The Most Realistic Sex Dolls Ever Made

I mentioned in this article that I wrote: I just came hard using a sex machine that my boyfriend and I have decided not to have threesomes with actual people for a while, instead we have decided to use things like sex machines and sex dolls to try and emulate that part of our life and try and take our sex life into a different direction.

We both are extremely sexual people and with the help of sex toys and this blog our sex life has never been better and threesomes are not needed anymore with the kind of sex toys that keep coming through our door. We also just wanted to personally put a little pause on them kind of things for a while.

You may be wondering how threesomes have anything to do with sex dolls but for us they do, I know some people use sex dolls for solo masturbation, some people use sex dolls in the bedroom alone and some use them more like a love doll which means essentially they are used for intimate or companionable company. There are so many reasons that people use sex dolls and for us, it’s to simulate a third person in the bedroom without the need of a real-life threesome, and sometimes we will even use our sex dolls alone when the other person is away, it’s like being with a real-life person and it beats masturbation.

I love male and female sex dolls, however, we do have more female sex dolls as they are easier to get hold of, you get way more products to choose from and my boyfriend much prefers a female sex doll as after all he is the one that actually takes advantage of the openings! but for us, what matters most is the more realistic the love dolls the better. I love it to be believable and to lose myself in the fantasy of being with another person.

Sex dolls make me super wet and horny and they make my boyfriend extremely hard and horny, he could cum by just watching me suck off or lick out our sex dolls.

Today I wanted to share with you all of our favorite and most realistic sex dolls, all are from the site we buy the majority of our sex toys from, we have a huge collection and we always go back here. They are trustworthy, produce fantastic quality sex toys, and are discreet super discreet with their shipping.

What Is A Sex Doll?

Sex dolls, also known as love dolls are primarily masturbation tools, they are usually modeled to look and mimic real-life females, this entails having things like a realistic vagina and anus and with some dolls a full realistic life-sized body. Dolls can come in all shapes and sizes, they offer realistic internal and external sensations (dolls for sex) and for some people, they offer a sense of companionship, for others they are purely sexy and luxurious masturbation tools. Silicone sex dolls are some of the most popular types of dolls but they do also come in different materials such as soft plastic.

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The Most Realistic Sex Doll I’ve Tried

Super realistic sex doll of a woman

First on my list is this incredible sex doll. I have never owned something so lifelike, each and every detail that has gone into crafting this amazing love doll has been done with pure exquisite, and precise detail.

I do go into detail on one of my favorite experiences with this love doll a bit further on below so if you want to know what we do with Jenna and how horny she makes me and my boyfriend, just keep on reading.

Jenna (we still call her that!) is slim, is 5’4 inches in height, and has some incredibly squeezable 30DD boobs.

Everything about her could pass off as realistic and lifelike, even the tiny details matter and we have found that even right down to her fingernails you can expect realism. She’s an ideal addition to the bedroom of a couple looking for an extremely realistic threesome, a bit of girl-on-girl action, a cheating fantasy, or whatever really gets you going and she’s also perfect for people who are solo and looking for something a lot more realistic than any fleshlight of male masturbator out there.

You can kiss and insert your cock into Jenna’s mouth, ass, and tight pussy and all have been crafted for added realism so you can really lose yourself in your fantasies and sessions. Made from high-quality TPE materials this silicone sex doll offers safe satisfaction at a moment’s notice.

She is the most realistic doll I have ever had and she is amazing to use in the bedroom. Making sure you clean out any sexual doll is essential to keeping it in the best condition and Jenna makes that boring task really easy and actually quite erotic.

I love watching her with my boyfriend and he loves watching me go down on her. Her pussy and ass feel amazing to finger and thrust into and so does her mouth, she’s just incredible, I can’t recommend her enough.

The Other Best Sex Dolls That I Have Used

I thought I’d add a few other amazing sex dolls at different budgets and with different sensations.

THRUST Pro Elite (Alana)

realistic male masturbator

this sex doll is in the permanent doggy style, which I love as I love watching my boyfriend pound away at her ass as I sit back and touch myself.

She is heavy so she shouldn’t topple over whenever you begin thrusting away, she is modeled with realism so her tight vaginal canal and anal canal give you realistic and lifelike sensations. What we also like about her is the fact that she is smaller than Jenna above and as much as we love her, it can sometimes be easier to just use something smaller every now and again.

She also has squeezable skin that I just LOVE spanking, it’s so satisfying. I also love looking at her realistic wet pussy after I have applied water-based lube.

