The first time I swallowed my boyfriend’s cum (should you spit or swallow?)

Updated: 17/08/2023

Giving blowjobs is one of my favorite things to do, I get so much pleasure out of pleasing my boyfriend and luckily he loves receiving blowjobs and is always there to satisfy my need.

When we first got together I had never really swallowed anyone’s cum before, I had always let them cum on my face or anywhere in general so swallowing cum was quite new to me when my boyfriend and I first got together.

I knew that we were on a whole new sexual level than had ever been on before with previous partners so after a while I let him in on how much I love giving blowjobs and how nobody had ever actually cum inside my mouth. I wanted my boyfriend to release himself inside of my mouth and fill that warm liquid as it oozed down my throat.

I was actually nervous and the first few times of trying I actually backed out and let him cum all over my face, I was just scared that I wouldn’t like the taste or the sensation of his orgasm.

One day I just decided it was time, I was enthusiastically sucking his cock, using my tongue all over the tip of penis, deepthroating and making it was slippery wet. You should read my tips on how to suck a big dick

When he was about to cum he pushed my head back as if to say ‘if you don’t move now, I will cum inside of your mouth’. I stayed put and his eyes widened as it realized what was about to happen and he allowed himself to cum inside my mouth.

The warm liquid shot down my throat and I just kept on sucking his cock and licking up the cum. He was moaning so loudly.

I loved doing it so much, seeing the smile on his face was priceless and I got over my fear. I now have a bit of a kink for his cum and beg for him to cum inside my mouth nearly every time I give him a blowjob.

Should You Spit or Swallow?

woman in cute fishnet stockings laying on bedReally it’s up to you, you should never feel pressured to swallow if spitting makes you happier just spit out. Just ask yourself these questions before you decide if you’re going to spit or swallow:

Do you hate or love the idea of it?

Does the idea of swallowing cum turn you on? Do you feel anything about it? or Does it make you feel a little uneasy?

Really think to yourself and decide what you would prefer.

Do you really like the guy (don’t waste it on someone you don’t care about)

What I mean by this is if you’re just doing it for the sake of doing it and you don’t really like the idea, then don’t do it. It doesn’t make a blowjob any better so if you’re not 100% comfortable with the guy you’re with then don’t feel like you have to do it.

Are you being forced, pressured, or blackmailed (you do this, I’ll do this) into doing it?

If yes, don’t.

I know this may seem extreme but so many men and women are pressured into swallowing, they are told that they have to do it or the blowjob is rubbish, and all manner of other things.

Do it when you really want to, not because of peer pressure.

Are you ready?

If you’re sucking dick and having sex, you’re probably ready to give it a try and see if you like it. More importantly, if you’re having sex with someone you 100% trust and want to have fun with, there’s no harm in trying it out and if you like it, great, if you don’t, that’s fine too.

What does cum taste like?

womans mouth

Cum has a really hard to describe the taste as I am learning as of right now. It tastes slightly salty with a hint of cleaner. However, I have met men who have slightly sweeter cum and men whose cum smelt utterly revolting.

You can tell what a man’s cum is going to taste like just by letting him cum on your face or his own belly if it is really strong it will taste quite strong and if it doesn’t have an overly strong smell then it will taste of less.

However, do bear in mind that usually, you are going to only taste his cum slightly as it will go straight down your throat but if it is overly smelly I probably wouldn’t swallow it or have him cum in my mouth.

How To Make Cum Taste Better

If your partner’s cum doesn’t taste too appetizing and has an overwhelming scent, there are a few things you can do to get his cum to taste better.

Get him to eat healthy foods (fruit, veg, drink more water)

healthy food

These help to make him healthy and thus make his cum taste better, I don’t know how it works but it does. Healthy cum tastes and smells a whole lot better.

Cut out the junk food

junk food

Refined sugar, greasy food, fizzy drinks

All of this stuff makes your cum taste really bad, cut it out and see how the smell gets less noticeable and your cum tastes better.

Drink loads of water and avoid fizzy drinks


This is so important, water is so good at cleaning you out and ensuring your body is working properly. Drinking water alongside eating healthier will give you lovely cum.

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Enjoy Sucking Your Dick

Keep it cleaned

Make sure you wash before a blowjob (if possible) and when in the shower give everything a good scrub, this includes your penis, butt, gouche (do this daily). Nobody wants to go down on a smelly cock.

Stay well groomed

I hate the word but manscaping is a real thing and will make a difference. You don’t need to shave every single pubic hair but tidying up a little bit down there won’t do you any harm.

Give her amazing oral sex

When my boyfriend pleasures me I return the favor. I love giving blowjobs but returning the favor is always accepted, it’s also a great way to show each other just how much you love to see them cum. I find the more enthusiastic my boyfriend is with my clit, the more enthusiastic I am with his cock. Remember, it works both ways.

Find the right girl

Some girls love oral sex, some don’t and If it really matters to you, find someone who loves doing it and not someone who does it even though they don’t particularly like it.

Get some oral sex accessories

Oral sex accessories make oral sex so much more enjoyable for both parties and I really recommend them, especially if you want to up your oral sex game. Here are some of my favorites:

oral sex mints

These oral sex mints subtly numb your mouth and throat so you can deep throat the penis without worrying about gagging and the minty taste freshens your breath and feels good on his penis.

You just suck on one a few minutes before you give head and you will feel a slightly numbing sensation inside your mouth, it doesn’t last for ages, I would say for me it lasts around 10 minutes which is plenty of time to give amazing head and go deep without any worries.

bottle of deep throat spray

This is the deep throat oral anesthetic spray, you spritz a small amount at the back of your throat before oral sex and the spray numbs your throat so you can go deep. It’s also ideal for people who want to swallow cum but don’t like deepthroating, having a numbing spray will allow you to do this with ease as you won’t be able to feel anything.

It’s safe to use and doesn’t last for longer than 10-15 minutes, it just allows you to really use your best moves during oral sex and feel confident whilst doing it.

What Good Oral Sex Will Do To A Guy

sex texts between my boyfriend

The majority of guys love oral sex, especially my boyfriend. He loves how enthusiastic I am about it and will do anything for me in order to get me to blow him.

I also urge you to read this article on hand domination and how I take total control of my boyfriend’s cock.

We like being kinky so my boyfriend will often put on some porn whilst I surprise him with a blowjob where he finishes in my mouth, using the oral sex spray makes this so much easier by the way.

Having good oral sex often makes him so happy, it makes me happy and it often results in me also getting some incredible head.

If you want some intense, uncensored erotic stories come and join me inside of my erotic members-only area.


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  1. I saw you used a dating app to find a third for a threesome. My wife are interested in a threesome but having a hard time finding out how to go about the process. Dating apps are for the singles so how do you go about the process and what sites would you recommend. Thank you Jess.
    Love your stories

    • Thank you so much for your comment. My boyfriend and I use dating apps, there are ones you can use to specifically find a threesome you just have to do some searching. There are also forums and websites, just type in your location and some buzzwords (like threesomes, couple sharing, wife swap) and you will come across sites or forums that will be able to help you.

  2. I love swallowing cum I have deepthroated a 13 cock so much it blistered the back of my throat and he shot a fucking load it was awesome

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