The Time My Boyfriend Used Clit Clamps On Me – How to Use Clit Clamps

Updated: 02/10/2022

Clitoral clamps had always piqued my interest, seeing them in porn videos and reading about people using them made me want to learn more about them but one thing kept putting me off.

The name (clit clamp).

The word ‘clamp’ just felt like it was going to hurt and although I am a HUGE BDSM fan (This is my favorite BDSM sex kit) I still didn’t want to hurt my clit.

My clit is so sensitive and I just didn’t know if using a clitoral clamp was going to be for me. However, I decided to do my research and it turns out that a clitoral clamp actually shouldn’t hurt, at all, yes clit clamps are used a lot in BDSM but they aren’t a torture device, they just make your clit feel really good.

That was the only confirmation I needed and with that, I ordered myself these inexpensive clit clamps and waited eagerly for the post to be delivered.

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What is a clitoral clamp (clit clamp)?

what are clitoral clamps

Are you wondering what are genital clamps? A clit clamp firstly has many different names that I wish were more popular as they sound far less intimidating, these are just a few: Clit jewelry, genital clamps, clit clips, and pleasure clips.

A clit clamp is a device that you gently place on your clitoris and it provides stimulation to the clitoris as it gently presses against the nerve endings. It’s ideal for those who don’t like stimulation via a vibration or for those like me who just want to try something new and exciting.

You only leave the clit clamp on for 10 minutes and once you take it off your clit is aroused, really sensitive, and more pronounced. It’s virtually like what a nipple clamp does except it’s for your pussy.

Playing with the clit whilst the clit clamp is attached feels amazing but feels even more amazing for me once it’s off and all of the nerve endings are incredibly aroused inside my clit. Every touch feels explosive. It is a unique experience!

How To Put A Clitoral Clamp On…

how to put on clitoral clamp

How to use a clit clamp

It can be quite tricky to get on but I do recommend drawing some sort of stimulation to your clit before putting on the clit clip as it makes it more pronounced and easier to get on.

You can do this by using a vibrator, having your partner go down on you, and whatever else gets you off really!

I do find it’s also a good idea to test the clamp on your earlobe before putting it on your clit to ensure it’s not too tight, the last thing you want is for your clit to be in pain.

How did your clit feel once the clit clamp was on?

stick woman masturbating

When the clamp was still on it felt amazing and you can still have sex, oral and other types of stimulation.

However, taking it off and feeling your clit is where the magic really happens for me. As soon as it’s off I feel tingles and enhanced sensations in my clit without even touching it. it feels like it’s throbbing and when I go to touch it or if my boyfriend goes down on me, everything that felt good better feels a million times better.

All of the blood is drawn into your clit so it’s like having an ultra-sensitive clit.

Once it’s off it’s up to you how you get yourself off. I like to use a vibrator but I know some women like their partners to go down on them and some can even get themselves off without even doing anything.

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How did your vibrator feel?

vibrator with clitoral clamp

I love using my vibrator (this is the vibrator I use) after using my clit clamps, the powerful sensations from the vibrator are incredible and when mixed with my aroused and ultra-sensitive clit, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Because the clit is so sensitive and the nerve endings have all been stimulated and brought to the surface the vibrator feels so intense and I am guaranteed to orgasm almost instantly and intensely again and again.

Tell me, was the orgasm different?

orgasm animation

In short, let me just tell you that it makes me feel like I’m finding my clitoris for the very first time again and it’s f**king awesome.

Because of how sensitive the clit is the orgasm (I find) is so much more intense.

My boyfriend was gobsmacked watching me cum, he was so turned on seeing me scream out in ecstasy.

I find that because the clit clamp draws blood and increases the blood flow into the clit and brings all of the nerve endings into play, the orgasm is more powerful as there is more being stimulated.

It brings my clit to life and I always look forward to using my clit clamp. It’s funny because I was so worried about using it thinking it would hurt and a bit too much for my clit but in fact, my clit needed it and I find myself begging for the clamp when it’s not around.

