Chastity Humiliation and Punishments Ideas

Thinking on the spot can be a hard task, especially when you have an eager waiting sub who is hanging onto your every word and you just can’t quite think of a punishment for them. I know how difficult it can be and so I wanted to create somewhere that all chastity doms (I already made a BDSM punishment list) could come for their punishment and humiliation fix for their partner. If you are into the chastity kink and lifestyle, you’re going to love this.

Every Chastity Couple or Solo Is Different

selection of chastity punishment tools and toys

I created this list as a list of ideas for people in the chastity lifestyle to enjoy. Everyone is different, but, you can use this list to give you a good idea of the ways I punish the men I key-hold for. Feel free to leave your own ideas down in the comments below!

Make sure you also read up on my favorite cock cages for the ultimate chastity experience.

Warning Disclaimer: As always practice safety, don’t do anything that leaves long-term effects, and remember this is a kink, it’s good to know your limits. I don’t recommend or encourage you to try anything on this list, this is here for research, if you do so you do it at your own risk and some of these are risky, so be sure to do your own research on the effects.

List Of Humiliation and Punishments Ideas For Chastity

list of chastity punishments

You are about to embark on my list of humiliation and punishment tasks and ideas for those of you who are practicing the world of chastity. Pick at random, go one by one, or just write down your favorites for future usage. In whichever way you use these ideas remember to stay safe, keep things fun and let me know in the comments down below how you get on!

1. Stand In The Corner Like A Good Boy

Stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done. Keep your cage on if you’re wearing one and stay there until your time is up.

2. What Punishment Do You Think You Deserve

Make him punish himself. What does this caged man think he deserves? If you don’t think it’s good enough, give him another punishment.

3. Self Spanking

Some find spanking fun, but a way around that is to have him spank himself. You don’t have to join in, just watch and tell him when you’re satisfied.

4. You Need Some Alone Time

Your keyholder needs time alone, you must go and find a place to hide completely out of sight, and your keyholder will come and find you when they want to.

Usually, a good place to hide is inside a wardrobe or under the stairs.

5. Time Inside A Big Dog Cage

Buy a big dog cage, when you’re naughty, your keyholder will lock you in and let you out when she’s ready.

Extra: Put a big cover over it and leave him there overnight to think about what he has done.

Safety: Make sure the cage is safe and openable from the inside if your caged man really needs to get out.

6. Food Scraps

You have to cook a big meal for your keyholder and nothing for you, you only get the scraps she leaves you.

Extra: You have to kneel next to her and beg for the scraps.

7. Horror Movie

If your chastity-loving man hates a certain type of horror film (gore, ghosts, etc) then it’s time to watch it. No looking away or squirming or punishments may ensue!

8. Clothespins

Take 30 clothespins and put them on different parts of your body, usually, you let the keyholder decide whereabouts to put them. Have them on for 30 whole minutes.

9. Routine Punishments

Do you do all the chores? Do you do anything?

It’s time to make a big list of all your responsibilities, I think you should be doing all the cleaning, all the cooking, taking care of all the trash, and flushing the toilet for your keyholder. Make this list and whenever you’re bad you have to do it all from start to finish, even if it’s just all been done.

10. You Must Eat On The Floor (Or Off It)

You are not allowed to use tables or chairs, you must eat from the floor with your hands, no cutlery.

11. Tied Up, No Clothing From The Waist Down

You get handcuffed hands behind your back and you will have no clothes from below the waist. Your keyholder then uses random household items to see what gets you hard. I then make fun of my boyfriend that a shoe made him cum, how pathetic!

12. Only Pink Clothes For You

You must wear an outfit made up of entirely pink clothes.

Either go for it all straightaway or start with you just wearing bright pink socks and underwear and then this moves onto a pink shirt, pink pants, and even dresses and skirts.

13. For Dinner Is ‘Slop’

When you’ve been really bad it’s time to make special food that you have to eat for a certain number of days.

I usually make a disgusting slop, it’s filled with loads of nutrition and really healthy, but it tastes so bad. This is the only food he gets for the next two days, this is really good at correcting bad behavior in chastity lovers.

14. I Hope You Like Pre-Chewed Food

You can only eat food that’s been pre-chewed by your keyholder. Don’t have a keyholder? Then chew your food, spit it out, and then re-eat it.

15. You Must Wear Stockings

I don’t care how embarrassing it is you must wear these cute stockings, for the next 48 hours, you can try to hide them under your jeans or under some clothing, but people will still notice the punishment going on under your pants.