Both of her holes are very tight (so my boyfriend says), she’s easy to clean and she is a wonderful addition to our growing sex dolls collection. She always is there whenever we need something quick and keeping her under the sheets, having just her ass poking out makes her even more realistic than she already is.

Pipedream Extreme Doll

girl laying on back masturbator

This Pipedream doll gives you the best of all three worlds. A tight anus with a realistically textured canal and pursed entrance, a tight aroused vagina complete with a clitoris, labia, and a canal that grips and caresses your penis, AND large 36DD breasts that are perky and begging to be squeezed and fucked.

We love to use this doll just like we use to use the others, as an addition to our bedroom. We like to use her as a third party in a threesome, I like to suck on her breasts as my boyfriend thrusts deep inside of her holes.

Silicone sex dolls like this one are so easy to clean and so sensual to look at, just writing this is turning me on. I think I am going to have to get her out so that we play with her tonight.

The Realistic Dude Doll From Pipedream

male sex doll

A little different from our other love dolls but this male sex doll makes a welcome change every now and again, especially for me.

Made from realistic Fanta Flesh (which is incredible stuff) this male sex doll feels just like the real thing and is so much fun to play with for both me and my boyfriend. He has an incredibly erect penis that feels so good inside of me and a tight anal opening that I have tried pegging and my boyfriend has played with this a few times.

I love this male sex doll, it’s so much fun to have an extra man for me to play with from time to time and because we also have lots of females too there are plenty of scenarios for us to explore with our dolls.

THRUST Pro Elite (Katya)

cheap butt and vagina sex toy

I mentioned earlier in this article that I do love when dolls are in doggy style and this Thrust pro doll does just that. She constantly has her textured tight ass in the air along with her detailed vagina and labia just begging to be touched and fucked by you.

She’s extremely tight and requires lots of water-based lube (which is the safest to use with sex toys).

My boyfriend does like to use this doll a lot on his own as it can get pretty messy and it feels just like thrusting into a real pussy and ass. The textures inside of this one are something he always remarks upon, if we are together using it he tells me that he can sometimes forget who is who.

THRUST Pro Elite (Alicia)

high quality sex doll laying on its back

We like to keep her on her back so that we can enjoy her body but this realistic sex doll looks just as sexual and ready for sex no matter how you have her laying down. This love doll has pert breasts that make me enviable, a tight and tiny waist, and two entry canals that are ribbed to absolute perfection and are detailed for utter realism and realistic sensations.

This doll feels amazing to plunge into, I love squeezing her breasts as my boyfriend plays with her pussy and I even enjoy going down on her and licking at her pink fleshy pussy, which unsurprisingly really turns my boyfriend on.

I love this sex doll, the quality is outstanding, and like with all love dolls if cared for properly it will last for as long as you need it.

Tiana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator

black sex doll with ass and vagina

The Tiana ribbed masturbator comes in both a light and dark skin tone, I wanted to showcase our dark-skinned one as I think it’s absolutely delicious and gave us one of the kinkiest nights we have ever had.

She is in a constant doggy-style position, where she shows off her tight and pursed anus and a pink fleshy vagina, these visuals are so sexually appealing and it’s hard to say no when you’re looking and feeling them. She’s so much fun to spank and caress, I just love rubbing my hands all over her realistic ass.

This sex doll is also really heavy, although I had been pre-warned via the website I was shocked by the sheer weight of it, it adds so much authenticity to the sex dolls when they make them like this and this weight prevents it from falling around and tipping over during sex, which is such a pain.

My Favorite Experience With A Sex Doll

woman laying on bed in pink and black panties with pink top

This next bit is going to get a little bit kinky and a little bit NSFW, I just wanted to give you a little heads up in case you’re in a location where you are unable to get a little hot under the collar, which if you are and you continue reading I like you.

When writing this article I just kept recalling one of my favorite times with my sex doll, there have been so many times we have used it and I could tell you all about how it worked and its inner mechanisms of it but I couldn’t get this one time out of my head and knew I had to share my experience with like-minded people.

The sex doll we used is the Jenna sex doll, the lifesize sex doll that I mentioned at the very beginning of this article. She is full-sized and certainly a handful. Dolls like her don’t come around that inexpensively at such a high quality very often and so when we bought her we were so surprised and overwhelmed by her.

She is 5’4, a few inches taller than me. She’s slim, her hair is so realistic and luscious, the blond tussling hair really emphasizes her classy demeanor and something I know a lot of love doll enthusiasts love is the fact that you can actually dress her. This night I am going to be telling you about we didn’t actually want her dressed, we wanted her naked with her legs open and ready to play with us.