The Best Clamp I’ve Used (What It Looks Like):

Lovehoney clitoral clamps on white background

Price checked the cheapest place to buy these clitoral clamps on 19/05/2024.

Not as scary as you imagined right?

These are my favorite clitoral clamps and they are so simple to use.

Stimulate your clitoris, apply some lube, place your clit inside the two soft silicone purple ends, and gently slide the ring up to where you feel comfortable and where your clit feels firmly pinched.

It’s safe and easy to use and although cheap compared to other clit clamps I have found the best results with these.

When you know how the clitoral clamps work and how they aren’t actually just for BDSM enthusiasts and they actually are just pretty innocent and help you achieve an amazing orgasm, you realize that clit clamps should be in everyone’s bedside cabinet and shouldn’t be shied away from.

Top Tips For Using Clit Clamps

woman in beautiful red and black flowery braUsing clit clamps can be a little bit tricky so I found all of the things that I struggled with and made a little Q&A of all the top tips and information on using clit clamps on your body so you can get the most out of yours. If you have any other questions just leave them in the comments below. Make sure that you also try a vibrating clit clamp!

Always put them on yourself!

I like to always take my clit clamps and put them on my clit myself, that way I can make sure I get the perfect amount of squeeze and I ensure it feels good. Once my clit clamps are on my boyfriend can do what he wants but I always make sure to apply them myself.

I recommend you do this too, especially if you’re new to clit clamps. You really don’t want any pain and you want to get the most from your clit clamps so applying them correctly is really important.

Also, make sure to use lube or a stimulating gel to really get the juices flowing before applying the clit clamps. You can get the clit aroused in any way you want but the quickest way is to use stimulating gel.

Take your time

Don’t rush into things, just see what feels good and experiment with that. If you’re with your partner, communicate with them, and tell them what you like and what feels good.

When I first started using clit clamps with my boyfriend he had to re-learn what I liked when the clit clamps came off because I was way more sensitive. He knew to be firm but gentle and he knew that my orgasm was about to explode all over his face.

You may not get it right the first time but you just need to test things out and learn what you like and what your clit likes.

Use a small, pinpoint vibrator

This pointed vibrator is a true hero when it comes to direct, pinpoint stimulation which is exactly what I feel I need after using the clamps.

The pinpoint stimulation is ideal as it means no nerve ending goes untouched and every part of my clitoris is engulfed by incredible sensations.

If you enjoy vibration stimulation you are going to love it even more after using the clit clamps.

Be ready to want oral sex BADLY (addicted to my man’s tongue)

I don’t know if this applies to EVERY woman but for me and from the things I have read, a lot of women have this. As soon as the clamp is off, oral sex just feels magical.

I think it personally has something to do with the softness of the tongue mixed with the heightened sensitivity, they are just a match made in heaven, and trust me it feels so freaking good.

I love using my vibrator now and again, especially when my boyfriend isn’t around but if the option for oral is there, I want it and I crave it.

My boyfriend gently removes the clamp and teases me to orgasm with his tongue, I am usually dripping wet and turned into a completely ravenous sex freak.

Mix it with nipple clamps

I mentioned earlier in this article that clit clamps work like nipple clamps, they draw blood into the area and make them way more sensitive.

Something I love to do is mix nipple clamps and clit clamps, putting them all on at the same time and then removing them altogether and enjoying the sensations.

My favorite nipple clamps actually match my clit clamps, they work exactly the same and feel just as amazing when removed. They are actually now capable of giving me a nipple orgasm (how I had my first nipple orgasm).

Don’t be scared to drop the sex toy and get back to your fingers

Some people find it just so much better to touch themselves or let their partner touch them with no sex toys, just their fingers. You might be one of those people but you need to learn before you can know. I assumed a vibrator would feel the best for me and it did but then I tried oral after and it is very hard for me to decide between the two and I still go from one to the other.

woman taking sexy selfie in mirror in flowery lingerie and silk dressing gown
Have a lovely day, Jess <3
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