16. Wear A Lingerie Set

You must wear a full lingerie set, with suspenders, panties, and a bra all for the next 48 hours. This is to teach you an important lesson in humiliation.

17. Severe Punishment

Tie him up and warn him of severe punishment if he cums, tell him you hate premature ejaculation.

Then ride him till he cums, then pick one or more of the punishments on this list to punish or humiliate him with.

18. Let’s Talk About Your Small Penis

I go and find loads of pictures of cocks the size I wish he was and I sit and show them to him.

I sometimes watch porn in front of him and point out the cocks I like, when I know he is sitting with a tiny one compared to the ones I am showing him.

19. Ice On His Cock Cage

I put ice on his cock cage, it’s a real spine-tingling sensation that will teach him a lesson or two.

20. Ice Bath

Submerge him in an ice bath for a few seconds until he learns his lesson. Also, pay attention and point out how small his cock gets being in the cold water!

21. Edge Queen

Every day for as long as you want (I do 7 days) I get my vibrating wand and hold it against his cage, when he is near cumming I stop, I repeat this whenever I like, at least 4 times per day and I never let him cum.

This just keeps him nice and desperate.

22. Plugged And Restrained

I tie him up, plug him and he has to just lay there for 20 minutes whilst I can do whatever I want to him.

23. Hands And Knees

I make him wait on his hands and knees for 20 minutes. At that time he either must sit quietly, serve me, or be my footrest.

Extra: Make him beg for forgiveness as he waits on his hands and knees.

24. 500 Lines Of Writing

Make him write what he did wrong 500 times, checking his work once he is finally done.

25. Start A Reddit/Twitter Account

Start a Chastity Reddit account or Twitter account, you can cum every 50 follows/karma you get or make your own rules to make it even more interesting.

26. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Repetition makes perfection.

Have him do a chore and make him repeat it, keep repeating until you think he has learned his lesson. If you hear him complain, another punishment could be on the cards.

27. A Good Long Lecturing

Give him a nice long lecture about why he is being punished. Follow this, once you’re done, by asking him to tell you why he messed up to make sure he understands.

28. Multiple Ruined Orgasms

Stack the orgasms! Each time tell him you’ll finish the job, but just forget to continue as he is about to cum. (Read this guide on how to ruin his orgasm like a pro).

If you have no keyholder, ruin your own orgasm 5 times in a row on the same day.

If you can’t do it on the same day, ruin it 20 times over the next week.

29. You’re Only Allowed To Cum With A Testicle Stimulator

You can only cum from this point on (for at least 1 month) with just testicle stimulation, nothing more.

30. One Hour In A Mike Spikes

It’s time to spend a full hour out of your cage, it counts as free time, but you must wear a mike spike cock device. Sorry, honey!

31. Measure Up And Shame

Ask him what he thinks his size is, then get a tape measure and measure up, once you find out the size, tell him the truth, tell him how much size matters and that you wish he had a bigger dick, the kind you could tell your friends about, but instead, he has just a little clit. Shame him!

32. Wax Your Ass, Balls & Cock

You have to wax your ass, balls, and cock. You will need to remove the chastity device for this so keep a close eye on him as he waxes himself all over.

33. Play The Chastity Challenge Game For The Next Month

Draw a new challenge every day for the next month from the chastity challenge I created.

34. Cock Size Punishment Check

Get a tape measure, measure his cock, then give him a punishment based on his size.

This is done while his cock is flaccid.

1 – 4 inches: You are not classed as a cock, so you can only get off by using it as a clit for the next month.

How to use your cock as a clit: Get hard, rest your cock against your stomach, press your finger on the tip and you can rub it just like you would a pussy.

4 – 6 inches: You don’t get to cum for two weeks.

Anything under this take a picture of and show him every time he is being naughty, remind him how small his cock is. Don’t have a key master? Remind yourself every morning, by looking at the picture for the punishment duration.

6 – 7 inches: You can have a caged blowjob.

8 Inches: You get to go free from your chastity device for a whole day.

35. Super Long Dildo

Do little inch markings on a really long dildo, he gets no reward until he can take (either orally or anally) all of the inches from the markings that you made.

36. Dripping Hotwax On Your Cage

Drip hot wax onto the cage (if it’s made from metal) then uncage him and drip hot wax onto his balls. It feels so bad but yet so good!

37. Self Cum Facial

You must give yourself a cum facial, if your keyholder is present have her film the whole thing just so she can remind you of what a humiliating task you have put yourself through.