My boyfriend brought her into the room and we were both so excited and horny that there weren’t actually any giggles or hesitation.

My boyfriend sat back as I kissed her, caressed her, and went down on her, although she doesn’t react there was something so incredibly stimulating visually for both of us in that situation and I could see my boyfriend was struggling to keep himself under control. Watching me going down on a realistic love doll, getting off on it, and really enjoying myself was making my boyfriend’s cock throb for us both.

Jenna’s pussy is so soft and lifelike, the labia and inner workings are like touching the real thing, keeping all of this in mind it really is easy to forget that she is a sex doll.

My boyfriend then made me sit back as he went down on Jenna, making me watch as he then put her on all fours and thrust into her tight lifelike pussy. It was like watching my very own sex doll porn movie, seeing him thrust into her like that, it was just mesmerizing and my clit was aching to be touched by him.

It did make me feel a little bit jealous, I don’t know why I have put it down to the fact that she looks so realistic that my brain was trying to trick me into thinking that she was a real woman.

I finally reached for my luxury vibrator, I turned it on and let the pleasure run through me as he thrust in and out of her pussy and then moved on to destroying her ass, it was thrilling, to say the least. My boyfriend was caressing her squeezable breasts and pulling her blonde hair and honestly, it was one of the most unique and sensual moments I have had in a long time.

When he was on the brink of an orgasm, I went over to them both and turned on my inner dominatrix (my journey into femdom), spanked her ass, pinched her nipples, and thrust him harder and deeper inside of herit is safe to say that my boyfriend came EVERYWHERE.

Now it was my turn, lying side by side with Jenna, he put away the vibrator I was using and used my wand vibrator on my clitoris as I sucked on Jenna’s erect pink nipples and fingered her, feeling my boyfriend’s cum, mixed with my saliva inside of her, my orgasm came hard and fast and it made me curl up into a ball and fall asleep, I was so exhausted from it.

It was so thrilling and that’s just one of the many many times we have used our Jenna sex doll, this scenario just stuck out to me because of how horny we both were and how hard we both came in the end. It was just pure pleasure for us.

Tips & Advice

I just wanted to share a few of my tips for using a doll, this advice can be used with any doll, it’s just to give you a few pointers on making your experience better, how to care for your doll, and how to make doll sex the best yet.

adding water based lube to a sex doll
  • Prolong their life and prevent wear and tear by using plenty of water-based lube, I mention this way too much but it really does help you to get the most out of your dolls. By using water-based lube you are ensuring your sex doll is a lot more realistic (it acts like real vaginal wetness) and it is essential in preventing any friction which may then cause tears or wear to your doll.
talk before using this sex toy
  • If you’re using a love doll with your partner, talk about it beforehand, don’t just turn up with it and expect them to understand. Talk it through, and explain to them why it might be a good idea to try it out, maybe you have always wanted a threesome well using a love doll will allow you to experiment and explore those things. When you have your doll in the room with you, whether you’re alone or with a partner, turn off the lights and really allow yourself to believe that this is a real person who feels real pleasure, it does something to the brain that allows you to believe it and it’s so sexy.
how to clean a sex doll
  • The dolls that I mentioned above have a release cap so that you can easily clean away any fluids and if they don’t have that they are just simply really easy to clean after use, make sure to always clean them out after use to prevent any smells or bacteria growth. Ensure they are totally dry before storing them away and keep them stored properly (away from dust and debris). By just not cleaning your sex doll out you may make your sex doll unusable a lot quicker, which is something you always want to avoid.
sex toy renew powder
  • There’s this awesome stuff called: Renewer powder, you sprinkle it onto your sex toys, especially sex dolls, and it helps to keep the holes and material tight, supple, and like new. It’s really inexpensive and really worth investing in if you are thinking of buying a sex doll. Jenna actually comes with some already but it’s useful to have some on hand at all times to really keep your love dolls in the best condition.
how to hide a sex doll
  • Store your sex doll properly, even if you live alone and you don’t think anyone will see it. Dry it off, ensure it won’t get dusty and covered in dirt, and place it somewhere convenient. Storing it away in its original box or in a box of your choosing is a great idea, just be sure to air it out every now and again if you don’t tend to use it a lot.

If you have any questions you want to ask about any of my sex dolls just leave everything down below, I will get back to you immediately. Thanks for reading!

Jess <3

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