind on the penis and control the thrusts.

  • Missionary 

Missionary is one of the easiest positions, feels wonderful, and with a sex pillow under your back, your G-spot is sure to be stimulated.

How Can A Man With An Average Penis Have DP (Deep Penetration) Sex?

penis size chart

Just because you don’t have a giant penis it doesn’t mean you can’t experience deep penetration as there are lots of ways you can actually do this even with an average cock.

Pick your position (like I said above)

Pick the right position for you, if you’re smaller than your partner it’s no use trying a standing-up maneuver.

Close her legs tight together

Closing her legs tight together feels amazing for you both as it makes her tighter and allows you to experience wonderful sensations, it will also make you feel bigger inside of her.

Wear a cock ring

A cock ring will help you get harder and keep your erection for longer, this is my boyfriend’s favorite cock ring, it also vibrates so it feels great for me and gives him added stimulation.

Wear a penis extender (my boyfriend does)

This is one of the best ways that I know where you can simulate deep penetration, it feels really believable and gives me amazing stimulation. By wearing a penis extender you can make deep penetration a possibility and it feels out of this world.

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