38. Ball Gag For The Next 5 Hours

Your punishment is to get ball gagged for 5 hours or for a whole evening starting from 6 pm and ending at 11:59 PM.

39. 30 Minutes Of Porn Without Ejaculation

You have to watch 30 minutes of chastity, femdom, cuckold, and BBC porn, and after, say thank you to your keyholder for letting you watch it but remember, you do not cum.

40. Butt Plug Training

Wear a butt plug of varying sizes for different amounts of time. You or your keyholder gets to pick the right size for you at the time of choosing your punishment:

Wear ‘medium’ for 2 hours: Wear a medium plug for 2 whole hours, no taking it out. Bonus punishment if you edge yourself for those two hours.

Wear ‘Large’ for 1 hour: Wear a large butt plug for 1 whole hour and enjoy the blissful stretching sensations of this beast.

Wear ‘Extra Large’ for 1 hour: If you have been really naughty an XL plug is for you. Can you manage it for a whole hour? Your asshole is going to be primed and ready for anything after this.

41. Holding A Coin

Have him hold a cent with his erect cock. Either have him hold the coin against his stomach with his cock or against a wall with his erect cock and once the coin is in place, his hands have to go behind his head. If he can hold the coin either against himself or the wall for 1 minute he gets to cum, if not, the cage goes back on for 3 more days and he must thank you. If he forgets to thank you, add another day.

42. Thank You Miss

He must record himself saying thank you miss (or whatever dom name you go by), for 1 hour straight. Everybody loves a grateful sub.

43. Clean Every Item You Own

It’s time to clean every item you own, every item of clothing, every video game disc, every chair, plate, piece of cutlery, everything.

Extra: Plugged up while you do it.

44. Clean Up Your Keyholder

Use your tongue to clean every part of your keyholder’s body after a long hard day and don’t stop until they are glistening and squeaky clean.

If you don’t have a key holder, clean yourself as a cat would. Meow.

45. Forever Edging

Play a game of edge me please with these settings.

Duration: Long

Difficulty: Impossible

Cum: I will only cum when I have earned it.

Ensure that your keyholder watches you play this game so that you do not cheat.

46. You Are My Air Conditioning Unit

You have to fan your keyholder to ensure they are nice and cool. If you don’t have a keyholder then just stand there for 45 minutes fanning nothing.

47. No Cumming For One Whole Month

This punishment is exactly as it says. Prepare for a month of struggles as you are denied an orgasm for one whole month.

48. Remote Control Prostate Vibrator

Purchase a remote control prostate massager, and wear it in public with your keyholder controlling it at every moment.

49. Forget He Is Locked Up

The worse thing a keyholder can do is forget about lock up. I usually put him on a cage mention ban for a week, he can’t mention anything about it and I take this time to ‘forget’ he is locked up.

I sometimes make comments about caged men, knowing he can’t reply and acting as if I have no idea about his cage around his own cock.

50. Soapy Mouth

If you spoke incorrectly then it’s time to wash your mouth out with soap. Be sure to swish it around and clean every part of that filthy mouth out.

51. You Will Cum As Many Times As I Tell You Too

If he cums without my permission then it’s time to restrain him on the bed, set a timer for 1 hour, and use a male masturbator on him, or if you’re tired just leave a massage vibrator on full blast resting on his cock and balls.

If you want to cum without permission, then you will cum till I say you can stop.

He usually has an orgasm or two more and then the sensitivity really starts kicking in and he can’t escape.

52. I Gave You An Orgasm Before

When it’s time for him to get his orgasm reward, make sure to remind him that you gave him an orgasm yesterday, (even though this is a lie), he must thank you and apologize that he forgot. You can do this and deny his orgasm for as many days as you see fit.

53. Only Cute Panties For You

You must wear a pretty thong as your underwear, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to the gym, to work or just sleeping. You have to be in a cute thong at all times.

54. Cold Showers For The Next Month

No hot water for you! Any time it’s time for you to shower the water must be set to cold and that is all you’re allowed to use to wash with.

55. A Good Hard Paddling

A good ass smack goes a long way when punishing a caged sub.

I grab my trusty leather paddle and I usually give 4 hard spanks for every day he is locked up for when he has longer than 10 days to go.

Or 30 hard spanks for anything less.

56. Labor Simulator

Every time you are naughty you must use a muscle stimulator on your belly on the max setting. This is to teach you a lesson and show you once again who is in charge of your cock.

Be sure to be careful and make sure that you’re healthy enough to use such a device as they use electric currents and it can be dangerous.

