How I dominate my boyfriends penis with my hands

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I think handjobs are underrated, I love giving my boyfriend a nice handjob and I’ve found that the best type of handjobs are the ones I take full control, using hand domination, lifting my boyfriend’s penis up and stroking it like I own it.

I had my first handsfree orgasm

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I got my first handsfree vibrator, I had to try it out, so I turned it on and went for a little walk in my garden, let me just say it ended in an awkward, loud and uncontrollable orgasm in my garden… It was a little awkward, to say the least.

Do-It-Yourself BDSM Ideas & Fantasies

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A step-by-step guide to the best BDSM ideas and fantasies you need to try. I’ve included all the best BDSM ideas, must of which you will not have heard of. You will find a few new kinks that you never knew you had.

I tried pegging my boyfriend for the first time

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It took a lot of trust for me to try pegging my boyfriend. I was scared, he was nervous and it made us vulnerable, but once we tried it we were converted. Seeing my boyfriend cum from my thrusts, feeling his moans and his masculine body against mine and having the control over his pleasure was the single hottest thing I’ve experienced.

How To Suck A Small Dick

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Just like with sucking a big dick, (you can read my article on how to suck a big dick here) there are tips and tricks and things you can do to enhance your blowjob techniques on someone with a lesser than average dick. It’s all about how you take advice and how you perform with … Read more

How I Make My Vagina Tighter With Ben Wa Balls

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Making my vagina tighter and virginal again was something I always wanted to do, it’s a fun experience and I love trying new things. I found some of the best vagina tightening products out there and put them to the test, I wanted to see if these things could tighten my pu**y and make me feel tighter and new once again.

How To Suck A Big Dick

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Sucking a big dick doesn’t have to be hard but it does require some skill, there are different manoeuvres, different techniques and different ways to handle a big dick. I love myself a big penis, handling my boyfriend’s penis is something that I take pride in and sharing my tips and tricks is my way to help you with sucking a big dick.