57. Cock Worship

You need to find a solo cock video or go to a cock only Reddit and spend 15 minutes worshiping the cocks you see out loud. Your keyholder will be the judge of your cock worshipping efforts.

58. Nipple Clamps

You have to wear tight nipple clamps or suckers for the next 24 hours, once they are off your nipples are going to be super sensitive, so enjoy having them spanked, sucked, pulled, or pinched.

59. Hope You’re Hungry

He has to clean up all the cum he makes for the next month, you decide whether that’s with his mouth, fingers, or other body parts. This is also usually a punishment I use if he has cum without my permission.

60. Vampire Gloves

I let them out on their unlock day, but I make them wear vampire gloves that make it super hard to masturbate, almost impossible as it’s a lockable glove that has hundreds of tiny sharp spikes on the fingers.

61. Cleaning Up Used Condoms

I make him wear condoms whenever we’re edging (learn how to edge), teasing, or on his release days and when he cums, he must empty the condom into his own mouth or over his body.

62. Write Out What Your Holes Are For

Using a body-safe pen have him write what each of his holes is for, your cock hole, your ass, your mouth, name them all, and make sure you stick to the rules that are made for each hole.

63.15 Second to Orgasm

He can’t get let out of his cage until he can have an orgasm in 15 seconds.

The rule is you do it at random times of the day, he can only try once a day and he has to be flaccid at the start and have finished completely by the end of the 15-second timer.

64. Big Cum Load

I set how much cum I need him to create from one load, he can try it as much as he likes, but inevitably every time he cums less is created, and longer is needed between tries.

He can’t be released till he cums the full amount that I have set (usually a little less than a shot glass).

65. Release Day Numbing Cream

On release day I apply loads of numbing cream to his cock so he can’t feel anything and I usually make sure this is his one day out of his cage for the week and then set impossible challenges.

66. Caged Teasing

Humiliating, tough, and real punishment. Tease that cock as it’s caged tightly inside of its confines. Do everything you can to make it twitch, ache, and bulge through the cage for as long as you want to.

67. Caged blow job

Give a blowjob through the cage, licking sucking, and teasing the cock as if it wasn’t surrounded by metal.

68. Sweet Dreams

I toy around with him right before bed, I make it seem like he’s actually going to cum, I flash him, I tease him, and then I just go to sleep and leave him aching and extremely sexually frustrated.

69. Chastity Collar

You must wear a chastity collar or slave collar (that collar allows you to write whatever you want) every day from now on until you’ve learned your lesson, which for my boyfriend is usually a 10-day minimum.

70. Only Healthy Food

All snacks, junk food, and anything nice is gone.

You can only eat boring, plain foods, especially ones you dislike. Things like plain vegetables, dry bread, and crackers.

Sounds easy? I find this is one of the punishments that break a lot of my caged pigs.

71. Cum Till I Say Stop

They have to cum a pre-decided amount of times (usually 7 times) in one day, do it and get a lovely release, fail and have to be locked up for 2 months with no orgasm.

72. Spooning

While we’re both naked:

If I’m the big spoon, I cup his caged cock with my hand.

If I’m the small spoon, I let his caged cock rest between my ass cheeks, he knows he will never get nearer than that right there.

73. Tied Up and Tickled

You must be tied up and tickled by your keyholder. Feel free to use bondage ropes and cuffs for extra restraint, making it easier to tickle him into oblivion.

74. Tooth Paste Or Chili

If he’s been really naughty I apply a little toothpaste or chili to his penis and then re-cage him. Watching him squirm and wriggle is delightful!

75. Penis Sleeve

Only allowed to go inside you with a penis sleeve over his cock. This is torturous as he can’t feel being inside of you but his body knows it is happening. Feel free to moan and scream words of delight feeling his extra size!

76. Give His Key To Someone Else

If you have someone you can trust, hand his cage key over to them for safekeeping, that way there is no way he is getting out until the key is returned.

77. Ball Spacer

Slide a ball spacer over his testicles and punish him and his cock whilst he is wearing it. Ball spacers can enhance erections so know it’s going to be a tough experience for him if he is being teased and still inside of his cock cage…

78. Spiked Cage

If he is being naughty in his cage, I get him out of it and put him in his spiked cage as a time-out. There are 190 small little pins that make it a perfect prison to be caged inside of.

79. No Talking

They can’t talk or utter a word for the next 3 days or pick an amount of time that seems fair.

What Punishment Do You Hate The Most?

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Leave your punishment and humiliation ideas down below and I’d love to hear about the worse punishment you’ve received or have given… So, I can do it more to the guys I keyhold for. 😉

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